4 Things Must Know About Job Vacancy in the USA for Nepalese

The opportunity only knocks the door of the intelligent candidates, not the unskilled manpower. And in the America, it is difficult to get the job to the unskilled person. As the America is rich in technology and the tools, all the operators need skillful which can operate the production and the services qualitative and nondamaged. If the Nepalese are skilled then they also can get the job according to your wish. A person has always wished to get the better position as they are in present.

In addition to Nepalese, there are many people who are traveling to America every year for the better manufacturer for their future. The person includes mostly the student and the businessman and also the health treatment patient for the health check-up. The problem does not occur with the businessman because they have visited for their expansion of business or some things related to business but mostly the students traveled to America for higher education but rather to earning the good income. So if they are students then they have to cross with the economic crisis.

About Job Vacancy in USA Nepalese

America is the country of expenditure, hard to save the earned income. And if you earn the low salary then it’s become very difficult to manage your footing and college fee payment. The parents of the students have seen many colorful dreams as the bundles of note are on the road in the America. Person and people of Nepal see sometimes stars in the day if someone spread the fake news.

Lifestyle of Nepalese in America

Migration to America is not news anymore. Hundreds and thousands of Nepalese have been living in America for decades now. The number is ever increasing because of the condition of Nepal as a third world and America is a first world where every luxury is available. The quality of life is better in America. Also for those who are looking for jobs, America is the go to the destination because jobs are easily available there and without any educational qualification also one can earn a lot.

The lifestyle in America is obviously different from the lifestyle in Nepal. There are both positives and negatives to living in both the countries. Some of the things are better in Nepal whereas some other things are better in America. American lifestyle and American ways of doing things are quite different than the way we do things back home. That is why, while migrating to the USA it should be taken into consideration that things will not be same there as it is in Nepal.

Nepali boy working on Departmental store in Chicago, America, (3)
Nepali boy working on Departmental store in Chicago, America,

When we say that lifestyle in America will be different than how it is in Nepal, the things that affect such lifestyle are other things. Not all Nepalese will have the same lifestyle while in America. For example, the lifestyle of the one who goes to the USA as a student will have a different lifestyle than the one who goes having won the Diversity visa lottery or on a work permit. But, when we talk about the community of Nepalese, the basic things are similar and the way they do things will be similar making their lifestyles more or less similar to each other.


Given below are few of the lifestyle facts that every Nepali in America would have gone through at one time or another.

  1. Long working hours

One drastic change in lifestyle will be experienced when once in America Nepalese start working long hours. In Nepal, a normal job would be 6-8 hours but when in the USA as soon as Nepalese realize that you can work as many hours as you can and that you will be paid accordingly, Nepalese start making the most of it ending up working a lot many hours than they would otherwise work in Nepal. As a result, most of the time is gone at the work and they barely have time to do anything else worthwhile. If they are students, they take classes and then they work most of the times and if they are immigrants, they work for the most part of their days because they will have to support a family and make arrangements to pay all kinds of bills.

  1. Menial jobs

Once in America, Nepalese do not hesitate from taking any kinds of menial or basic jobs. The culture there respects the job rather than the type of the job one is doing. That is why, Nepalese end up doing basic jobs like cleaning, gardening, dish washing, cooking or delivery works. Be it, students or immigrants, all work such jobs to pay their bills and get by in their daily lives. So, for Nepalese in America doing menial jobs have become a lifestyle. At one point in their lives, everyone would have done that kind of job.

  1. Shared apartments

OF course, as Nepalese, we cannot afford the lifestyle in America as soon as we land there. Nobody would have enough money to spend in dollars over there when living there. That is why it is only normal that Nepalese would be working hard to earn and save the money they manage to earn. So, one thing every Nepalese would have done is life in a shared apartment. That way, expenses are shared and they will have saved a good amount of money for their daily expense as compared to living alone in an apartment. So, the way they share apartments among friends or family members, it is a lifestyle marker among Nepalese who are living in America.

  1. Celebrating Nepali Festivals with much excitement

It is an understood fact that the Nepalese who are living in America will time and again miss their family and their life back home. Most importantly, they will miss the celebrations and happy times that they used to have back home. That is why, as much as possible, they want to recreate the festive mood that they have all gotten so used to back home. So, if there is a celebration or religious or cultural festival around the corner, Nepalese there would plan so many different things and will celebrate it much more heartily. Be it teej, Dashain, Tihar or any other festivals, everyone can be seen to be coming together and celebrate it together.

  1. Momo Parties

If you ask any Nepali in America what food item they miss the most from back home it would undoubtedly be Momo. Momos are so much popular and liked and Nepalese that it becomes almost impossible for Nepalese to live without having momos for long. As a result, Nepalese who live in the US often organize momo parties. All get together to prepare and eat momos. That is one fun thing they do over there which reminds them of home and it becomes a lifestyle there…occasional momo parties!!

  1. Managing Taxes and Credit History

Life in America is complicated when it comes to managing your economic belongings and taking care of your credit history. In Nepal we never have to learn such things but when in America, you need to do your own taxes yearly and manage a good credit history. So, this becomes a new thing that Nepalese in America have to do.  This also creates a lot of confusion at first but later they get used to it. Even this becomes part of their lifestyle that they have to manage in America.

