10 Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh | Terai Nepal

10 Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh | Terai Nepal

Madhesh is the greatest region of Nepal having more than 520% of people living in this area. Madhesh is also early known as Terai. As Nepal has three regions Himal, Pahad, and Terai. Terai is currently called as Madhesh. Madhesi are even dominated in their own country calling as the India comers. The government of Nepal thinks that the people who live in Madhesh mostly come from India and trying to make their representative and authorization in government works. But the reality is something other which government does not want to accept. Many people even from Himalayan and hilly region has comes to Terai due to its plain surface. Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

Madhesh is also known as the greenery of Nepal because it has plain land which produces the largest crops. Due to government disinterest and closeness towards the Madhes, the land of Madhesh has even become dry due to scarce of rain and sanitation. Many lands have become dry and incision. Madhesi are striving and stumbling in their own country. Many parties of Nepal are using the Madhesi as their vote bank only. All the parties use the Madhesh and even they raise the issue of Madhesh in parliament but it will not get justice till now. If we see past, there were not any Madhesi party in Nepal or in the ruling party for many decades. Mostly the leaders and rulers are from the Himalayan and hilly region who basically treats them as indigenous and original Nepalese.

If we see history also, their forefather has also come from India which they do not accept.  But at the great revolution of Madhesi occurred in the year of 2063/64 BS has shaken the government due to the largest crowd protesting against the law and rule of government. The government has not shown any zest in the right and standard of Madhesh. Many parties speak the sweet voices and raise the issues of Madhesh the time of election but the matter slopes down until it reaches to parliament. None party stands one the behalf of Madhesh.

Due to long striving and acceptance of dominance, Inequality and discrimination, has crossed the peace and patience.  Some of the  Madhesi leaders develop the party and started struggling for the right and equal participation in every sector of government. Madhesh is living in dark house even helping to create light in other sectors. Madhesh is sending the food and crops to every part of g Nepal but even struggling and crying for the right. In the revolution of protest and agitation had taken the lives of more than 150 youth directly and more than 1000 people become handicapped living their life in dark surrounding and dark world.

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The government has also done betray with proses and contract of giving Nr 10 lakh to every defunct family and 5 lakhs to injured family. All the promise has only been kept in the paper. There are many major issues of Madhesh which has drawn the black snare to trap the Madhesi by the government. National party also does not want to provide the rights and sovereignty. Madhesi are underprivileged for rights and participation. Madhesi are living as the second citizen of the country in their own country.

The Madesh also have the great history of religious pictures like Janakpurdham and Lumbini.  The most part of economic earning is transferred to nation monetary box from Madhesh due to many border and export and import is done through it to indo Nepalese relationship. The government even shows the two faces injustices to the administration of policies. All works under the direction of upper-level politicians rather than the real law of country the  Madhesi and Madhesi are combatting with government and its constitution.


Recently Nepal has got contribution which is not been implemented till now but country celebrated the contribution day. Whereas the  Madhesh celebrate the s the same day as black day because the constitution does not include the equality rights and participation of Madhesh and Madhesi people.  There are many disputed verse and points which is not accepted by Madhesi party due to its wrong inclusion and writing. Madhesh is consecutively trying and struggling with the government for amendment of the constitution and write on the behalf of Madhesi n beneficiary. Madhesi people are not getting the equal rights and equal participation in government job even having the more in population than them.

The land conquering is also growing rapidly by the white people of Nepal who are also called bug regimen. The different parties allure the people of Madhesi at the time of election by showing the great dreams and promising for equal rights and opportunities in every sector but they forget when getting the victory from there. The personnel and uses of system or people are in their hands. So they using the people of every system according to their own wish and benefits. Madhesi have faces the many domination and pains and oppression made by the government.

At the time so the revolution, all the forces of polices are stand out in Madhesh for combatment. Madhesi are fighting for their equal right and they are protesting their voice against the constitution. The new constitution of Nepal has not given the appropriate rights to Madeshi which has become the great issues. Due to also the sanction did by the people of Madhesh for demanding the equal rights in the constitution, has created the discrimination internally to them. All the people of Terai Madhesi work hard and sweat their labor in the field, but the government is only busy in collecting revenue and charging tax.

The government gets the highest percentage of revenue from Madhesh. Even though, they do not equally distribute the personnel vacant post. Madhesh is not taken in the army that also shows the slavery of Madhesh. There are many problems and issues which reveals the truth from the Nepal. After the great agitation in 2064 and then in 2072 and then after small has taken the life of many people. Their sacrifices even have not got anything in such priceless contribution for the freedom of Madhesh.

The 10 Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh | Terai Nepal are :

1.Lack of  Hospitals: Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

There is not good and high-class hospital in Madhesh. All the hospitals had all the treatment are built in Kathmandu. When people of Madhesh become sick and suffered from dangerous diseases, they have to travel to Kathmandu and Dharan where they pay the highest amount of their treatment. Although they are not services with better hands by looking the black and Madhesi faces. They are even charged more and have suffered from domination in the hospitals. Madhesh have not such the great hospitals where all the great disease gets sits treatment.  In every village and towns, there is established of only 20 two 40 seated hospitals which even have not the proper doctor and needed the machine. In some hospital have the machine, it does not operate properly.  Somewhere there is not available for good doctors.

