Things to Do and Places to Visit in Khaptad National Park in Nepal


Things to Do and Places to Visit in Khaptad National Park in Nepal

About Khaptad National Park: – Nepal is a country of natural beauty. It consists of various mountain many hills and also a terai region too. Due to the various altitudes from 500 m above the sea level to the 8848m various climate animals’ plants and birds are found here. Actually, Nepal is also called the country of Himalayan.

It is also known as the home for various flora and fauna too. Well being the country naturally beautiful it attracts various country’s tourist in our country. It comes under to the place that needs to be visited by the people.

In our country, we have many national parks in a different region of the country so people will not miss anything of that region whenever they come to visit. Well, there is various wildlife reserve conservation areas and national park too.

People come to these places to enjoy and have fun. Whenever we are on a hectic schedule we need some break and that’s when people come to visit the natural beauty of the world. It could be in any place any country. People from all over the world come to Nepal to visit and see its natural beauty; they also come from various researchers and so on.

A National Park is characterized as a region of beautiful magnificence. ‘National parks are zones of incredible common excellence giving an open door for outside diversion, built up with the goal that national magnificence can be saved and improved, thus that the satisfaction in the view of people, in general, can be advanced”.

Khaptad Baba Statue
Khaptad Baba Statue

This is the point of the National Parks built up by the administration, what’s more, in spite of the fact that a splendid thought in principle, the above articulation has postured an arrangement or major issues.  Well, there are different aspects of visiting different places like when we visit Sagarmatha national we find the place and the climate different whereas whenever we visit Chitwan national park we get another kind of taste of visiting.

The main purpose of visiting the national park is not always same. Sometimes we visit for the purpose of doing research whereas sometimes we visit these kinds of places just for chilling with our friends or family. Well, while traveling these places we can get fresh and healthy environment. Well in this article we have discussed visiting the national park and the things that can be done in that places.


Whenever we visit a national park or wildlife reserve or say sometimes the forest we can see various kind of plants species and animals variety.the khaptad National Park is located in the far western Development region and is protected area of Nepal.

It was established in 1984. It is available in the four district of Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti covering the area of 225 square kilometers. The national park was given name after the Khaptad Baba who used to meditate and worship around 1949’s.

On the way to Khaptad National Park
On the way to Khaptad National Park, Nepal

Well, there are some very attractive and extra things available in the khaptad national park that attracts the people to visit that place.  The various reason to visit the park and the different things that can be done seen and enjoy in the national park is listed below.

  1.   The eye-pleasing meadows or patan. This national park is popular for its green meadow grassland and pasture. Well, there are 22 pastures available in the national park. This pasture of meadows is very attractive and greenery which looks like golf courses within a region.
  2.   The peaceful scenic landscape of khaptad: It is another reason that we feel and many other people visit the khaptad national park. The meadow is the jewel of the khaptad which is spread over gentle terrain cut by the small stream and lying between evergreen alpine forests. During spring and autumn, these land are found surrounded by the flower which makes it more beautiful at that time. Similarly, when Hindu started to visit this place during July August full moon the place is quiet with fewer people. Here we can only hear our own breath.
  3.   Due to the biodiversity also this place is popular.It consists of 567 species of flora and has been recorded in the protected area. The vegetation type that is found in this area includes chir pine rhododendron fir oak forest and Himalayan fir hemlock oak forest. Similarly, the fauna consists of 23 mammals 287 birds and 23 amphibians and reptile. The mammals found in this national park are a leopard, Himalayan black bear, wild dog and musk deer and many other.
  4.   The other reason to visit this place is due to the religious value. In the park, there is available of the khaptad baba ashram. It was the place where khaptad baba stayed most of his life after moving here in 1940’s and has discovered many medicinal herbs. He also mediated for a long time in this area and has reserved about 5 km area only for meditation and tranquility.

Things that can be done while visiting the national park or say any new places are to be considered first. Actually, the reason for visiting a new place is always getting new things to see and new places to see. Here while visiting this khaptad national park we find many religious places to see also.

Saileswori: Saileswori is the most religious place found on the way to the khaptad bab national park. It the place to worship in khaptad national parkway which has the religious value too.

The Triveni confluence made by three rivers and the temple is on the way to headquarter. It is yet another place to that is amazing to see while traveling to khaptad park. This place is made for the meet of the 3 rivers and the temple so has an amazing view and religious value too.

There is also a small museum and a tower in the headquarter.  While traveling to the khaptad park we can also see a museum which has the collection of the ancient things and the remaining of the animals that are found in the park in the earlier time.

The museum is another attraction for the tourist as they can learn more about the park from the museum. There is also a tower which can help to see the view of the park in the morning and in the evening. Well, the tower is another attraction for the park as it is easier for the people to see the views of the park and surrounding area.

Similarly, the Himalayan range is also seen from the north part of the park. The views of the Himalayan range also provide satisfaction to the visitor when they reach the park after a long drive and can see the view of the himal.


Sashashra linga is another religious place situated at the highest point that is 3200 m from the sea level. The park itself is at high altitude from the sea level so a variety of flora and fauna are found here. It is at the height of 12 thousand feet from the sea level.

