90. As the development of banking sector, many of the youth have got the job and they have also started the new and energetic life.

91. There are 28 ‘’A’’ grade bank and 75 ‘’B’’ grade and 89 ‘’C’’ grade bank and 22 ‘’D’’ grade bank. If the infrastructures of the country develop then only the people economy will increase.

92. It is also the dependency situation which arises the questions that how the country economy improve. The ratios of the increasing economy go falling due to the political instability.

100 Important Information About Nepal

93. The Nepal Rastra Bank have permitted the many laws over the bank it is because the increase of the banking sector will provide the loan in less interest rate which increases the person savings.

94. The country has, however, made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950s and opened the country to economic liberalization leading to economic growth and improvement in living standards than compared to the past.

a women in madhesh terai Nepal

a women in madhesh terai Nepal

95. The person identity is related to the country identity. If the country is developed and powerful then the people of that country are automatically called the powerful. The Nepal is greater and developed in the natural and tourism sector.

96. The conditions of Nepal is going bad day by day. It’s because there is no maintenance of the government rule. All the rich person are sucking the blood of the poor people by discriminating the labors.

97. The attitude of the political leader is not good and also not the right vision and the right though for the development of the country and the Nepalese.

98. The person income and expenditure depend upon the sources of income which comes from the job. But here in Nepal, there is very difficult to get a job. If you are talent then you can self-create the job and announce the vacancy.

99. I think from every home one youth has gone abroad for the earning the money. It’s because not getting the job in their own country.

100. Nepal entered into an agreement for avoidance of double taxation (all in credit method) with 10 countries (PSRD) since 1987. Similarly, it has Investment protection agreement with 5 countries (PSRD) since 1983.

Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah