List Of 14 The Most Attractive Job In Nepal For Married Women

Attractive job in Nepal for married women :- Women are great sources of empowerment and successful job holder these days, and they are capable of each work. We are talking about the job of married women; then, I don’t think their needs to be a separate job for women. Here we are discussing about job vacancy for womens in Nepal.

They have a positive attitude and flexibility in their minds and ways of doing anything that various types of jobs are suitable for them. Especially in Nepal, you can see women used to do a different job as men, and they are also in all posts.

There are so many kinds of jobs from small part-time to day to day full office time job in Nepal for married women. They may need a job that goes with their daily routines, and they can fulfill their duty on time.

Because after married, it becomes a lot more serious about everything and we also want a little more attractive and qualified job to do. Everyone wants to do a regular job, and they start to search for it, and many married women also choose their career as per their qualification.

Many choose their dream job and are happy with it even they may not be more attractive than others. But it is true that after marriage, people surely need some good job to do and earn money under certain circumstances.

There are some of the lists of some attractive job for married women in Nepal.

List Of 14 The Most Attractive Job In Nepal For Married Women

List Of 14 The Most Attractive Profession / Job In Nepal For Married Women

Jobs in Nepal For Married woman
Jobs in Nepal For Married woman [Infographic]

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1. SOS children villages Nepal

One of the most fascinating and enjoyable jobs of women in Nepal is SOS children villages Nepal. Women are close to children, even more, than men do. It is one of the international non-profit organizations form to protect children.

They have better knowledge to even teach other villages’ mothers about child health and their proper care. This organization is working in favor of children and their interests and protection.

It was established in 1949 A.D. This organization is for those children who are at risk of ending their bright future and their parents. It is especially for village children who have skills and knowledge to do something in the future but unable to live properly now.

SOS childrens villages Nepal Bajura Job In Nepal For Married Women
SOS childrens villages Nepal

It gives strength to all those weak families and secures the child’s future. It takes money from general people as the donor, and many funds also used to collect for these children to have a better life ahead.

Women will be fit for this job due to their kind and way of making people understand child parents. It is safe, and they also get a chance to learn various new things in their life as well.

It may be a non-profit organization, but it provides a nice salary and a good environment to work for all the people who engage in this organization. SOS children villages Nepal is also an international organization, so you can also have many places to travel and see many places in Nepal and outside of a country. 

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2. Office assistance 

Office assistance is also the best and really attractive job for those married women who have the little qualification. For official work, qualification is the most important factor, and office assistance is easy as well as more flexible work.

You have to do the office’s supportive tasks like writing copy, organizing files, and mainly welcoming guests on the organization, which we think that women can handle better.


You are just like working side role of office work and clarifying many office feathers to the visitors on that organization. Married women can talk maturely and more logically than others, which helps them to fit perfectly in this job.

You need to pick up incoming calls from various places and welcoming the clients to the office in a polite manner and nice greeting. There is other work as well as maintaining paperwork and performing many general small duties of an office.

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All these work are easy in itself, but we all know that women can handle it in a way better than others for welcoming and being polite more. All you need to record the office work database and maintain properly as duties and clerks.

It is the regular office work, and you must be on time with regular schedules, which also them women because they have family support and maintain all duties in time. Office assistance is an attractive job of married women in Nepal with a systematic environment and salary. Yes, it is one of the of best job in Nepal for married women.

3. Montessori teaching

Montessori is attractive as well as suitable for all married women. This job belongs to women because as long as there have kids, that job is especially preferred for women.

Montessori is a kind of classroom where a small kid comes to learn, and teachers need to take care of them very carefully. Married women know how to handle small children because many of them are mothers, and it will be easy for them to care for all those cute children.

As long as they are small, teachers only need to teach very basic words to them, and other things like to be silent and friendship, etc. for Montessori teaching, teachers must be kind and polite because all of them will be children and they are very soft at beginning.


teaching child globe
teaching to a child

Students will be a range of almost two years, and others may be 1year, and due to the very on age group, the teacher also treats them in the same way. These students need more observation and guidance, so the teacher’s role is as equal to their parents.

For all these roles and duties, only the mother of a child can understand better than anyone, and married women are best for these types of children caring jobs as Montessori.

There is also good training available for the teacher to care for and understand the children’s behaviors. Only anyone perfect for the job gets it with a handsome salary and good facilities.

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4. Nursing 

Nursing is one of the is one of the of best and respected job in Nepal for married women, and it is also the most responsible job for anyone. These days a huge ratio of women is choosing the nursing field because of its large number of employment opportunities and social respect in their respective communities.

The nursing profession is also considered the world’s prestigious job, and especially in Nepal, it is currently one of the top jobs and careers for women. Nursing is not only for married women or girls but also for boys nowadays.


But as we are talking about the attractive job for women, we can conclude nursing as one of them. Even women always dream about being a qualified nurse and help many disabled people in the hospital. Many women make it their only dream to be a high-class nurse and gain respect as well.

Nursing is a course you need to study for 3years, and after that, you can be a nurse, but until you have a job and become professional, you are not certified. After becoming a nurse, you will be self depending, but it is the biggest opportunity for all the married women.

These days in Nepal, government healthcare policies are increasing day by day and for that hospital as well, so; there are more vacancies than before. If you feel qualified and have an educational certificate than any woman can try it on these hospitals. 

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5. Fashion designers

The fashion designer is the best quality of job in Nepal for married women and also for men. It is the art of creating original clothing brand and footwear as well.

They used to sketch designing cloth, select the best fiber and different patterns, and provide the tailor with a way to make products beautiful. There are a lot of responsibilities as well as interesting things in fashion designing.

It will be the most suitable and attractive way of pursuing women’s careers in this field, and almost everyone has engaged also. Women love clothes, and they also got a chance to make as beautiful designs they like, which also encourage them to be creative in this field.

catwalk Fashion designers

They also got opportunities to work with international companies. There are many doors which are going to open after people step on fashion designing and it also includes a satisfying salary with it. In Nepal, women usually also struggle little more to get a regular job on their field, and even if you get married, than you have everything limited.

So creating design cloth can be done from home as well, and it will not affect any family status on personal life rather provide huge respect on everyone’s mind. 

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6. Journalism

Journalism is not an easy and simple job for anyone in Nepal and any other country, but it is also a highly respected job in Nepal. For this job, you must highly active in politics as well as need strong mass communication skills. You need current data and almost news of every incident inside the country, and you must update with all news from time to time.

These days girls and women are taking advantage of the vacancy of journalism. Women are more actively involve these days rather than men in reporting.

Journalism women photographer press camera
Journalism women photographer press camera

They seem direct forward on this job and reach every corner of the country for reporting with their team. Women start to give their best in this field and choose journalism for their career job as well. It has a scope, and every year media is increasing rapidly so, many professionals are required for these sectors.

Married women are fast forward on talking and energetic towards any incident, which makes them perfect for this job. Journalism is always recognized as the best sector for married women because they have the maturity to cover up any topic with passion and smartly.

Women can choose many sectors inside journalism like copywriters, experts, anchors, columnists, and reporters. So, being a journalist in Nepal gives name and fame a good salary to maintain the family economy. You also got a chance to meet many high-class people and politicians, which bring other many more open doors in your life.

Homemakers are big enough to talk politely and respectfully with everyone. Even in journalism, the reporter is the best one for married women and anchors too. They need to cover up the story, which has happened just at that moment with total accuracy.

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7. Advertisement 

The advertisement has been involving for a decade ago, and it continues. It’s important everywhere, either on the radio or television. Especially for television, advertisement plays a very important role in any product to conquer the market.

Women have an attractive face and voice for advertisement, which is also why girls are playing more advertisements than others. In Nepal, it will give you creativity and joy and, on the other hand, name in society, making it highly paid. It gives you an identity in your community, and all of them will know you for a particular advertisement.

light teamwork manpower working advertisement
light teamwork manpower working advertisement

Women also have that type of personality to play a role in the advertisement, and there are high chances that people will accept that product when girls promote more in the market.

light teamwork manpower working
team work
light teamwork manpower working advertisement

This job is defiantly done for women, and we also get a chance to see them on our television. Women were hired by those companies that sell like beauty products, soap products, clothes branding, household products, and many more in Nepal. But for this job, you must have some education as a background like 12th pass out with some English knowledge.

