Kidnapping in Nepal is One of the Major Social Crime in the Country

Kidnapping in Nepal is One of the Major Social Crime in the Country

Kidnapping is an example of anti-social activity. Some other anti-social activities are theft, robbery, fighting, destruction of other’s property, extortion, murder, abduction, etc. They are different types of crimes. People involved in these bad activities are called criminals.

In some cases, we hear bride kidnapping in Nepal as well.

The news about anti-social activities frequently appears in daily newspapers. Here is a news story from a Nepalese newspaper. Let us read it to find out what bad activities occur in our community.

On the Newspaper:

kidnapping and frauding in Nepal

image source

Look at the men in the picture. They have been arrested by the police. Can you say ‘why’? If your answer is-those men must have committed a crime, you are absolutely right. They were caught red-handed kidnapping and frauding people.


Some of these incidents occur because of the carelessness of the individuals. Some other reasons are unemployment, poverty, gambling, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, etc and unnecessary competitions. Some people want to have a luxurious life without working. They have great desire to show off unnecessarily and compete with others.

Here are some safety measures to stop such anti-social activities in our society.

  • We should close the windows and doors well before leaving the
  • We should inform our nearest neighbour before going out.
  • We¬†should request to watch out the house in our absence.
  • We should not allow unknown persons straight into the house.
  • We should make necessary inquiries.
  • We must keep valuable things of the house in a proper and safe.
  • We should keep money in a bank.
  • We should not carry a lot of cash and valuables while travelling long distance.
  • We should inform the police immediately if suspicious people are seen in places like home, shop, bank, etc.
  • We should not eat anything given to us by a stranger while travelling.

Anti-social activities cause harm to the society. They disturb social harmony. People feel insecure when they have to suffer from these activities. That’s why we have to control anti-social activities and promote social activities.

Emailed by the Writer: Krishna Sitaula, Nepalgunj

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