Holi Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Holi, Festival of Colors

There is an emblematic legend to clarify why Holi is praised as a celebration of hues in the respect of Hindu god Vishnu and his devotee Prahlada. Let’s discuss Holi Facts. Here we have enlisted 50 Interesting facts about Holi, a festival of colors.

Lord Hiranyakashipu, as indicated by a legend found in section 7 of Bhagavata Purana, was the ruler of satanic Asuras, and had earned a help that gave him five exceptional forces: he could be killed by neither a person nor a creature, neither inside nor outside, neither at day nor around evening time, neither by Astra (shot weapons) nor by any Shastra (handheld weapons), and neither ashore nor in water or air.

Hiranyakashipu developed egotistical, though he was God, and requested that everybody love just him.  Hiranyakashipu’s own particular child, Prahlada, be that as it may, oppose this idea.

He was and stayed given to Vishnu. This rankled Hiranyakashipu. He subjected Prahlada to unfeeling disciplines, none of which influenced the kid or his take step to do what he thought was correct.

At long last, Holika, Prahlada’s insidious close relative, deceived him into sitting on fire with her. Holika was wearing a shroud that made her insusceptible to damage from a flame, while Prahlada was definitely not.

As the fire thundered, the shroud flew from Holika and encased Prahlada, who survived while Holika consumed. Vishnu, the God who shows up as a symbol to reestablish Dharma in Hindu convictions, appeared as Narasimha – half human and half lion, at sunset (when it was neither day nor night), took Hiranyakashyapu at a doorstep (which was neither inside nor outside), set him on his lap (which was neither one of the lands, water nor air), and after that destroyed and killed the ruler with his lion paws (which were neither a handheld weapon nor a propelled weapon).

The Holika blaze and Holi connote the festival of the representative triumph of well-finished abhorrence, of Prahlada over Hiranyakashipu, and of the fire that consumed Holika.


Holi is an imperative spring celebration for Hindus, a national occasion in India, a provincial occasion in Nepal and different nations. To numerous Hindus and some non-Hindus, it is an energetic social occasion and a reason to toss shaded water at companions or outsiders jokingly. It is in this way watched extensively in the Indian subcontinent.

Holi Festival Colors mother daughter

Holi Festival Colors mother daughter

Holi is praised toward the finish of winter, on the last full moon day of the Hindu luni-sun oriented logbook month denoting the spring, influencing the date to fluctuate with the lunar cycle. The date falls commonly in March, however once in a while late February of the Gregorian date-book.

One of the significant celebrations of India, Holi is commended with excitement and jollity on the full moon day in the period of Phalgun which is the long stretch of March according to the Gregorian date-book. Hiranyakasyapu at that point wanted to execute his five-year-old child. He requested his sister Holika to slaughter Praladh.

Holi kids

Holi kids

Holika was honored with a flame-resistant dress. She went to fire with conveying Praladh. Be that as it may, because of a dedication of Praladh Lord Krishna consumed Holika and securely saved Praladh.

Holika Dahan implies the finish of Holika moved toward becoming Holi. Individuals commended the finish of Holika with hues, so the celebration Holika Dahan turned out to be later Holi.

When is Holi, Festival of Colors?

This year Holi is on March 9 and 10, 2021. That is on Chaitra 6 and 7 of 2077 in Bikram Sambat Calendar.  Holi is inviting of spring and summer. It is likewise seen to get the gift of God for coming harvests and fruitfulness of the land.

This celebration is commended in the greater part of South Asian regions.  All things considered, Holi is the evening of Falgun Krishna Chaturdasi, however, festivity begins from the exact following day on Purnima. Holi is the celebration of shading, companionships, and love.

Holi Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Holi, Festival of Colors

1. Holi is one of the national festivals of Hindu mostly celebrated in India and Nepal. This is the festival that signifies the grouping and glory of family and their relatives and relational consignment.

2. It’s the platform where the person of far and near meet and confirm the common outcomes of happiness and production of large and thundering laughter go crashing, shows the unity in the family and relationship.

3. It is not only the festival which makes the person and people sharing and happiness but also the festival of making God Vishnu happy and glad. God is the first priority that impacts the devotee to live and combat the life circumstance and get rid of lights.

Happy Holi Festival Colors Image celebration

Holi celebration

4. Holi impacts and influences many groupings of people either they belong to Hindu or other might be. The same and common placement and activities can be observed by the viewer in the moment of the Holi celebration, the person’s face is smiling and they are looking glad about internally.

5. There are many truths and facts related to Holi. interesting facts of Holi also makes their noise for improvements of a system and also makes the announcement of celebrating with precautionary. The man who has one burn by fire afraid even to go near the fire. And one who has erected with the electricity current afraid to touch the nude wire of electricity.

6. Mean to elaborate, rectify the remarks and results obtained after the celebration, that may be positive and negative. Victims always want the fast cure and cured want the fast safety kit but due to lack of these two services and tools combination, the unexpected result has to sometimes listen with this unbelievable ear.

holi festival friends group selfie picture

Holi festival friends group selfie picture

7. Holi does not oblige the person to make and act as the mental lion or elephant of the forest who has loosed their nerves and senses in times of action. The man is a man, not the animal due to the appetite of doing best and fitted best. If the educators act like the fool, it means the lion is in the way of becoming a dog and pig.

8. The educated society is the most respectable and preferable people habitat, can changes the mood and emotion of the people in the flow of words and speaking reached.

9. Holi also subscribes to the motion, an action thought, and their mentality and beliefs of its celebration. Their many facts not interesting facts of Holi for making the novelty in its meaning and reasons to celebrate.


holi hai bollywood celebs Kajol

Holi hai Bollywood celebs

11. This is holi food facts. The man who is not interested in celebrating it is also supporting the celebrators. Meanwhile, in ancient age, people were of vegetarian intention and mentality, and they celebrate it by singing songs, having vegetarian food, and making the route of celebration to every door of the society to collect the money.


12. These are the ancient systems of ant that m has given allowed to celebrate and bound in their own term and conditions. In the present context, it is very difficult to even make the dog teach, the animal of the present age has also become more intelligent and they are also not listening to the voice and order of the owner.

13. The man who has not the knowledge of Hoil celebration is usually not seen in its involvement and those who are connected to Hindu cultures and tradition are mostly activated like the software of nothing.

Happy Holi Festival Colors Image celebration

Kids in Holi

14. interesting facts of Holi also deal with the coordination and cooperation of the people, how he or she or society take it, and celebrate it. The Holi is not the festival of single instead it is the festival of the whole society.

15. The entertainment can’t be loud and contrast in single insulation, but with the group, the happiness and the company get more support to make it an enlargement of celebration.

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16. Eventually, sometimes there occurs the unexpected problems, like any drunkard makes and creates the controversy with someone even in the small issue.

Playing Holi Festival Image children

Playing Holi Festival Image children

17. These all may decline the waves of your entertainment scale. a person who has made the man happier have also reason to make him wee.


18. It is fact and supportive to not make the weep to whom you have never gifted and made him or her happy. The person mostly impeaches others for their mistake, they believe and habituated with these types of errors and oppositional reaction, that don’t affect his behavior and attitude or mentality.

19. However, the man who has more money and is well settled in their life are more elastic and present themselves as the more entertained cartoon to make the Holi special and unforgettable.

Holi girl

Holi girl

20. There are not only the interesting facts of Holi but more that cannot express in number because the feeling and happiness can’ be measures with any tools and techniques, it can feel only with your heart.

21. People of rural and town or urban have a different system of celebration. The people of Terai are more effective and traditional, celebrates the Holi with the ancients track, they make it the great rule and reign for it’s worshipping the god and Goddess, adopting the belief of making the God happy will return the lots of happiness by god.

22. This is another holi food facts. Serially, they all make together with the good food and items which are firstly folded to God for the purity and positivity, then after, they make the common and coordinative dinner.

23. With the dinner, the sweet and laughter gossip starts to formulate and design the home terrain funnier and sunnier of delightful color spreading on each other face and facets.

Playing Holi Festival Color Image children

Playing Holi Festival Color Image children

24. Next., the matter sand system speaks and says about the celebration system of Holi of urban people is quite the same but only a little difference.

25. The urban people mostly take non-vegetarian items and make the celebration wild, romantic, and energetic to make the moment amazing. Person of urban mostly seen in the colored face and wetted looks of different colors has made them one types of ghost and girls as a vampire.

Interesting truth about the Holi festival

26. There is color sprayed in another body too by hiding and make the person bore to come out. But the person doesn’t mind these types of vulgarity occurred and faced in the Holidays.

Holi selfie image

Holi selfie image with crying baby

27. The strangers also know about the Holi. The Holi has a great story that adds interesting facts of HOLI to expand and celebrate more. interesting facts about Holi can be only proved by its unlimited cause to celebrate.

28. There are many stories that make the Holi more auspicious and man to celebrate with happy incentives.

29. interesting facts of HOLI also includes the story or history related to its celebration. The great worshipper or devotee of God Vishnu named Prahlad was sent to adopt the education in Kuti( ancient college and places of studying)was the son of great demon or hater of God Vishnu.

