International Women’s Day 2021 – The Brave Women Can Be Driver of The Peace

International Women’s Day 2021 thought: – “We all need two legs to move forward, we can’t go ahead successfully with one leg”. Likewise, every society of every country of the world requires both the contributions of the men as well as the women.


If men and women are together, getting a destination will be easier. Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2021.

International Women’s Day 2021

There is no doubt that women are the creator and savior of nature. The role of women in family, society, and even the country is very vital.

All we knew that Nepal is the least developed country. It is a developing country. Citizens of Nepal are poor.

The population of women in Nepal is greater than that of men’s population. Quantitatively, the population of women is more. But at the same time, the status of Nepalese women is very miserable.

Most of the Nepalese women sacrifice their life only for the sake of food and shelter.

International women’s day is on 8th March. 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, was organized internationally and got success too.

In Nepal, 100th international women’s day was organized and held on in association with Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and industries, Women Entrepreneurship Development Committee (FNCCI-WEDC), Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) and Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal) at Bhrikuti Mandap and Hotel Annapurna. It was great and remarkable.

But women’s status in Nepal is not considering well. Even though, there are many programs and projects are running in Nepal for raising women’s status in Nepal. In the countryside or village of Nepal, women are supposed to child birthing machines and nothing more.


International Women’s Day

Yes, it is necessary to celebrate women’s day. It is so because Nepal must establish a tradition of respecting women.

In order to protect women from exploitation and trafficking in the hands of men, women must be made aware of their rights and responsibilities. International Women’s Day is a milestone for not only women’s sake but also for the nation.

Women’s education, equal rights to women including parents’ property rights are some of the issues that must be discussed on the occasion launched.

At the same time, peaceful processions of women must be organized to remind everyone that society can’t exist without the upliftment of women. Celebrating international women’s day in Nepal helps women in gaining knowledge about the rights of women.

Organized programs and run projects help women to understand the power of women. Organizing such type of international women’s day in Nepal, women can a driver of peace, not the victim of exploitation.