12 Most Attractive Professions Jobs For Men In Nepal


The most attractive jobs for men in Nepal:- There are many types of jobs in Nepal and they are famous within a people and community for both men and women.

Job is simply both for men and women in the context of Nepal and it is also common for both genders.

Yes, some of the jobs may have a total difference between genders and particularly made for men or women but as we can see it, overall boys and girls are leading the market together.

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Financial manager job in Nepal
Teacher job in Nepal
CEO job in Nepal
CEO assistance job in Nepal
Project manager job in Nepal
Doctor job in Nepal
Dentist job in Nepal
Club manager job in Nepal
Accountant job in Nepal
Journalist job in Nepal
Chef job in Nepal
Web designer job in Nepal

12 Most Attractive Professions Jobs For Men In Nepal

There are many jobs which are more attractive for men and they are listed below as well. Let’s discuss jobs for men in Nepal.

  1. Financial manager

The financial manager is one of the most responsible and respected jobs of Nepal among attractive jobs between men. A financial manager is more responsible for planning on a different topic of a company and takes a decision based on a sustainable way.

financial planner manager
financial planner

They also support and manage the overall system inside the organization with an effective process. They also need to predict the future growth of a company with much accuracy which needs great insight within him. Regular checking of reports on every product and field as well as monitoring and budget planning also includes inside the duties of the financial manager.


Nepal is a developing country so, the company needs to do little more struggle to produce their output quality and the person of this post play a very important role for company existence.

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This job is attractive from all points of view and this is a huge post of the job as well in Nepal with a handsome salary and facility. You need a good educational field related to this post and most to have some experience related to this sector to apply.

To take any organization on top of the list need better strategies of the financial manager and that is the reason, in the context of Nepal, people respect this job.

This job is only available for skilled and able to work hard without caring for time. That’s why this job is especially preferred to men in Nepal because they have a strong mindset and ability to handle the pressure. Yes, the financial management profession is one of the most attractive jobs for men in Nepal.

  1. Teacher

  The teacher is such a worthwhile job for everyone that they need to understand the basic things of students. The student whole career starts with a good teacher and that is the reason, the teacher is considered as the second parent of children.

In Nepal, there is a lot of boarding and high school established every year with a better environment and education for students. School also wants to take a responsible and strong person as a teacher in their school.

Job as a teacher is highly respected even more if you are teaching in the village area of Nepal and it is attractive as well. Whole community respect men as a teacher and follow the instruction for a different decision on their work.

Schooling System education in Nepal image students kids teacher jobs for men in Nepal
Schooling Education System – image of students with teacher

Day by day vacancy for teacher increase but you must have good education quality with a better personality to do this job. Teacher impression also helps to give growth to children and school itself for the long run inside the country. Yes, the teaching profession is one of the most trending jobs for men in Nepal.

  1. CEO

CEO is one of the highly attractive jobs for men in Nepal. CEO of a company is taking as the highest-ranking executive of all the organization and company. They have every right of the company as well as the same level of responsibility also.

Nepal is a developing country and there are not enough people to handle this job as well because of experience. The job of the CEO is to pressurize but full of respect and responsibility as well.

businesswoman CEO

Due to the fewer company and less vacancy of job posts only sometimes we can see the opening advertisement of any company in this post. They hire the employ of the same company by upgrading the ranking system in Nepal.

But whoever gets this job than his or her life will settle for a lifetime. Salary of CEO of any company is so much high than any other post in Nepal as well as they also got a chance to experience an international tour to all domestic tours in Nepal.

The CEO has another level of personality and popularity in friends, family, and society which helps to lead their life to live happily. Even he has a famous environment inside the company of his own by his all member and they also inspire from you.

Men are considered to be best for this job because they have a little more able to handle and have more connections and freedom to be the CEO of any company. You also need to give all the information about the company to the board of directors and also need to support the company stuff.

  1. CEO assistance

It may listen little wired and uncommon for many people for this job as an attractive job in Nepal for men but yes, it is true. As assistance, you have to do is handle all the incoming files in the company and watch the back of the CEO for support anytime.

You can also need to fully alert about what is going within the company and if the CEO misses anything than its assistance duty to make him remember. You are not the assistance of any ordinary person but the CEO of the big organization so; you got almost all facilities and environments like him.


The only works you need to perform is like a reminder of any events and programmed and also manage all the time events of the CEO. Handsome salary is always on your side as assistance and gets a better chance to travel to various places.


These days, you can see many construction sides are building up and many companies are establishing in a different location inside the country. You must have a good education in the management sector and also need good experience in a related field for this job.

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I can see that hundreds of people apply for this job whenever it has a new job vacancy in Nepal but few are only selected for interviews. And that is also the way to reach the post of CEO through assistance job because he also knew a lot about that post and has a better understanding of CEO posts than others. The CEO assisting profession is one of the trending jobs for men in Nepal.

  1. Project manager

 A project manager is one of the hard and full-time jobs with the extra vision for long term development. Nepal is also famous for a project manager job for men because every week, there are many types of projects coming out.

It is also regularly like many hydropower projects are running recently in Nepal and the same as road construction which shows it’s important on the infrastructure of development.

knowledge trainner Project manager

It is a kind of job where you need to give your best and a lot of hard work to make that project sustainable as well as maintains its quality.

Project managers play a very important and vital role in every project of a company as well as the country. It is a developing country and in the process of development so, each day a new project for many infrastructures have come and they need an experienced project manager.

You need to be full of skills and excellent at making plans as durable as it is. You also need to be mature enough to handle this job with full focus and every responsibility is on your side.

So, before applying to this job, be prepared mentally and physically to give your best in each project. You may find this job in the government sector as well as the private sector in Nepal but you need a key factor to analyze the risk of the project.

It is a better and attractive job in Nepal with a good amount of salary as your work. Education level also most needed to qualify as a project manager and once you get selected then your future will be secure. The project managing profession is another most attractive jobs for men in Nepal.

  1. Doctor

The doctor profession is one of the most attractive jobs for men in Nepal that most of the parents want to make their child.  It is a very common job all over the world as well in Nepal too but we all know and admire the most this job as a doctor. The doctor is also the profession for everyone but it is also considered as a job and din the context of Nepal, it is rare to be a doctor.

There is various post as a doctor like a vet doctor and human doctor but whatever it is, whenever people listen about the post doctor than they give you must respect.


Day by day, due to the increasing number of hospital in Nepal, post for doctor also increase rapidly and student also chooses doctor course widely these days in Nepal. To be a doctor you must have a certificate and selected as a doctor in any hospital than everyone starts to recognize you as a popular doctor.


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Pharmacy is the place where you got your medicine as a patient and even they have a well popular name in the society than doctors will of course get a lot.

It is not only an attractive job in Nepal but your life will settle with high standards in the community because we have seen people give huge respect to each doctor whenever they get a chance to met in public.

Money has never been a problem for them due to it has a high amount of salary by performing just one operation as well in Nepal.

  1. Dentist

The dentist profession is one of the most trending jobs for men in Nepal that most of the youth guys want to be and serve the patients. The job of dentists in Nepal has a very renowned place in an attractive job category in Nepal for men. Dentists used to solve and treat the patient related to their tooth and gum problems and even change their teeth if needed.

Once in a lifetime, everyone in Nepal has gone to the dentist for teeth checkup. This job is also known as a dental business where some dentists are together and establish a center in a different place.

Nowadays, we can find more dental centers all over Nepal and they want to hire more people with proper knowledge about it. A person must have a license of the dentist and also need to pass a written dental exam to become a dentist in Nepal.


They also need to attain many dental programs held within Nepal than they only qualified as a dentist for a job. This one is so mature and respected job profession for anyone and especially for men with a salary of almost 3 to 4 million Nepali rupees per year.

It is one of the coolest jobs in Nepal but you must have a lot of patience because it is related to the tooth of the person and you must be careful to take it out. Day to day in Nepal, the number of students to learn dentist increase rapidly and they are actively involved in all over Nepal.

It will be best for any men in Nepal to choose this job as a career and pursue their life on it because, on one hand, it is one of the most respected professions and on the other hand you are also helping people indirectly.

  1. Club manager

Nepal is one of the most famous tourist spots all over the world so, there is a lot of places and entertainment areas that are established. One of the most popular spots is the club where national and international tourist enjoys and dances with each other.

Well, that is the reason that the club manager becomes so well known job in Nepal with high salary and publicity. You need to be strong to handle every situation inside the club and manage everyone in such a way that, harmony and friendship keep within everyone.

club party

You don’t need higher education and top certification for this job but must be physically and mentally active all the time. The role of the club manager is working day and night for management of the club so; men are more suitable than females in this job category.

The higher men for the best role in this job and can maintain it properly. Job as club manager for these days in Nepal become the eyespot and light for everyone due to the increasing number of tourist in a country and clubs too.

