15 International Destinations, Places Every Middle Class Nepalese Can Afford to Visit

15 International Destinations, Places Every Middle-Class Nepalese Can Afford to Visit

Have you ever had thought of International Trips? Or you are willing to go abroad place but dropped the idea just because of money? If you think that International tour and trips for Middle-Class Nepalese are just a dream then I’m going to prove you wrong in this article.

Visiting abroad is not always about visiting the US or the UK. With just a budget of less than 1 to 1.5 lakhs, you can visit lots of Beautiful places, cities, and countries.

15 International Destinations, Places Every Middle Class Nepalese Can Afford to Visit

  1. Thailand

Do you love Thai foods? Yes, right? In Nepal, Thai foods are available in most of the restaurants. Ever thought of visiting Thailand and experience the real taste?. This could be a good idea because the airfares to Thailand are so cheap. The stay options are also not too expensive. As like Nepalese, Thai People are also welcoming. You can obviously get great stuff at your budget. I’m not talking about visiting entire nation, just visit a few key locations.

  1. Hawaii

This place is all about the sun, the sand, and the surf. Feel wild in the exotic locations losing yourself with crystal clear beaches. And the coral reefs which will make you do a double take- under water. Just the airfare is expensive but comes under the budget. Otherwise, everything is all good.

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  1. Vietnam

Though it is not regarded as the tourist’s destination trust me. I’ve done a lot of research and I found that Vietnam is a gem of a place. Similar to Nepal sceneries, Vietnam in the Northen regions from certain tropical islands to rugged sceneries are found. A lot of wired and exotic food, especially different types of sea foods are available there.

If you opt for cheaper home stays the entire trip will not cost you much.

  1. Maldives

Well, this destination is popularly known as the honeymoon destination. It is undoubtedly a good place. The water sports and beaches are its main attraction. The Maldives is a heaven for all the seafood lovers. For the complete experience, please opt to stay with one of the locals.

  1. Sri Lankasri lanka

It boasts of great tourism at finest affordable prices. Sri Lanka is as culturally rich as Nepal and is great for nature lovers as there we can see the various scenic locations.

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  1. Singapore

Yes, it is one of the most beautiful countries. This country offers a lot of nature, culture and cuisine, modern structures and architecture, monuments and beaches. Not so much expensive as it seems like.

  1. Malaysia

Everyone in the Nepal has a negative view towards Malaysia. Many youths go to this country for the money and work. But the crazy night life will leave you wide eyed. This country is the perfect mixture of peace and crazy. Just go there and you will surely change your thoughts about this country.

  1. Bangkokbangkok

It is surely the cheapest destination on our list. It is said that Bangkok is heaven for shopaholics. Most of the people just go there for the shopping experience and crazy street-side food. Plan your trip properly and you can enjoy the trip in less than 1 lakh.

  1. Bhutan

It is a perfect small international trip. This country is full of culture and Buddhist monasteries. You must be thinking that our country Nepal has a variety of Buddhist monasteries. Just Google it and you will be surprised. Bhutan is situated in a hilly area so the trekking and other sports are popular here. If you have time then don’t worry about the budget since it is cheaper than you think. You will surely have an experience that we promise you’ll never forget.

  1. India

I think some of you have already become aggressive because of those fights between Nepal and India. But before you squeeze your nose and stop reading just leave your patriotism just for a moment and think with a cool mind. Similar to Nepal, the adventure travel, wildlife nature, foods, and drink is the best. You’ve seen Taj Mahal, Goa, Shimla, Kashmir, Darjeeling etc in TV right.

How about the real experience? You will have no difficulties in language and this trip will be the cheapest for sure. And you know the best part? You don’t need a passport to visit there. Just think about it, our goal is for adventure, fun, and nature. Go for it.

  1. China

Stop, China is not only about the second-hand cheap goods and eating insects for lunch. Chinese architecture is something to bluster about. And of course, you cannot miss the Great Wall of China, a monument which is visible even from the space!

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Also, our neighbor country so packs your bags and plan a trip. Well I think it’s not necessary to explain about the cost and all.4

  1. JapanJapan

This country is completely unique and various cultural and Japanese castles. This place is similar to a fairy tale. Bigger hills, fastest trains are the things that you can enjoy.

  1. Iran

Although Iran is not a popular tourist’s destination, it is filled with monuments and ancient cities. The spectacular palaces and safaris are a must to do things if you want in Iran. You will love all the things that you will see with your eyes in Iran.

  1. Lebanon

How can you ignore this place as a tourists destination? Lebanon offers in terms of sight and culture. And the foods you can make the most of it at a later safer date.

  1. Dubaidubai

As like Malaysia we also have a negative impact on this country. But this is probably every Indian’s favorite destination. So why should we miss this? As you all know this place is famous for its architecture, malls, and shopping. Many Nepalese failed to discover the real part of Dubai as they were busy in their works. If you have free time and planning for a cheap international trip then this is the best place for us.

So, these are the international Destinations and Place that every middle class Nepalese can afford.

Author-( Pawan Maskey)