These education and beautiful faces help you get more and more advertisements from various companies, which can also be your plus point. Women can join through the creative management department’s agency to start a career in the advertisement because it will first teach you the basic rule and system of these sectors.

You must have clam nature and more tolerance power for a successful future in this field. Well, women can become something more and get popularity through advertisements. We also have any women name in Nepal who gets a lot of opportunities after playing a role in ads.

8. Accountant

It is an important job in Nepal as we related it to any type of job in Nepal. An accountant plays a vital and major role in any office because it is also the main root. In Nepal, married woman with some background educational field is considered as bests for this job. So, I think it can be the best job in Nepal for married women.

They are from the management field. Then they will surely know the account they need for this job. The accountant needs to prepare assets and liabilities and many first entries on the database. It is also a simple and easy job as well for educated and mature people.

calculator accountant

The director of the company wants some responsible person to hand over this job, so married women are well enough responsible. They also maintain the standard of the office and take each responsibility on their hand as well.

These days, there are many online markets to import, and export businesses are operating in Nepal and are searching for more people for this job. Women in Nepal who are already married don’t want high-class jobs that need more time and effort but are attractive but simple enough for them.

Education is the main root of any job, and we are talking about the accountant, so obviously, you must have an educational degree on tax or management faculty.

You may not need any experience in Nepal until it is a huge company, but still, they give priority to those who have a personality with knowledge. You can find an accountant job more in and can apply from this to get this job. 

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9. Receptionist 

Well, I can see the craziness on this job for various people, and girls are the main applicant for receptionists in Nepal. Even companies give almost full priority for this job because you just need little English language and polite behavior. That’s why it is another job in Nepal for married women.

You must be that much capable of attracting people to your own company more than any other thing, and the director of the company also prefer girls and women. If you visit Nepal’s office in any place, you will find women as receptionists so, and they have a high chance of getting this job.

hotel Receptionist

It is easy as just a welcoming visitor and makes them understand the related field and make your personality as high as possible. Women can do this job easily as it doesn’t need any degree, but it is still an attractive job in Nepal with an average salary.

You will surely enjoy your time by learning to talk with different variety of people and dealing with them. Just sitting on office and receiving calls, answering the question of many people, and providing all the office data to the director every day.

They are front desk people who deal with everyone by welcoming them to the office and solving their problem with a sweet voice. This job is to be considered a women’s job in Nepal, and whenever you find out that vacancy is empty, you can fill your form without any hesitation.

It is also the scheduled job which has fix time routine and respected from all side in Nepal. The value of women is high as a receptionist in any field and any company in Nepal, so it comes in a better job category in Nepal.

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10. Air hostess

Let’s talk about one of the most satisfied and well-known jobs in Nepal as air hostage related to the flying sector. Everyone in each country knows about this job in Nepal, but we also know that it is the most prestigious and well-respected job in Nepal.

Girls and young women are dedicated to being an air hostage because it is compared to the post of doctor and engineer in Nepal. It is a really popular career choice among girls who are capable of this job.

You must look beautiful and sweet, kind of voice to be an air hostage so that people feel comfortable in their plans while traveling. Your nature must be claim and peace so that whatever difficulties arise, you have a personality to make a claim and understand the situation.

air hostess
air hostess

This job is not only attractive but also the desire of thousands of women in Nepal. This job is 100 percent for women and young girls, but before that, your dedication and courage need to be so strong at any moment. You can travel to different places inside

Nepal as well as out the country and enjoy the flight. Air hostage is also a high paid job in Nepal. That may be why girls want this job as their career. And it is also a respected job in Nepal for their hard work and courage to handle the situation inside the flight.

Girls and women desire to be air hostage, but it is limited in Nepal, so you must have a more unique personality and politeness than others.

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11. Teaching

Teaching plays an important role in every person’s life, and if we are talking about a suitable job for women, then teaching comes first in Nepal. It has been the best career plan for every woman to be a teacher rather than just sit at home. Of course, teaching job is one of the of best job in Nepal for married women.

Teaching is a highly respected job in Nepalese society by everyone, and this job also shows people confident to talk with polite nature. Nowadays, women in Nepal are highly interested in teaching because they love to interact with children and play with them.