Khaptda Lake and a wonderful view of API and saipal himal are amazing and the added lake view with it is mind-blowing. Thus we can say that there are various places to visit the khaptad Park and many other places which have religious value also can visit while traveling to the khaptad national park.

Things to Do in Khaptad National Park in Nepal

  1.   Trekking :

Well, it is obvious that if we visiting park or conservation area then we will definitely be walking or trekking. Well, this place is wonderful for trekkers. The amazing view of the API saipal Himalayan is wonderful for the trekkers.

Khaptda provides a challenging yet award-winning experience of trekking as it is a remote area of Nepal. Due to the remote area, many tourists yet couldn’t go there. Well, it is one of the best places for the trekkers in the far western development region for the people who wanna explore new places and get away from the urbanizations area for the few days.

Well if you want to go trekking to this place than you need to start early as we all know that early time is comfortable for walking and can walk fast and also get the fresh air too.

  1.   Bird watching

  The other things that can be done in the khaptad park are seeing the variety of birds. People just travel to khaptad for seeing the birds. Here we can find a variety of birds in this park. The various numbers of the birds that are available in the park is another attraction for the visitor and the sound of the birds that are really melodious and peaceful too.  

Due to this purpose, the people travel to this park to see the birds too. Similarly, the other things are seeing the grassland and meadow is also the reason for traveling to this area.

  1. Meditation

The park named khaptad has a huge religious value. In the early 1940’s a khaptad came and started living and discovered many medicinal herbs too. Later he becomes the swami and Hindu people started worshipping him.

Hike Yoga Meditation Nourish a girl himalayas hills area Nepal
a girl is on meditation

While he was living and meditating in this area the place became famous as khaptad baba ashram later on 5 km of the park is taken by the ashram for the purpose of the mediation, and these days many people travel in this area to worship khaptad baba ashram during the time of July and August.


Similarly many people these days travel there for the purpose of doing meditation. This place is so quiet that we can only hear our own breathe while going for the mediation. Thus this park and especially the ashram is popular for the Hindus worship and meditation.

  1.   Cultural tour

The park that is located in the far western development reason is a khaptad national park. It is covered in the 5 district or we can say that the border of the 5 district is a khaptad park. The park is situated in the seti zone of Nepal.

The khaptad park has the religious value too as the khaptad baba started living here and discovered many medicinal plants in this area, these days we can also see many flora and fauna in this areas. The park also consists of many religious places and a museum too.

Due to the park ashram and museum, it has a cultural diversity too available in this area. Many people come to see the ashram and for the cultural tour only which can give them an information about the ashram and the park and its historical value too.

  1.   Mountain viewing

The other reason for the people to visit this park is the amazing view of the API and saipal range of Himalayan. The people while trekking or walking in this place can also see the Himalayan range which has added the additional flavor to the park.

It also has attracted many people to the park. While visiting this place in far western development region it gives the people the feeling that not only Annapurna and machhapuchhre but API and Saipal are also the amazing range of Himalayan and has attracted many visitors these days in comparison to the earlier days.

Is it feasible for the National Parks to be delighted in by the overall population while likewise saving the excellence and tranquility of these spots? Are the National Parks wanted to die? National Parks have two primary points To safeguard and watch over the wonderful condition may it be drift or mountains and all the untamed life/plants in them To give a place to entertainment, unwinding and happiness open to everybody.

You would figure it is anything but difficult to give a quiet, safe place for individuals to visit/live/work. You should reconsider! National Parks are at the focal point of much contention and contentions as you are going to discover yet still figure out how to have numerous, many favorable circumstances.

One of the benefits of a National Park is that they are an awesome place for individuals to come and unwind. Anybody can appreciate a visit to a National Park-families, people, the elderly et cetera. A few parks (despite the fact that not the Lake District) is additionally utilized by the armed force as a feature of their preparation procedure. Clearly, there are agriculturists on the land too who rely upon it to bring home the bacon.

Apart from these things, there is another different reason for traveling the parks. No matter which park we travel but we always find differences in the comparison. As we know Nepal itself has a variety of climate from tropical to subtropical and cold due to which the flora and fauna found in this country are also various.

So the park that is visited in Chitwan has completely different from the park that is khaptad or Bardia. Well according to the reason and altitude of the place the flora fauna found are different and its value is also different. Well, khaptad Baba Park has a high religious value than any other things. Apart from having the religious value it also has the high cultural value and different kind of ecosystem too.

Due to the different climate and different lifestyle of the people of that region, tourist and visitor of the other places will love to visit this park and the places. If we do the proper marketing and aware people about the feature of the far western development region then it will be fruitful in earning the foreign currency and also will be the development of the places too.

Well if you are the traveling lover than it is definitely a good place to visit either with your family or with your friends in the free time to enjoy trekking, high king, jungle safari, Mountain View. cycling, hunting(if permitted by the national park) and so on.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Khaptad National Park in Nepal


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  1. Khaptad Park is rich in its variety of wild animals, common ones being barking deer, wild dog, wild boar, ghoral, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten, rhesus monkey and langur monkey. Also the park offers excellent bird watching opportunities, with 270 species of birds, the common ones being different varieties of Impheyan pheasant, partridges, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos and eagles.

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