Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal? Know The Historical Reasons

Reasons Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal?

Nepal is the landlocked country which frames the country in one frame to cultivate and set up. The country does not have their own territory touched with the sea that makes the economical pitch strong and provides the strength to the country. The country aims to launch and implement the very big project but due to many unexpected obstacles become the blockade to pass out that thought and projects.


Nepalese are very back in education network and development sector that had made the Nepalese poor and are obliged to live and survive the joking lifestyles and torn standard.  Nepal is the small country having their nothing to production. The country depends upon the other neighbor country for import of raw material.

The factory and industry which are in a continuous process also seem like the dead man working and processing the works. They are like the old tiger who have no option to eat or not to eat. The old tiger does not eat the green plants and at old age, their teeth do not work. So there exist and uploads many new problems if we made the capital in other places except Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal

Many times, the long discussion and the protest were also held and addressed for the new establishment of the capital city but due to the local people of Kathmandu have not insisted the statement outside the valley. They also go against this projects. they used to say that if you have power then you saw here by changing and managing the city as smart and well-managed city recognition in the worlds. Because the government wants to establish and set up the capital outside the Kathmandu that is Chitwan. It is the home places of present prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

There occurs and attains the many a reasons for being the Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. Nepal has no other places fitted for the capital city. After many investigations on this topics, the final conclusion has been published that the country will not resist the expenditure load if the country changes the capital city. Kathmandu makes the survival of more than one Crore people. And there are many people from low class to high class which is spending their life by doing the works. Where there is the large market there is more opportunity for a job and where there is a small market, the opportunity is lack.  If we discuss it in a broad sense, there will realize that the mastermind behind the capitalized of Kathmandu was not a normal man who have made the valley the capital.

According to the history and listening words, I want to share the story behind the construction of Kathmandu. The Kathmandu valley were the ponds at an earlier age. The king of that kingdom respectively called as the Manjushree, who flow away all the water from the valley and they announced the people to make and established the habitat. Later in high speed, people from broad and abroad comes to establish the homes. At first age and at the time of establishment, the first Newar community has made and constructed the society and they have marketed the Kathmandu. The many reasons are also supported and the proposal to make the Kathmandu were also slapped by all the people and countrymen.

So  in broad sense, if we talk about the reasons behind the establishment of the capital in Kathmandu are might have included the following reasons:

Establishment of all the world heritage:

As we know that, Nepal is rich in many natural resources and ancestors made architecture which has given today a recognized and reputed position to be known in the world.  There held, the great temple of Hindu Pashupatinath and the great Stupa of Buddha in Swoyambhunath and the Bhaktapur durbar square and many palaces which speaks the features and identical icon of the country also represents the position and looking eyesight toward the Nepalese in foreign lands while giving their identification saying I am Nepalese.

Image Boudhanath Stupa Nepal - Pilgrimage Places Visit Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is known all over the for the world’s highest peak MT. Everest and Gautam Buddha.  These two icons have made the Nepalese recognized for. Person of the different locality have input much thought for the launching but they don’t get the right platform to perform their ability and skills.

The momentum of many industries:

This is also one of the reasons that the Kathmandu consists a large number of industries operating in process and supply through putting the country. Balaju industrial area is recognized for the industrial manufacturers of the products.  The people of all the parts of the country are working in the lands of Kathmandu. All the industrial final and raw product for the further process are earlier designed here.

Importance of Industries in Nepal

The country has many resources to be equipped up but in Kathmandu here exists a lot of opportunity and program that help rapid promotion. Kathmandu has become the commonplaces of all people of all parts and castes and religion.  Kathmandu as it consists many opportunity and threat that deserves the roots more strongly to perform and present themselves that is learned by the earlier evidence.

Reasons Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal