Lakhe Dance of Nepal- A Cultural Dance of Nepal

Lakhe Dance of Nepal- A Cultural Dance of Nepal

lakhe danceLakhey Dance is a popular dance of  Nepali community. Lakhey is considered to be a legendary devil who held his domain by chasing away other devils. According to the legend, he who trespasses his domain is punished by Lakhey. This dance is performed during the Indra Jatra festival whwich falls in the month of September every year. For the performance of this masked dance on that very day, we participants practice a lot. On the day of Indra Jatra, we collect charity by showing this dance. Sometimes we do have conflict in keeping God. But very often it doesn’t last long and thus we enjoy the Jatra.


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  1. i like the lakhe and lakhe dance the most…. and also like this festival so much i want to be a member of lakhe group.. Could u please accept me in lakhe group…

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