Somewhere there is not available of good medicines. Even the low-class medicine are supplied to madhesh.  Moreover, in seasonal disease, affects the p the people  Madhesh more due to non-available of medicine in time. All the medicine are supplied from Kathmandu in their direction.The hospital which has doctors also does not perform properly and does not perform their duty well. They care and treatment the patient carelessly which makes the patients dead even in normal diseases and normal operation.

When people suffered from some terrific diseases, they moved to Kathmandu because of unavailability of doctors in the hospital of Madhesh. When they go to Kathmandu, the charge and expenses go very high which makes them poor. So better health facilities are also not available in Madhesh. The government of Nepal does not want to give permission and allows to construct the large hospitals to give the facilities of Madhesi and people of Terai.

Madheshi are also facing these problems. There are many people who died in the month of summer due to snake bites. It is not available of hospitals who do the better treatment of snake bites. When the person brings them to hospitals, the victims get dead. This is also one of the major issues of Madhesh and problem as well.  The big hospital having the facilities of all treatment and the doctors of MD and MBBS should be placed here. There are many hospitals in the Madhesh where there are not even the doctors.

Many hospitals even sometimes suffer from lack of medicine and sometimes lack of doctors. There are also many duplicate doctors who have not proper knowledge about the disease are sent to Madhesh for making them perfect by doing their right and wrong treatment.  It is also available of some private hospitals who loots the patients after giving the services to patients. They charge higher even for normal treatment and are in the trying of e increasing the bills anyhow. There is also the great corruption of in the hospital or health sector.

2. Lack of medical and engineering college: Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

In Nepal, there is not much more medical college. Although, the few college are located and established in Kathmandu. The facilities of giving scholarship are not provided to Madeshi students. There is saying of meritocracy used in the selection of scholarship students. But it is not totally applicant for meritocracy. There is also corruption and mutual agreement is done internally and secretly.  Many students from Madhesh has to take their medical education by living in other cities due to lack of medical college. Those who belong from the back family having not such capacity to teach their children in medical college only fulfill their dream by counting the tars in the sky.


Government is not giving the facilities to a remote area and background family and students. In the absence of medical students in Madhesh, students of Madhesh are obliged to study the medical in other cities by paying high amount along with high expenses. When the medical college constructed in Madhesh, these students who are inclined to study medication will not move to other cities. And when the student gets the medical education in their own cities where he may be managed their time and works by home to maintain the expenditure, the number of the student will increase to study the doctors.

The increment of doctors will reduce the health problems from the society. More doctors will control the affection of any diseases because of their activeness. The dream of making country healthy can be only possible after the establishment of the medical college in every big city. Most of the student from Madhesh travel to Bangladesh, India, China and other countries. Similarly, there is also the problems of the engineering college in Madhesh. In Nepal, all the engineering college are established in the Himalayan and central region. The permission is also not given to Madheshi people even not divulged for the establishment of engineering.

Many people from Terai come to Kathmandu in order achieve the qualitative and best education here.  The student cannot choose their interested subject to study due to unavailable of courses in the college of Madhesi. Madhesi student moves to Kathmandu and big cities to achieve the education that makes them poor until getting the entire education and make them a loaner.  All these problems also speak the truth of Madhesh and intervention of government. The government does not want to open and establishes the medical and engineering college in Madhesi due to their mentality of the ruling. That is why it is seen that the ratio of people in Madhesh are uneducated and living the illiterate life. All the best and top grade school, college and campus, from primary level to degree level are established in Kathmandu.

3. Lack of promotion of tourism sector:

Madhesh is also the part of tourism of Nepal.  The reality of tourism promotion slowly in Madhesi has also created the problem and extraction of the Madhesi natural area. There is a number of tourism area where the eyes of government have not gone. When someone even accesses the message to the government of Nepal they react and response carelessly. They think Madhesh have not any natural and cultural sites that can enchant the visitors. There are many architectures which hold the value and post of world heritage sites, but even they are not included in national heritage sites. Many places in Madhesh have not get the donation and protection by the government. The government also do not shows the interest to protect it or to conserve it. Instead of reservation and protection, they boycott the tourism of Nepal.

The places like Janakpur, Fulbari of Lahan which hold the unique miracle of flowering flower only in the new year of Nepal, and many lakes temples, and greenery places are not been protected fully and promoted fully by the government. Whereas the places hold the pride of Madhesh and assets of Madesh as well as Nepal. There is the presence of many natural sites which are even demanding for the promotion and cultivation to bring brightness. Many places in the Madhesh are not the reach of government pole.  Foreigners visit Nepal but very few of them visit  Madhesh because they are unknown about the beauty and sites of Nepal. They are even not informed and told the information about the places which are located in Madhesh. Nepal is only known as the beautiful places due to the Gautam Buddha and Sagarmatha.

