Jitiya Puja Festival 2017 : Mithila Festival


This post is about the when is Jitiya 2017 Date : Mithila Festival in Nepal and India? or say, we are here in this post for telling the real date of Jitiya Parv festival 2074 BS in Nepal ? Do you want to know Jitiya Parva date 2074 B.S. or 2017 AD in Nepal?

Jitiya Puja Festival 2017 : Mithila Festival

If you know the real date of Jitiya Parva, then remember to celebrate Jitiya Parva festival 2017 or 2074 BS. If no, then we are giving you real celebration date of Jitiya Parva.

As we already know that Nepal is a land of festival. There are 3 geographica region in Nepal; Hills, Mountains, and Terai or Madhes. There are dozens of pantheon in Terai or Madhesh region. Mithila is one of them. So, friends, this festival Jitiya is such a festival that is celebrated in Terai or Madhesh region by people of Mithila.

For you kind information, Jitiya festival is celebrated in the same date in India as well.

Jitiya Parva is one of the hundreds festival of Madhesh or Terai region of Nepal. Jitiya Parv is also termed as Jitiya Parba, Jitiya Parwa, Jitiya Parva, Bhar Jitiya, Var Jitiya, Jiteeya etc. It is festival of Hindu women. The date of Jitiya Parb in Nepal falls in either in August or September (Bhadra) each year according to Lunar calendar. Jitiya Parva festival in one day festival in Madhesh Nepal.

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So, let’s come to the point…


The actual date of Jitiya Parva 2074 B.S. in Nepal is 25st Bhadau. The date of Bhar Jitiya 2015 in Nepal 11th September.

Jitiya Parv in Nepal is great celebration with full of joy by Madheshi women.

Jitiya Puja is also called JivitPutrika Vrat. Happy Jivitputrika Vrat to all lovely and loving mothers. Jitiya Puja is mainly celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhnad, Uttar Pradesh in India and southern part of Nepal, Madhesh, terai. Jitiya Puja is also very popular festival in Nepal. Some parts of Nepal is also celebrates Jitiya Parva as Jitiyabut UP and Jharkhand Celebrates Jitiya s Jithuiya. All the ladies keep fast on this day without food and water for betterment and long life of their children. Now i am going to tell you about Jitiya Vrat and Jitiya Vrat Katha and many other things related to Jitiya.


Jitiya is celebrated by mothers for a long and happy life of their kids. It is three day Festival which is celebeatred on 7th to 9th Lunar Day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month as per Hindu Calendar every year. In 2015 Jitiyawill fall on 5th oct 2015. The very first day of Jitiya is celebrated as Nahi Khae. Second Day of Jithiya Festival is the Fasting Day Niorjala Vrat day and on the third day is known as Paren. On the very first day of JitiyaPawen ladies eat Marua ki Roti and Saag.

Jitiya festival parva mithila Nepal IndiaWhen is Jitiya Parva festival 2074 in Nepal

Jitiya Parva in 2074 B.S. falls in 25 Bhadau.

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आज जितिया पर्व। आफ्ना जिवित सन्तानको सुख-संवृद्धीको कामना गर्दै आज हाम्रा आमाहरु निराहार निर्जला व्रत बस्दै हुनुहुन्छ। मात्रीस्नेहको महान पर्व जितियाको अवशरमा सबै ब्रतालु आमाहरुलाई हार्दिक मङ्गलमय शुभकामना।

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