Playing Holi Festival Colors Image children

Playing Holi Festival Colors Image children

30. The opposite consignment and view have made demon angry and anoxia victims. The demon has tried many times not to worship the Photo of God v Vishnu but Para had has not listed once too. 23. The spending of the time period has made an increment of tension and mind disturbance of his father, unstop stoppage.

31. The father has sent the great vampire or devils to kill their own stoppage of worshiping to God Vishnu. The great devils go to kill the Prahlad to end the devotee of God Vishnu and make their own reign of evils and vampire. But the thought has not fulfilled due to the power of God Vishnu has taken place in his devotional body of Prahlad.

32. Great vampire or demon named HOLIKA, who was sent by the demon or Hater of Prahal to kill his own son, has tried many practices but all the milk got cracked and has to tastes the humiliating defeat of many trying of HOLIKA.

Holi girl

Holi smile girl

33. Holika thinks to make the Prahalad fool and burn in the fire and he burns the fire in one place and stands with Prahalad in mid of fire. The game is planned by Holika but the goal has given by Prahalad.

34. The hunter falls in their own places net and digger fall in their own dug pit. the moment has changed and the result is obtained that the Holika burn and get dead in that fire but the Prahalad have not even infected by the fire.

35. He was fully safe even in the fire due to the compassion and mercy of God Vishnu. The God Vishnu has made his devotee safe and freed from the terrible and horrible plights and problems.

people throwing blue powder at Holi festival of Hindu

People are throwing blue powder at Holi festival of Hindu in India

36. It is also a fact of interesting facts about Holi. People take this festival as the entertainment festival and so the game of sharing color and foods are cooked and shared with their relatives and friends. Reason seeks the cause but a person seeks the reason to expand and prorogate it. Grab these holi food facts.

37. It is not only related to facts of the ancient story of saving of Prahalad from the great vampire Holika. Moreover, it also consists of the story of Pandava who has gotten the victor of great Mahabharat war between their own brother, had taken the life of many people and there is the belief that the river of blood was chipped and flowed in the battlefield.

38. The PANDAV was the true warriors and fowls the truth track which has adopted the victory by killing the untruth, un-justice, and gambling and ducking.

39. So, interesting facts of Holi are also impacted by the Pandav victory which has made the truth win and un-justice and again once shaken the flag of victory in the land of virtual.

40. The outcomes of Pandav victory had made every lover and truth lover happy and in their memory and welcome and happiness of justice victory, the countrymen of Hastinapur had celebrated the festive which is presently called the festival Holi.

holi festival

A man is posing after playing holi festival

41. It also adds the connectivity of the victory over the fake, victory of elusive and cheater, victory over loot and bandit, victory over darkness, victory over negativity, victory over false, and more.

42. In the memory and presentation of all those incidences which have made our life comfortable and trackable to move with the positivity and with no blockade, is wished by the devotee and celebrators of the Holi, makes more taste of interesting facts of Holi.

43. Holi is referring to all the people who celebrate or not but it speaks about and describes the realistic of celebrators, seen even from other castes and religion due to happiness sharing and removing of darkness and bad and black spots.

Amazing Facts About Holi, A Colorful Festival

44. This festival also wants to make people keep happy forever for its existence. This the common festival which is suspected of the celebration of every religion

Holi Festival Colors Images Lady

Holi girl

45. . Because this is also the festival of color that makes the man colorful and the environment also shaded with the color and make them even happier and truth.

46. A person who has made the God happy is believed that they have to never face any kind of blockade, disturbances, fear, and the life will rise like the sun with unlimited light sand again shines like the moon in the nights with a pleasing presentation in the life.

47. Life of many people thinks about the good fortune, and it is also the festival to draw the fortune and destroy the negativity and disturbances of the past and start the new day with the new meaning of life by installing the positivity in mind and action.

48. A person makes their eager more sharpen and feeling more strong and personal meaning deepen to make their value more lighting and respectable.

49. interesting facts have not any controversy about the Holi but the interesting fact of Holi is also advertising the people to celebrate it because this festival makes people unite not to differentiate.

50. interesting facts of Hoil seen here more valuable for its celebration as it also expresses the platform of sharing and exchanging good wishes in each other, to make the constant and flexibility and cemented relationship.

It the 50 interesting facts of Holi, which is compulsory to know and understand. Follow our Pinterest for Holi images.

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50 Interesting Facts about Holi Festivals