Nepal Lakes – List of Some Famous Lakes in Nepal with Information

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A lake is an area of changeable dimension packed with water, contained in a basin, this is surrounded by land, aside from any waterway or additional outlet that serves to nourish or bleed dry the lake. Lakes lie on land plus are not part of the sea, as well as are dissimilar from lagoons, and are also large and deeper than.

Herbal lakes are commonly discovered in mountainous regions, rift zones, and regions with ongoing glaciations. Other lakes are found in endothecia basins or along the publications of mature rivers. In a few components of the sector, there are numerous lakes because of chaotic drainage styles left over from the remaining Ice Age. All lakes are transient over geologic timescales, as they’ll slowly fill in with sediments or spill out of the basin containing them. Many lakes are synthetic and are built for business or agricultural use, for hydroelectric powered electricity era or domestic water supply, or for aesthetic or leisure functions or even for other sports.

There are many lakes in Nepal. A total number of lakes in Nepal is not yet fixed. It is still to be count. Nepal is a hilly region country. Nepal is a second richest country in water resource. There are a number of lakes and tanks of glacial and tectonic origin in Nepal. As a result, Nepal is famous for its lakes. In Nepal, there are several lakes representing other surface-water bodies. All these are freshwater lakes and are of varying size.

There are many big and small lakes in Nepal. Lake Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal. Tilicho is the highest altitude and lake in the world. Shey-Poksundo is the deepest lake of Nepal. Lake Tilicho is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world situated at an altitude of 4919m, in Manang district. Rara, which is situated in Mugu district, is the biggest lake of Nepal. Lake Shey-Phoksundo (Dolpa) in Doipa is the deepest lake of Nepal. Other important lakes include Phewa, Begnas, Rupa. Maidi, Deepang, Knaste (Pokhara), Gosaikunda and Syapru (Rasuwa), Beeshazar (Chitwan), Ghoda Ghadi (Katlafi) Begnas lake, Gosaikunda, Rupa Lake, Ghodaghodai Tal, Tsho Rolpa Lake, Imja Tsho Lake, Jagdishpur Reservoir, Taudaha Lake, Nagdaha, Gorakshep, Khaptad Lake, Bishazari Tal, Khaste Lake, Guphapokhari etc.

Most of the lakes of Nepal are located in the hilly region and almost all of them happen to be tectonic lakes. Among hill districts, the Kaski District possesses the largest number of lakes and all of them are confined to the Pokhara Valley. Among them, the Phewa Lake situated in the vicinity of the Pokhara town is in terms of area coverage recognized to be the third largest lake (5 Sq. Km) after the Rara Lake (10 Sq. Km.) and the Phoksundo Lake (6 Sq. Km.) of the Himalayan Region. Besides, it is also the most frequented lake.

The Rara and Phoksundo Lakes, though larger in dimension, are located in remote areas and suffer from extreme inaccessibility. After the Phewa Tal, the other smaller lakes of the valley are the Begnas Tal, Rupa Tal, Dipang Tal, Khalte Tal and Medi Tal. The last one has now become almost a marshy patch of land.Due to continuous sedimentation, all the lakes of the valley seem to be growing smaller and shallower. According to geologists, even the Kathmandu Valley was formerly occupied by a large lake. It became, later on, a lake plain after its water drained away through the Chovar Gorge located in the southern part of the valley.

Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu Nepal
Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu, Nepal

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In the Himalayan region occur several glacial lakes formed in a second way. Relatively small in dimension though these are, most of them are of great religious significance. These are such as Gosaikunda, Bhairabkunda, Gopalkunda, Dudhkunda, Damodar Kunda, Saraswatikunda, Ganeshkunda, Dudhpokhari, Panchpokhari, Tinpokhari and so on. Most of them are situated in the Central Himalayan Region at an altitude of between 3000 m. and 4000 m. above sea level.

For your kind information, in Nepali, the words ‘Tal, Daha, Sarowar are synonymous terms denoting lakes of comparable size; while ‘Kunda and Pokhari’ stand for smaller lakes of religious importance. Terms within brackets are district names. As such, these are locally termed either as Kunda or as Pokhari (pond).

Nepalese lakes are natural lakes. These are not artificial lakes. As we all know that Nepal is naturally a beautiful country in the world. Nature of Nepal made these such a beautiful and great lakes in Nepal. Some of the lakes of Nepal are very famous in the world.

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To talk about Nepal, Nepal is domestic to a number of the maximum exquisite and picturesque lakes in the international. Maximum is glacial-fed excessive-altitude lakes, located at over 4000 meters. Featured here are seven first-rate lakes which you need to without a doubt don’t forget to journey on your next journey to Nepal. Some are properly off the beaten course; others are extra without problems available, so there may be a lake experience here to fit your plans. Some names of lakes in Nepal are as follows:

Name of lakes of Nepal

  1. Ghodaghodi Lake
  2. Bishazari Lake
  3. Gajedi Lake
  4. Bulbule Lake
  5. Jakhira Lake
  6. Baikhunde Lake
  7. Jhilmila Lake
  8. Jagdishpur Lake
  9. Rani lake
  10. Taudah lake (Kathmandu);
  11. Rara Lake (lakes in Pokhara Nepal)
  12. She-Foksundo lake
  13. Fewa lake (lakes in Pokhara Nepal)
  14. Begnas lake (lakes in Pokhara Nepal)
  15. rupa tal (lakes in Pokhara Nepal)
  16. Tilicho lake (Manang), (highest lakes in Nepal and the world)
  17. Rigm lake
  18. Indrasarobar lake
  19. cho-rolpa lake
  20. kalchuman lake
  21. rukche lake
  22. Kal lake
  23. Pugel Lake
  24. Dumwa lake
  25. Nanda Bhaulu lake
  26. Maidi lake
  27. Gaduwa lake
  28. Jalpa lake
  29. gaida lake
  30. Khari Barah lake
  31. betkot lake
  32. banjari lake
  33. Suke Tal  (Palpa)
  34. Satyavati Tal (Palpa)
  35. Khaptad Tal (Doti);
  36. Barakune Tal (Dang),
  37. Syarpu Tal (Rukum);
  38. Surma Sarowar (Bajhang);
  39. Katuwal Daha (Lalitpur)
  40. Nag Daha (Lalitpur);
  41. Jagdulla Daha (Dolpa),
  42. Soon Daha (Dolpa),
  43. Giri Daha (Dolpa),
  44. Shankha Daha (Dolpa)
  45. Chamakuni Daha (Dolpa);
  46. Kuvinde Daha (Salyan);
  47. Rudra Tal (Baglung);
  48. Kalchhuma Tal (Gorkha);
  49. Rani Daha (Syangja);
  50. Siswa Tal (Kapilvastu)
  51. Bijuwa Tal (Kapilvastu);
  52. Mujura Tal (Chitwan),
  53. Kasara Tal (Chitwan),
  54. Tamor Tal (Chitwan)
  55. Munda Tal (Chitwan) etc
  56. Gosaikunda, (glacial lakes in Nepal)
  57. Bhairabkunda,  (glacial lakes in Nepal)
  58. Gopalkunda,  (glacial lakes in Nepal)
  59. Dudhkunda,  (glacial lakes)
  60. Damodar Kunda,  (glacial lakes)
  61. Saraswatikunda,  (glacial lakes)
  62. Ganeshkunda,  (glacial lakes)
  63. Dudhpokhari,  (glacial lakes)
  64. Panchpokhari,  (glacial lakes)
  65. Tinpokhari .  (glacial lakes)

Detail Information of Some 6 Lakes of Nepal

  1. Gokyo Lakes

Situated in the shadow of the worldwide 6th highest mountain, Cho Oyo, are some of the maximum outstanding high-altitude lakes of Nepal, the Gokyo Lakes. mendacity at an altitude of 4700-5000 meters above sea degree, the Gokyo Lakes are the sector’s maximum freshwater lake gadget, and inside the Sagarmatha country wide Park within the Khumbu vicinity. Formed in most cases from glacial seepage, the lakes are fed from the Ngozumpa Glacier.

The Gokyo Lake machine contains several lakes, of which there are six outstanding ones: Gokyo Cho (Dudh Pokhari), Thonak Cho (the most important), Gyazumpa Cho, Tanjung Cho, Ngozumpa Cho, and Longbanga Cho. The main lake of the gadget is Gokyo Cho, also known as the Dudh Pokhari (Milk Lake). Collectively, the lakes discharge into the Dudh Koshi river machine. A stroll around the Gokyo Lakes (valley) gives a picturesque view of the wonderful lakes with an amazing backdrop of mountains all rounds. Mount Everest hides behind other mountains, however, a 3-hour strolls as much as Gokyo RI summit, above the lakes, monitor the majestic Mount Everest. To the right of the lakes lies the Ngozumpa Glacier, the longest in Nepal.

  1. Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is one of the marvelous lakes of Nepal. Located at 4919 meters, its miles related to one of the global classic treks, the Annapurna Circuit trek. It’s as though the lake blends with the bluish skies in distance, wherein the two meet. The high altitude surrounding lack plant life, for that reason improving the elegance of the lake. Tilicho Lake, while technically now not falling on the everyday Annapurna Circuit trek, may be made a part of the trek. The path to Tilicho is separated from the Manang Valley, main westward, while the trek to the Thorong La (on the main ABC circuit) forks away to the north. Lake Tilicho falls in the Annapurna Conservation location and is the supply of the river Marshyangdi.

  1. Phoksundo

Phoksundo Lake, Nepal’s deepest lake lies in Dolpa district, ways to the west of Kathmandu. The freshwater lake sits at an altitude of 3615 meters. Eric Valla’s 1999 hit movie Himalaya/Caravan portrays an insightful life of humans, subculture, and the Dolpa region as complete (and became the first Nepali film to be nominated for an overseas film academy award). The trek to Phoksundo Lake follows a great path thru pristine landscapes, lovely woodland, snowcapped mountains and outstanding views. The lake itself is aesthetically eye-catching. The pristine blue waters of Phoksundo take a seat within an alpine semi-arid landscape with patches of pine woodland.

  1. Gosaikunda

Gosaikunda Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Nepal. At an altitude of 4380 meters inside the district of Rashuwa, round a hundred and fifty kilometers to the north of Kathmandu, the lake holds nonsecular significance and is a pilgrimage web site for the duration of Janai Purnima. Although the lake remains frozen for handiest a quick time in the course of winter, the call “Frozen Lake” is regularly used for Gosaikunda. Gosaikunda is the factor of starting place for one of the fundamental river structures of Nepal-the Trishuli River.

  1. Rara

Some distance in the western reaches of Nepal sits the biggest lake in Nepal, Rara Lake, at 2990 meters. Rara Lake isn’t as frequented as many different lakes, so offers unspoilt surroundings. You will possibly have an undisturbed barren region to yourself.

  1. Phewa Tal, Begnas Tal, and Rupa Tal

In case you fancy chilling out lake-facet, however, isn’t up for a massive trek at high altitude, then there are a few high-quality options in and around Pokhara. Phewa Tal is the lake around which Pokhara is constructed, and in addition to being picturesque—with the reflections of the mountains and forests proper down to water’s area—it’s far an exceptional spot to do little sports. Paddle a timber boat, strive kayaking or even move for a swim (just make sure to headways from the shore for this closing one).

Short drives east of Pokhara are the lesser-visited Begnas and Rupa Lakes. They are located just off the principal highway. There are masses of nonviolent motels to stay at around these lakes; however, the general atmosphere is unnourished and plenty greater ‘nearby’ than in Pokhara. The Annapurna Himalayas shape a great, dazzling backdrop to the serene lake scenes at Begnas and Rupa lakes.

Ox-bow lakes are all confined to the central and western sections of the Tarai region, particularly in the Narayani and Mahakali river basins. The occurrence of such lakes in the Tarai belt is the clear indication of the changes in river courses thereof. These lakes, though small in size, are of great local importance.

The lakes mentioned above constitute to be the second important source of water supply for drinking and irrigating purposes to a limited extent.

The lakes of Nepal are beautiful and extremely varied—from high-altitude turquoise our bodies of water surrounded in snow, to focal factors of chilled-out relaxation, there may be a Nepal lake experience to suit each traveler’s itinerary or pastimes. Remember the fact that Nepal is a whole lot extra than ancient subculture and excessive mountains—its miles glowing blue lakes too.


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