12. The Nepalese spend their life by doing agriculture and rest by shopping and going abroad.

doko bhariya labour nepali boy profession agriculture

a Nepali farmer boy carrying DOKO

13. The government of Nepal is taking the resistance and moving the tools and techniques of development due to the Remittance.

14. A person gets happy if they get the desired things but the person of Nepal are not happy because there is a problem of load shedding and much more the need thing.

15. The life of Nepalese is much more struggling as they struggle from the electricity, drinking water, and transportation facilities.

16. There are millions of Nepalese who are unconnected with the service of transportation, drinking water.

17. They have obligation to drink the impure water which comes from the mountain as spring.

18. But that is also not available easily, the hard work of getting the drinking water is like getting the world cup in the foreign country.

19. They travel even the long distance to bring the water and they are spending their life in happy and sadly way. The hurts are much more which can’t be counted on the hands but there are limitations of happiness.

20. We can also touch the topics of the Nepalese living style which is very different from the world. There are many choices of wearing of dresses which are the person desire. The person is moving according to change of time and the fashion.

100 Important Information About Nepal

21. The person demand changes according to the present fashion. Besides, the people of Nepal are not the same due to different cultures. As they live in the eastern culture.

tharu culture picture Nepal

tharu people

22. Mostly the people of Nepal are living in a cultural way. The value of the people body and the value of the cultural determines the person thought.