76. Nepalese are living the life with the sources of tourist resources. Nepal tourism board has been working on the nature of tourist destination of Nepal where it should be the largest attractive location.

77. Nepal is not only the place of natural beauty but also rich in culture which shows the importance and necessities to visit once in life to Nepal.

78. Nepal has many tourist destinated place which is attracting the tourist from abroad in increasing ratio from all over the world. Mostly the tourist comes from the neighbor country INDIA and CHINA.

79. The first president of Nepal was DR. RAM BARAN YADAV who handles the country for eight years. He is the president who has announced the constitution of Nepal 2072.

80. But the present president is MRS. VIDYA BHANDARI who became after the ending time period of DR. RAM BARAN YADAV.

81. The present prime minister of Nepal is PUSHPA KAMAL DAHAL ‘’PRACHAND’’ who is also the president of Maoist.

82. Similarly, the Nepal has also many tourist destinations which are attracting the tourist of the world and they lose their identity and emotion in the naturally beautiful environment of the Nepal.