  1. Preparing for occasional trips back home

Those who have already moved to America and have been living there, find it hard to manage the time and money to visit home regularly. So, only occasionally can they return back home. Coming and going back would cost a lot and they will have to work extra hard when they are back to make up for the money they used up while visiting home. So, coming home becomes a luxury once you are in America. Only sometimes, like in few years, can you plan on trips back home. So, having to live without really meeting your family and friends back home becomes a lifestyle in America. Other than facebook chats or video chats, there is not really a deep social connection that you are going to feel in America. The social structure there is also like that. Even families do not stay together. So, after living in America for a period of time, social interactions back home and family closeness does not really make a lot of difference.

  1. Nepalese Community

While in America, Nepalese all like to live together or nearby. So, no matter which place or university you would go to, there will definitely be a Nepalese community where all come together and share each other’s happiness and problems. It becomes a way of realizing that they are all not alone in a faraway land. In universities, there will be Nepalese community of students or international students body. And if outside, there will be a group of Nepalese that will take care of the community as a whole.  This community will organize meetups or celebrations or parties where all the Nepalese living there can come together and enjoy. This way, they keep relation with all Nepalese living there and form a sense of community.

Life in America is not similar to that in Nepal and obviously, the lifestyle would also differ. However, it is personal as to how one handles the change in lifestyle. Some people get used to the lifestyle there pretty easily and can stay there for a long period of time getting to know the country and people and the culture. But for some, the same lifestyle can get too bothersome and too alien to get used to. It gets very hard and become homesick. So, it is personal how one handles the changes that one experiences after leaving their home and going to a foreign land.

For those who can handle the changes, it is a very good opportunity to learn about new culture and people. Many valuable lessons are learnt while living in a foreign land by yourself, which you can never learn while living in your own country among people who are close to you. The change in lifestyle will create a new environment wherein one can completely reinvent themselves without caring about what people back home think. They learn to work hard and enjoy little things in life and be grateful for what they have rather than complain about what they don’t have. This becomes a very valuable lesson to learn once you move away from home and live elsewhere.

4 Things Must Know About Job Vacancy in USA for Nepalese

The illusion flexion of the news goes on spreading rapidly without any blockade trust. The Nepalese students feel many difficulties as they are a newcomer and are the stranger of the American society. Students are mostly in the search of job unless to study and spend much time in the studying. It’s not their choice but obligation to do from the upper heart. So if you are the students or any Nepalese who went there by selecting DV Lottery, then it’s the best news to get the job.

1. Make Nepalese and foreign friends:

This is the best ways to contact your lighting sources to grasp the job because the job does not wait for the candidates. The thirsty have to go near the well, not the well comes near the thirsty. If you are very new and recently arrived in American land then don’t feel to shame to speak and spread your identity. As the Nepal is recognized and known by the world where the greatest peak of the world lies. Don’t speak lies and don’t influence other with very smart stamps. Behave naturally and perfectly as you are in the real. The false can’t be lonely seen and resist. The circle of the friends will help you to search the job in strange places as they are usual to all the environment near them.

The friends are the strongest bond which can’t be broken even in any rock and the problem of the mountains fall upon it if your internal heart meets on one point. If you saw your nature as the black hen laying the white eggs then they’re the bundle of the problem may arise and have to die due to hunger. The thirsty person is always in search of water nothing else similarly you have to be like the thirsty person but to search for the job. The person resistance and the overlooks come and shown due to the pocket full of dollars. If there is a lack of dollars then there happen omission of color.

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Flying to America is the very small thing, adjusting in America is something big matter, but if you want to spend the life of smartness, it’s very big matter and you have to go with by facing various ups and down. There are many Nepalese boys who are living in the America from more than the decade or the long time., if you are connected with then they will help you as the brotherhood and the friendship too. The friends in need are the real friend n deed. But if you are generous and good in speaking in English, you can join and make your relations with the foreign friends as they are local. If you are attached to them, they will also treat you as the best friend. The American heart is also full of love and honesty. All the foreigners are dirty hearted.

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2. Relatives:

There are many travelers to America due to their relatives. If your any relatives live and is well settled in the America then you can easily be settled too. The old person is easily reliable in their eyes due to a long-term relationship with the better platform. But if your relatives are also not settled then you will be trapped by all sides problems. The person can easily get the job after the sponsorship of the recognized and famous person. Because the recognized person is very well known and have no any fear of ill transaction.

3. Nepalese relationship:

The Nepal is the together place and motherland of all Nepalese because all have got the love and the air and grown up from here. The Nepalese heart is very much bigger even the sky can adjust with the love. The Nepalese are helping in nature if you connect to any Nepalese in America settled, other and he or she will also help you to get the job.

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4. Website and Google search:

The present era is the time of learning and earning from the home. So don’t be depressed if you are another and because the technology is in your hand. It’s only late to connect with the technology. You can search the job related to your choice and can send up your resume. You can apply for the various job vacancy that is published in the different newspaper. The newspaper is also the best place to meet your partner of getting the job. You can search on Google according to your qualification. The Google is the place of the world so it will be also the best medium to enjoy in the America after getting the job.

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