10 Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh | Terai Nepal


6. Official works:

This is also the major problems looks mostly while doing any official works. All the banks and institution either it is government or private etc. are linked with it headquarter which is established only in Kathmandu. All the headquarter is located in Kathmandu, in the capital. This also arises the problem to Madhesi while doing any official works. Likewise, when people go to foreign for earning, they have to do take the permission form Kathmandu office. They have to take permission from labor ministry to do work in foreign country. Along with it, there are many offices and ministry which has made their stand in Kathmandu.

Due to their stand in the capital, the people from Madhesh get maze and abashed because of slow works and any final works makes you sent to its head office. All the government institution have done links with head offices in Kathmandu which makes the people in trouble and waiting.  The problems like, for receiving the certificate of any university as well as any document,  you have to reach to Kathmandu.  Due to expensive places, Kathmandu even loots the person in very few days. Every official work should be done in Madhesh by making here central offices.

7. Lack of Sanitation: Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

This is also the major issues of Madhesh which the people are striving for. Madhesh is also titled as the greenery of Nepal because of its shaded green crops and green farming lands. But it has now changed its definition due to lack of sanitation. The problem of sanitation in Madhesh has been intact by the politicians in Madhesh. There are many farming lands which have quit to grow the crops due to the absence of wanted insecticide, pesticides and water. As we know that, water is the life of crops.

Crops and farming can be only possible and become easy after available of water or sanitation. Madhesh have the largest hector of lands where there is no access to water, and the land has started to gape. Madhesh people have also stopped their farming due to many problems. The problems like unavailable of labors, water in time, flooding, less production etc.

Many people of Terai has blunted their interest in farming. No one wants to do farming and they flew to foreign to sweat instead of sweating their own farm. This all is happening due to their thought and availability of needed material. Production of crops and grains is only possible when there should be available of water in time. Many of the farmers difficultly grow up the crops but not get true benefits. Whereas some of the people are even doing the business of farming, producing any special and particular things because of their high investment and budget. Farmers do not have such investment that can be done in farming. They also do not get the loan from the bank easily. Farmers have to bear the all the expenses and compensation self if any kinds of accident and natural hazard occurs drastically.

Many problems in the sectors of farming and sanitation have made people disinterested towards the farming. This way, the people of Nepal are eating the imported Rice, Pulse, Jeera, spices almost all the glossary and k food items. Farmers farm their lands in the hope of god and cloudy rain which sometimes comes and sometimes shakes their faces only. Even after producing the good hardly, they do not get the actual prices while selling. Nepalese market is opened so it is available for many similar goods and services at the cheap rate that affects the farmers.

That is why they sometimes even get lost in farming. It is also the issues of Madhesh that government is not conscious. Even there is water resources and rivers in Madhesh in large number but is not used properly in proper places. Many projects are in the constitution mode but have not constructed due to laziness and carelessness. Many lands are dry in Madhesh and they are not in uses. All the lands become unuseful for cropping after not using it the long time and not getting the actual pesticides and insecticides. Sanitation should be done properly to make the Madhesh greenery and productive.

8. Unequal distribution of election area:

As we know that Madhesi has occupied more than 50 % of the area.  Nevertheless, the election is has been distributed according to population size somewhere, and somewhere according to area size. according to the constitution, in the Himalayan region there has been distributed the election area in terms of land area but in Madhesh it has not been done. If we see the size of population distribution accordingly forb election area, then the number of people in the Himalayan and hilly region is very few in the compare to Terai Madhesh region.  Government and specific politician have distributed the election area according to their own benefits with the intention of ruling as regime forever. In Madhesh, the election is has been denoted in 25000 of people but in Himalayan, it has become only 5000 people for one member of parliament.

This also the negative intention of ruling ever and keep intact in power of the country. In Madhesh, there are a large number of the population, if it is distributed according to the number of population, then the population of the hilly and Himalayan region would not be more because there lives only few person. but in Terai or Madhesh, the number and size of the population are high that indicated, the number of the election are should be more in Madhesh but it totally opposite and unexpected.