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People seem excited and happy to be a club manager in Nepal and they also get a chance to know different people from various countries and learn numerous languages as well.

Many times the situation becomes worst inside the club but the manager should handle it without any hesitation and maintain the fame of the club. Hence, the club managing or club party management profession is also been of the most attractive jobs for men in Nepal in this 21st era.

  1. Accountant

Particularly if we refer to this job as it is for both men and women in Nepal but there are more active men as an accountant than females in Nepal.

An accountant is so professional job because, in every sector, it is needed and necessary for all the company. You need to well qualified and have nice knowledge of the management sector to get this job in Nepal.

Nepal is involving in the developing country and many companies and industries are establishing every month. All of them need an accountant to handle every record of outgoing and incoming raw materials in the company.

calculator accountant

With a good knowledge of computers to record the data and good looking personality also required with an educational certificate. You have a formal suit as an accountant and society sees you as a mature and educated person if you have a job like this in Nepal.

Men are highly suitable for this job and if they are mature enough then it will be easier for them to get this one. We have seen a lot of people doing this job full time in various companies in Nepal and they feel happy about it.

Even, you have recently finished your 12th standard then there are a lot of offices in Nepal where you can apply for this job. Personality with good educational and practical skills is the key factor to perform better in this job and the account is taken as a quality job in Nepal.

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Nobody needs to disappoint after getting this job and it also has 25 to 35 thousand salaries in Nepal.

  1. Journalist

It is the topmost ranking job of Nepal of men and you can see these days’ people are energetical wants to be a journalist of the country. it is considered to be a most respectful but huge responsible job in the entire country in Nepal and even news channels choose sensibly any journalist.

They have duties to show all the news of the country and need to be up to date all the time from all over the country. They also need to go to various places for reporting which need a large amount of physical strength and men are capable of this.

There are many sectors inside the journalist and anchor is for especially women but reporting of different places will surely go for men. So, you will be a highly respected person for all the Nepalese people if you show the truth and do your best in this field.

press journalist reporter

You need to investigate properly with each small detail and present all those news as a story in your particular news channel. Your small mistake may lead everyone to take the wrong decision so, you must be very careful while collecting news.

As a reward, you will get a handsome salary with name and fame as a nation wise and also get a chance to met a great politician to various businessmen. This job is full of patriotism if you take it seriously and want to bring change inside a country like Nepal.

  1. Chef

Well, the chef is the most coolest and wonderful job in Nepal for all the men who have a better experience to cook food. The chef is the in-charge and cooks person of any restaurants and big hotels to serve the meal for all people.

Nepali culture is so famous in a different country as well as food too. Chef most has experience of many more items of food to serve its customer demand. In Nepal, chefs were highly respected in every community and even customer gives all the credit to the chef when their meal becomes so delicious in restaurants.

restaurant chef, jobs for men in Nepal

They also put eyes on all the staff in the kitchen that used to assist them in cooking and the chef is also responsible for the perfect taste of food. They will surely taste all the food before serving the customer in big hotels and if they find anything less attractive than they will replace it with another one but the same item.

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They give suggestions and reviews to the item of food on how it should be for every kitchen member. Hotels and restaurants in Nepal were not highly recognized but still, some of them were famous inside the country.

You must have experience of food taste with high alertness and knowledge of every food item in the list of hotel menu. The demand for chefs in Nepal is not regular and too high but still, people find it attractive with a good salary and facility.

  1. Web designer

When the world is uplifting on a high-tech era than there will be a lot of changes within every country. Now, Nepal also wants to adopt digital and advance forms of business to all of the work.

Websites are the most basic roots of advanced technology and day by day there were many technology companies are opening with the job of the web designer. As a web designer, you are responsible for creating good looking with nice feathers website for any companies to advertise their business.

laptop web designer

They can also use that official website to do the business of buying and selling and day by day, more people are attracting towards it. Web designers are also involved in upgrading other websites and give them good graphics. For this job, you must have knowledge of the information technology sector also known as IT and coding.

People gain a nice amount of salary from web designing and in the context of Nepal, nowadays every business field starts to apply a website on their business.

This job is available in Nepal for all age people but he must have experience and knowledge about it and many big companies also hire a personal web designer to maintain and keep safe their website on time to time.

So, there are a lot of different category people and all of them are so attractive as well with a good amount of salary.

All the above job description is totally attractive for men and they are fully available in Nepal if you have good communication skills, knowledge, and experience in that particular field. Day by day, opportunities were increasing in Nepal for every youth to do jobs and business as they like the most. 

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