100 Important Information About Nepal


42. Nepal is famous in the production of Nepali carpets, Noodles, Shrubs, and handicrafts arts and culture. The exporting of new and manmade production has also made the Nepalese product famous and the economy reliable.

43. Nepal imports manufactured goods and petroleum products worth about US$ 1 billion annually. Woolen carpets are Nepal’s largest export, earning the country over US$ 135 million per year. The value of exports is about US$ 315 million.

44. Garment exports account for more than US$ 74 million and handicraft goods bring in about US$ 1 million.

45. Nepal | Credit Rating at 15.00

46. Nepal Interest Rate at 7.00 percent

47. Nepal Food Inflation at 7.70 percent

48. Nepal Inflation Rate at 7.90 percent

49. Ease of Doing Business in Nepal at 107.00

50. Nepal Competitiveness Index at 3.87 Points

51. Nepal Competitiveness Rank at 98.00

52. Nepal Corruption Index at 27.00 Points

53. Nepal Corruption Rank at 130.00

54. Nepal GDP Constant Prices at 764174.87 Million Rupees

55. Nepal GDP From Agriculture and Forestry at 237764.55 NPR Million

56. Nepal GDP From Construction at 41064.41 NPR Million

57. Nepal GDP From Manufacturing at 43329.00 NPR Million

58. Nepal GDP From Mining at 3022.00 NPR Million

59. Nepal GDP From Real Estate and Business at 57373.00 NPR Million

60. Nepal GDP From Transport at 76715.00 NPR Million

61. Nepal GDP From Utilities at 15111.00 NPR Million

62. Nepal GDP From Public Administration at 13848.00 NPR Million

63. Nepal Gold Reserves at 6.12 Tons

64. Nepal Home Ownership Rate at 85.26 percent

65. Also, the country has been working on exploiting hydroelectric power which will make the economic conditions independent.

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66. The government has announced an open and equal opportunity for the national and international investors in hydropower electricity.

67. Recently about twenty-four private national sectors have invested the huge capital in the development of hydropower electricity.

68. The great hydropower electricity will be produced and the problem of load shedding will be ended. The Nepali is facing the problem of darkness even in the house of lights.

69. If the production of the electricity will be in the product then Nepal’s economy will go on the top which will make the increase meant in the speed of development.

70. Nepal entered the modern era in 1951 without schools, hospitals, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or civil service.

71. The export-oriented carpet and garment industries have grown rapidly in recent years and together now account for approximately 70% of merchandise exports.

100 Important Information About Nepal

72. Major towns are connected to the capital by telephone and domestic air services.

73. Although steep mountain terrain makes exploitation difficult, mineral surveys have found small deposits of limestone, magnesite, zinc, copper, iron, mica, lead, and cobalt.

74. The world knows the place where the highest altitude identification lies, where the purity and peace are the sources and inspiration for the world.

75. The land of peace and purity including the culture and heritage are always inviting the people. It’s the people grateful to visit the palace of the GOD. All creatures and the temples are showing the cultures and identity of Nepal.

76. Nepalese are living life with the sources of tourist resources. Nepal tourism board has been working on the nature of the tourist destination of Nepal where it should be the largest attractive location.

77. Nepal is not only the place of natural beauty but also rich in culture which shows the importance and necessities to visit once in life to Nepal.

78. Nepal has many tourist destinated place which is attracting the tourist from abroad in increasing ratio from all over the world. Mostly the tourist comes from the neighboring country INDIA and CHINA.

79. The first president of Nepal was DR. RAM BARAN YADAV who handles the country for eight years. He is the president who has announced the constitution of Nepal 2072.

80. But the present president is MRS. VIDYA BHANDARI who became after the ending time period of DR. RAM BARAN YADAV.

81. The present prime minister of Nepal is PUSHPA KAMAL DAHAL ‘’PRACHAND’’ who is also the president of Maoist.

82. Similarly, Nepal has also many tourist destinations which are attracting the tourist of the world and they lose their identity and emotion in the naturally beautiful environment of Nepal.

83. The industry is also increasing the price of the more demanding commodity and the price of the nonquality product is also produced in a cheap rate which is harmful to the people and the country both.

84. The Nepal economy and the political situation fully depend on the Indian decision. The decision of India uses and Nepal have to follow according to their instruction due to the treaty that has done in the past with Nepal and India.

85. And if the international company does not establish in the country then the national company charges the high price.

86. It will happen due to the fewer savings of the people and if the personal savings is less then they can’t invest or open the production company.

87. As it is a landlocked country, the problem of importing the raw material also sometimes creates the scarcity due to depending upon them.

88. The Nepal economy and the political situation fully depend on the Indian decision.

89. The decision of India uses and Nepal have to follow according to their instruction due to the treaty that has done in the past with Nepal and India.

90. With the development of the banking sector, many of the youth have got the job and they have also started the new and energetic life.

91. There is 28 ‘’A’’ grade bank and 75 ‘’B’’ grade and 89 ‘’C’’ grade bank and 22 ‘’D’’ grade bank. If the infrastructures of the country develop then only the people economy will increase.

92. It is also the dependency situation that arises the questions that how the country’s economy improves. The ratios of the increasing economy go falling due to political instability.

100 Important Information About Nepal

93. The Nepal Rastra Bank has permitted the many laws over the bank it is because the increase of the banking sector will provide the loan in less interest rate which increases the personal savings.

94. The country has, however, made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950s and opened the country to economic liberalization leading to economic growth and improvement in living standards than compared to the past.

95. Personal identity is related to a country’s identity. If the country is developed and powerful then the people of that country are automatically called the powerful. Nepal is greater and developed in the natural and tourism sector.

96. The conditions of Nepal are going worse day by day. It’s because there is no maintenance of the government rule. All the rich people are sucking the blood of the poor people by discriminating against the laborers.

97. The attitude of the political leader is not good and also not the right vision and the right though for the development of the country and the Nepalese.

98. The personal income and expenditure depend upon the sources of income that comes from the job. But here in Nepal, there is very difficult to get a job. If you are talent then you can self-create the job and announce the vacancy.

99. I think from every home one youth has gone abroad for earning the money. It’s because not getting a job in their own country.

100. Nepal entered into an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation (all in credit method) with 10 countries (PSRD) since 1987. Similarly, it has an Investment protection agreement with 5 countries (PSRD) since 1983.

Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah