Kichak Vad Nepal Mela : Kichak Badh Mela Jhapa Nepal

Kichak Vad Nepal Mela : Kichak Badh Mela Jhapa Nepal

Here is some information about Kichak Vad Nepal Mela or Kichak Badh Mela of Jhapa, Nepal. Kichak Badh Mandir is good and ancient Mandir of Nepal. This Temple Kichak Vad Temple is one of the famous temple in eastern region of Nepal, especially in Jhapa District. There is a pond in area of Kichakbad Mandir or Kichakbad temple, that is famous pond. This place Kichak Vad can be a good tourist destination in the future.

kichak-vadh-nepalKichakbad Mandir is located in Prithivinagar, Jhapa district of Nepal. It is situated in eastern part of Nepal. The nearby cities of Kichakvad mandir are Maynaguri, Biratnagar, Dharan, Itahari etc. The coordinates of Kichakavad Temple is 26°29’8″N   88°5’9″E. It is shown in  Kichakbadh Mandir is also famous as kichakbadh dada. It is good location. It can attract tourists if the government of Nepal concentrates some vision on this place. It the place to visit. It is waiting for improvement and vision.

Kichak Badh Nepal Mela 2014 or Kichak Vad Nepal Mela 2070

Every year there is celebration Mela. In this year 2070 or 2014, the KichakBadh Nepal or Kichakvad Mela Nepal is in the Falgun 2. Or Say Kichak Vad Nepal Mela for 2014 is in 14th February. This year Mela lies in the same day of Valentine’s Day.

So, celebrate Kichak Vad mela with Valentine’s Day.

Kichak Vad Nepal Mela : Kichak Badh Mela Jhapa Nepal

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