It is not only about teaching but also makes them understand the value of life and enjoy it with them. Women are also experts on becoming close friends with children, and teaching makes life more systematic than other jobs. You must need a high qualification on a particular subject to teach the respective subject, and you also need a good personality.

class teacher image

Even all of us always respect our teachers no matter what we become because it’s all their teaching, and we become faithful towards them. Married women also have a big advantage as teachers because they get a pension after retirement, and you will get well recognizes fame all over your life.

So, it is not just an attractive and good salary, but also a student’s future on your hand, and parents’ trust becomes your responsibility as well. Being a teacher with a kind heart and an open mind for any woman is much easier than any other office work in the context of Nepal.

Teaching is also called a successful job in Nepal for women because it gives them a positive and successful life compared to another job.

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12. Call center

Nowadays the call center is so much famous in Nepal for all age group people and women as well. Day today, we can see its increasing market and more vacancy are opening in the market.

Call center refers to handling incoming and outgoing calls from customers and answering all the customers’ questions about their product. There are shifts in these jobs, which is a day shift and night shifts. You can choose whatever you like, and its demand is also rapidly increasing in Nepal.

It is a little new in Nepal, and even married women start to do it in day shifts. First of all, you must take training for some days, and they will teach you about all the handling of calls and how to answer these calls.

call center girls
call center

You will learn how to deal with international customers and also responsible for the selling of products through calls. Then you need to give a small interview where you must show your potential skills of voice and selling the product. After your selection, you have your job, and if you are a girl or boy or married woman, nothing matter in this job.

You need to talk more fluent English so that customer admires you more than others and ready to purchases your items. It has an average salary with a good facility and has an excellent respected position in the job list.

Interested and skilled women may try for this job, which also helps you grow your inner strength. It is new in Nepal, so the call center only reaches some places all over Nepal but has a lot of possibilities for the future. 

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13. Lawyer

Law is the heart of a country, and lawyers are the protector of law by helping any innocent victim. A lawyer is not just a job but also a professional career for any person, and it is more important for women.

A lawyer most is determined and straightforward to understand any crime scene and help the victim get justice. Women have the upper hand as lawyers in Nepal because they observe more clearly and make decisions with the heart.

Lawyer law typewriter

We may find a less female lawyer as corrupted in the world, and the context of Nepal, a female lawyer, is more important and suitable to fight against crime. These days, crimes against girls like rape and harassment are increasing in Nepal, so people trust more on female lawyers to handle the victim case.

We may not find a lot of women lawyers in Nepal, but it is also the most responsible, attractive, sensible, and courageous job. To be a lawyer in Nepal, you need to have a degree in law and experience certified as an official lawyer of a country.

Even I suggest women choose a lawyer, maybe we trust more on them than others. Your subject field also needs to be related to law, and from high school, you must pursue your education towards law school. 

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14. Hairdresser and stylist

Hairstylist or dresser is actually may not be a job but a business for women because it is the self-open shop in Nepal. We can found all over the country, these hairstylist women parlor for girls and boys too.

They give perfect shape and color for hair, and they also earn good money, which is why it is a business. Married women can open a hairstylist parlor near their house and earn a good salary with customer satisfaction. It is not new as well as we can found many more in town and village.

Hairdresser girls

But to be a stylist of hair, you need skills and a creative mindset to cut and polish hair according to customer needs. You may create a lot of new designs and give your best to look stylish, and if you think it is simple, you may be wrong.

When you increase your creativity and start to give more stylish hair cut, hair color, and other features to people, than even your parlor may be well known, and famous even high celebrity make you their hairstylist. Nepal has scope for this hairdresser, especially for women.

So, you may open your business as small as you can, but still, the hairstylist is one of the most important and attractive jobs in Nepal for women. Women feel active in maintaining their style so, this job makes them satisfied as well.  

So, if you ever wonder about Nepal’s job position for women, then all of them listed above are most attractive and respected with a high salary. Nepal is the developing county so, you may find it a little cheap compare to other developed countries, but for married women, these are high-class jobs.

They need to give time for their family as well as on a job so, if any women in Nepal want to involve in a job, then the above job list is perfect for managing time as well.

If even you are a women and want more respected job than there are a lot women health center and community has been organized. Even many NGO and INGO are established to give best job for those women who really want to be the permanent member of these non profitable organization.

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