How Can We Make International Payment From Nepal

How can we make international payment from Nepal?: – Nepal is the country of banking also as it has many banking platforms and network spread throughout the country. The country has many banks of private and governmental which are operating the services of remittance.

There are many private sectors who are busy in financial works providing the speculative transaction in daily almost every day. Even at holiday, the works and transaction are in a continuous process.


The banking circuit is always waiting for the customer for serving and fulfilling their basic needs. If the customer gets the better services, means there establish the bridge of transportation and communication. The sweet relationship is better than million unknown friends and person.

A person doesn’t have times but they seek the services in fast motion. In Nepal, due to presences of many financial sectors, there is lying the competition for the protection of customer. The many shops need many customers but the market size is small. So there is price competition and services qualitative that gives the benefit to the customer.

The customer is also looking for this situation to get the services in cheap rate. The financial transaction is mostly operated by the transfer or from the money express for fast and reliable transfer and payment.

Nowadays the bank has also operated the facilities of many extra payments through banking network. The bank is consisting the services like the banana in one farm or the mango in one tree.

More services mean more customer, with this thought nowadays there is races started between the shopkeeper and rest are in the process to the grand opening. The ceremony may be held any day but they start their business transaction from quick efforts. Many banks are even giving the facilities to national to national and national to international.

But the some of the banking plates are providing the services of nation payment only that is made within the country. So it needs the large operator for the payment to make with a great party and or in a foreign country.

If we make the platform of international remittance, then we have belief and keeps the trust on ourselves and them to for being the work will be processed in the rapid and reliable scheme. The customer is like the crowd of the people who walks with same foods and same steps in their direction in one direction.

But there are some of them who are very careful and intensive in nature walks and takes the decision with great understanding and evaluation. So, to attract the customer of all class we have to launch the various schemes and the various schemes are even launched almost by every operator or financial institutions.

How do I make an international payment from Nepal?

Being in a country like Nepal it becomes a bit difficult for normal people to make an international payment due to the various policies of Nepal. But it is good to hear that international payment can still be done by various methods from Nepal. Some of these are as follows.

An international online payment gateway from Nepal, actually it has only just started at the end of year 2017, offers a secure and easy payment solution. More and more successful merchants are using this online payment system in Nepal to increase their commercial potential!

Online payment gateway, the future of payments authorizes credit or, in some gateways, even debit card transactions. When we enter a more technological area, more and more consumers do not have time to visit stores or businesses for simple payments.

By using an online payment gateway on the merchant’s website, customers and service users can easily perform financial transactions from anywhere using their credit or debit card and the online payment gateway installed on the merchant’s website or on the e-commerce website.

Many website design companies focus on installing a secure payment gateway and more and more merchants are becoming e-commerce businesses. An online payment gateway can not only increase your potential sales, but also an easy-to-use customer experience.

As more and more countries develop their own banking systems, almost all countries have at least one or two large banks that provide an online payment integration service like Nepal.

How does a payment gateway work?

Payment gateways or online payment gateways work quickly and securely, allowing consumers to pay directly via the Internet and their credit or debit card.

By establishing an online gateway portal from an application or website to the bank, you can share information and data. When making a transaction, you need to fill out a security form that only the cardholder will know and the transaction can be made.

How can I get the facility to make international payment in Nepal?

To get an online payment gateway in Nepal, you need to find a reliable website design company that can install payment gateways, the next step will be to get a business identifier from the bank that provides online payment services.

Each bank has its own pricing policy for this type of service, so it is always advisable to study some banks before accepting their proposals. Together with your website design company, you can design the online payment option for your website.

How much does a payment gateway in Nepal cost?

The installation of a payment gateway in Nepal involves two costs, according to the designer of his website, which may charge between $ 150 and $ 200 USD and the bank from which he chooses to obtain a commercial identification document.

The bank will charge an annual fee plus a transaction fee. It is best to investigate at least two or three reputable banks and ask for their quotes before requesting a merchant ID for your online payment gateway.

Is PayPal a payment gateway available in Nepal?

PayPal and PayPal payment gateways in Nepal are not available in Nepal, most people open a PayPal account through a relative or administrator who lives outside of Nepal. There are several reasons why Nepal still does not allow PayPal, some have to do with specific compliance rules or political influences and imbalances.

If you have created a PayPal account in Nepal, it will not work like Nepal and does not allow the payment service provider to make transactions inside and outside the country.

Is Visa a payment gateway in Nepal?

Both Visa and MasterCard are credit cards accepted for online payment gateways in Nepal. When using an online payment gateway, Visa cards can be used to make secure transactions, to purchase a service, goods or a financial transaction.

Although most consumers have a Visa or MasterCard, the purchase or purchase of a service can be done from the comfort of their home or current location, provided they have access to the Internet or WIFI.

Moreover, if we talk about the financial transaction, there are various private sectors and I expect it’s more in number than the governmental one. But the government are not mostly seen in the fields of specific for this services that are remittance.

The many private sectors mostly seem busy every time and obliged to serve the customer 24 hours. Like as the many IME, and money transfer is playing the great role for maintenance of economical stability. We discuss below further detail describing the specific works done by the institutions.



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