The rule of other country says that the number of election area should be edited and increases because of population increment. but in Nepal, it has also not in the provision for increasing. All the proclaim are done by them. Madhesh has got only one province no. 2  which includes the largest number of Madheshi population.  Far from it, all the six provinces have largely the Pahadi people. This types of s systematic and pre-intended distribution also show the darkness and conspiracy done by politicians. This is also the major issues of Madhesi which are struggling and doing agitation for its amendment.

9. Treating Madhesi as Indian:

Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

People of Nepal During The Blockade done by India

Nepal is the great brother of India, the neighboring country. The people of Madhesh are attached to the Indian border. Even all the small to the large transaction is dependent on India. Not only in grass root but also in the national level, all the transaction and done with India mostly. Nepal is bearing the great business loss with India due to importing of almost 80% of things and materials, etc. from India. Most of the raw material, to finished goods, are imported from   India. But also the people of Madhesh are targeted because of daily attachment and incoming and outgoing.  The main reasons for treating as Indian is also the matching of faces color and some behavior.  Madheshi people do their mostly business trade with India people and Indian market.

People of the hilly and Himalayan region not all but mostly thinks that all the Madhesi migrated from India. Madhesi does their business, marriage and even buys the houses in India as well as Nepal. Many Madhesi girls are married to Indian whereas many Indian girls are married to Nepal. When the people of hilly and Himalayan in their cities look blackface, they start to speaks Hindi by thinking they are Indian. But we look the history of Nepal, then it reveals the truth of white people also who has migrant of India to Nepal. Many people come to Nepal from India not only Madhesi but also Pahadi. Madhesi are dominated due to their blackface.

This is also the big problem of Madhesh which should be changed. Madhesi people are similar to India in terms of language, culture, tradition, religions, norms, and trades. In Madhesh people does their marry in the night but Pahadi people do their marriage in days. There are many similarities which express the people of India and Madhesi same, but when the citizenship get differences, means the people also get different. The mentality of Pahadi society has not been changed. That is why it is also big issues which should be solved as soon as possible.

10. Infrastructure development:

There are many people who are living their life in open sky and dark home. They are underprivileged from the services of burb and lighting. many communities are living life in darkness and are not getting the conservation and preservation of their life and circumstances. In compare to development of Madhesh and Pahad, they are ahead. If we talk about the budget division of Nepal, then most of the amount is given to hilly and Himalayan region and less is given to Madhesh area. This also affects the ratio of development. Madhesh have not good roads,   good facilities of transportation, transportation like airways are not given in more Number for making the convenient life of Madhesi.

Moreover, the people of Madhesh have also to suffers from load shedding more and striking with the problems of many natural catastrophes like flood, storm, heavy rainfall, soil erosion etc. The government of Nepal does not give the grants and subsidies to the people of Madhesh when they suffer from any kinds of natural catastrophe. Madhesh is entirely back in the development of infrastructure due to unequal division of budget in the large project. government is also not giving concentration and conscious towards the development of Madhesh.

11. Selection in national player:

The selection of the national player in cricket and football also shows the injustice of Nepal government. In the players of national cricket and football team, there are not any Madhesi faces. The government thinks that Madhesi does not know to play cricket and football but it totally false. The Madhesi player does not get the chance to show their skills and adeptness in national levels. That is why the youth of Madhesh does not show their full interest to plays football and cricket.

National football and cricket team includes only white faces not the players from Madhesh. Although we see the history of cricket and football performances in international level, the teams have not achieved till now any big achievements. Due to the absence of selecting the players from Madhesh has made cricket and football partial effective and interesting in Nepal.  People of Madhesh are more interested to watch the game of India than Nepal. The selection is not arbitrary because of their own power in the country and proclaims.