51. Nepal Competitiveness Rank at 98.00

52. Nepal Corruption Index at 27.00 Points

53. Nepal Corruption Rank at 130.00

54. Nepal GDP Constant Prices at 764174.87 Million Rupees

55. Nepal GDP From Agriculture and Forestry at 237764.55 NPR Million

56. Nepal GDP From Construction at 41064.41 NPR Million

57. Nepal GDP From Manufacturing at 43329.00 NPR Million

58. Nepal GDP From Mining at 3022.00 NPR Million

59. Nepal GDP From Real Estate and Business at 57373.00 NPR Million

60. Nepal GDP From Transport at 76715.00 NPR Million

61. Nepal GDP From Utilities at 15111.00 NPR Million

62. Nepal GDP From Public Administration at 13848.00 NPR Million

63. Nepal Gold Reserves at 6.12 Tons

64. Nepal Home Ownership Rate at 85.26 percent

65. Also, the country has been working on exploiting hydroelectric power which will make the economic conditions independent.

queue for cooking gas

66. The government has announced the open and equal opportunity for the national and international investor in hydropower electricity.

67. Recently about twenty-four private national sectors have invested the huge capital in the development of hydropower electricity.

68. The great hydropower electricity will be produced and the problem of load shedding will be ended. The Nepali is facing the problem of darkness even in the house of lights.

69. If the production of the electricity will be in the product then the Nepal’s economy will go on the top which will make the increase meant in the speed of development.