23. Behaving everything like the modern , it is also not the suitable for the person. They might be against it and some people do its support who like it.

24. All the things and the components which are around us may be positive affected and may be negatively affected. It does not mean that all the things surrounding us are positive only.

RAute people Nepal

a Raute man cutting a tree

25. The many tourism sectors, traditional sector, industrial sector, national income sector, business sector, festival and customs sector, living styles sector, occupation sector, and the law sector are the major component to know about the Nepal.

26. All the means and the meaning is not same. Even the great seal is formed with the combinations of rivers. There are many necessities which are in the process of implementation.

27. The people of Nepal are very rich in the sources like as the growing of crops and the selling in the external market.

28. The people of Nepal mostly depend upon the agriculture even the government have not provided the proper irrigation facilities. The farmers of Nepal have no any fund distributed for the better agriculture.

Nepal nepalese women people rice paddy Asar Ropai Farming

Nepalese women Rice Paddy Plantation Farming

29. But for the increase meant in the sector of agriculture, the government provides every year the best farmers of the year giving the cash prize of two lakh.

30. This year also the government have distributed the prize to the fifty farmers. It’s also one of the points to create the eager in the people to do agriculture.

100 Important Information About Nepal

31. Government has brought many programs like as the one village , one production etc.