When people come to Nepal, they mostly make the first plan to visit these places including Pokhara. Places like Janakpur, Fulbari of Lahan are the tourism places where there is not the arrival of tourist because of lack of promotion and advertisement. The comparison between the Madhesh and other regional sites are surely highly developed and promoted than here. The government are not active and acts as deaf when eth issues come and stumble with Madhesh. When tourism sector gets developed Madhesh, there arises the opportunity and many people get an opportunity to maintain their family needs. As we know that tourism sectors are the being industry which fulfills and effects the people of low level to high level by its scrolling and arrival.

Sometimes there also looks the fault and bad intention of local people in the promotion of people. They are not taking care. The sites and architecture of Madesh are the assets of the country but are not taken as assets. The government takes it as depreciation assets but the people of  Madhesh is always coming in front to protect it by their social and group capacity and treat it as appreciation assets. If the government of Nepal, ensure their mood towards the promotion of Madhesh heritage sites, then it will also increase the economic growth. A lot of national parks and greenery Terai  Madhesh is drying and lying on the incision lands. The government should make it the big parameter to collects and cultivate its standard to fascinate the tourist. Only natural beauty cannot attract the attention sometimes artificial beauty also help to attract the attention of the tourist.


4. No participation in the army: Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

If we see the number of the army there are currently available in Nepal, then we hardly see any, Madeshi face from the row and column of the army. Nepal government does not take Madeshi in the army. They think and have stuck the mentality that Madheshi is weak, betrayers, bastard and backbiter. But all these things are totally false and remitted in the wrong manner to disrupt the identity of Madesh. Madhesh has their own value, identity, and history which adds the history and identity of Nepal to make it noble. Nepalese are only making their participation in policies, armed police force, and army.  In the history of Madhesh, there is not any Mahesh who has got the post of IGP or chief general of Nepal as the leader.

But the stagnation of main leading army has been changed for many times.  Madheshi are if taken and recruited then they are given the low post as helper and assistant to works low-class work. The government does not want to see the Madheshi in the top leading post. There are more than one lakh army and armed more force altogether, but even not about 1000 are Madheshi. The government of Nepal only gives 22% reservation for Madheshi. Even sometimes, all the seats which are for Madhesi reservation get empty by their checking and rejecting of the candidate. In many exam and paper, Madheshi are rejected b mostly by their black face and identity.

The examination is taken by public service commission and the language is compulsory giving allowed to write only in Nepali and Maithili. But the youth of candidates of Madhesi are not perfect in speaking Nepalese then how can they write the answer perfectly in the Nepali language. The papers are identified by the checkers and then mistreated by them. The politics of Nepal has also not done something. That is why also, nowadays the voice of freed Madhesh started to arrive in some parts of Nepal. They are demanding the single Madhesh freed nation. Because they think Madhesh is the slave of Nepal because they have not their own marry in their own lands.

According to Mahatma Gandhi., if there is not the participation of people in the army, means the rejected people or groups are treated as the slave. All these things are the major issues which have been underestimated by the government. Madheshi are striving for 50 %of participation in administration, personnel, and army because of having more than 50 percent of total population. Even having more than 50% percent of the population, they are living as the second citizen of Nepal.  The people of Madhesh are striving and fighting with the government to select the Madhesh youth in the army.

Madhesh youth should also be selected in the army is the greatest wish of Madhesh people. The Army is the major and top-grade administration because all the things are in their own hands. When the army has equal participation, about 50% of issues will get the solution. and Madhesh will also not comes in aggressive mode.  Madheshi are striking and fighting lividly against the law and policy of government as well as the agenda of the Madheshi opponent party.

5. Lack of international airport :

 Major Issues and Problems of Madhesh

The Only International Airport Of Nepal

It is also one of eth major issues of Madhesh which the people are suffering from.  In Nepal, there is only one international airport which is also not categorized in the international airport. The international airport that is Tribhuvan air is located in Kathmandu. Due to having only one international airport, the people all around the Nepal have to go first Kathmandu to make the international flight.

Most of them who are from the back area have to first reach the Kathmandu which increases their expenditure. The person falls in much expenditure if any kinds of problem drastically occur in the airport or anywhere. The management of Tribhuvan airport is also not good, the pitch of landing and flying is also not good which has invited accidents many times. When the people from Terai or Madhesh have to fly from their area to foreign country, they have to go to Kathmandu.

As we all know that, Nepal have to the problem of traveling of youth for the job to gulf country mostly. So, the poor people from Madhesh who are going to fly from Kathmandu increase their expenditure. It will be easier for all the Madhesi and Madhesh who want to fly to foreign from Madesh if it is available of the airport. The government of Nepal does not want to make the international airport in Madhesh because of their own negative mentality and jealousy. in comparison to the hilly and Himalayan region, there is the number of the airport than Madhesh.  There is very few flight given for permission to land from the few airport of Madhesh.  This is also the problems of Madhesh which has made the  Madhesi poor and hungry.