How Can I Get an International Credit Card in Nepal


How can I get international credit card in Nepal?: – When you have an international credit card, you can use it both in your own country and abroad. It is not uncommon to encounter companies abroad that only accept native currency.

This is when an international credit card is useful. If you want to avoid the hassle of carrying cash or travellers’ checks wherever you go, these types of credit cards are the perfect solution.

Numerous hotels, restaurants and established shops that you find during your travels accept your international credit card. That card offers many of the same features as a standard version and can also be used in ATMs.

International credit card
Credit Card

Therefore, regardless of where you are, you can get money from your bank account. You can also check your account balance from an ATM so you can keep track of your expenses and make sure you respect your budget.


The Visa Gold International credit card is valid worldwide. Any Nepalese citizen who has a convertible foreign currency account, with the exception of Indian rupees, can apply for this card.

Even foreign citizens who maintain a bank account in a convertible foreign currency can apply for this card by presenting an accreditation document accredited to the corresponding embassy. Features: accepted as a payment method worldwide.


Free service credit period from 15 to 45 days Service rate 24% lower per year. The credit limit starts at 1,000 USD. The cash limit will be 25% of the credit limit.



Visit the nearest branch of the particular bank to obtain the Visa Gold International credit card application form. Complete the Visa Gold International credit card application.

Send it to the respective branch. Collect your Visa Gold International credit card and your PIN after the specified day and activate your card. Now you can use your card all over the world where Visa is accepted.

Eligibility: any Nepalese citizen aged 16 (Note: this age may sometimes vary according to banks terms and conditions) or over in possession of a valid passport can apply for this card.

Applicants must maintain a foreign currency account preferably at Global IME Bank or at any other commercial bank in Nepal. Foreigners with a valid visa can request this card after complying with the passport certification requirements of the corresponding embassy.


 Instead of paying in cash, you can simply swipe the card to the merchant’s position. Then two receipts will be printed to sign. The merchant will keep one copy and give you the second copy.

At the end of the billing period, you will receive an account statement that shows all transactions made during the last month. You must pay at least the amount due on the due date.

Otherwise, interest and fines will be charged for late payment. Your credit card also allows immediate cash withdrawal. This is very easy to do as described below: insert your Visa credit card into the corresponding slot. (Some ATMs automatically remove the card inside the machine, while in others it is necessary to submerge the card and remove it quickly). Select the language you want.

Enter your PIN number. Select withdraw funds to withdraw money from the ATM. Enter the desired amount. Be sure to bring cash, a credit card and a receipt.

By Abhishek Raj Jha


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