The Nepal is not small on the subjects of culture, traditions and much more in natural enrichment. Nepal has its own importance and the great identity on the eye of the world. The world better knows the Nepal because of the present of the world highest Mount Everest. The high altitude of pride makes the country and the man both prideful. All the development and the tourism sector are increasing their development. Nepalese are respected all over the world due to their good and sweet behavior.

The person identity also remains where they belong to. The country gives the identity of the person. If the identity of the country is not good then the people of that country will be also dominated all over the world by the people. The great Nepal is rich in the culture, tradition and in the sector of tourism. People of Nepal are very honest in nature as they are the behavior person. Mostly the Nepal is increasing their investment in the sector of tourism and nowadays in infrastructure.

100 Important Information About Nepal

Let’s know the hundred information about Nepal.

Zip Flying in Pokhara Nepal

Zip Flying in Pokhara Nepal

1. The Nepal is back in infrastructure development but ahead in the tourism sector.

2. The tourist place investigator organization of U.K. ROUGH GUIDES have listed the Nepal in the first number for the best tourist destination in the world in 2016.

3. This shows that the Nepal is richer in the development of tourism. Chitwan National Park is the world famous park of Nepal even the famous is in the world.

4. The great national park is the identity of Nepal which have the many natural enrichment and the different characteristics.

Doing exercise, yoga and meditation in Himalayas Nepal

Doing exercise, yoga and meditation in Lap of Himalayas Nepal

5. And the many sectors like in the subject of cultures also Nepal is rich in it. Nepalese handicraft and the stone figures are famous in the world.

6. Nepal is rich in making the new and designable Murti of stone and wood which reflect the culture of Nepal. The Nepalese culture is famous in the world because the Nepalese traditions are different from the European and American culture.

Nepalese cultural dress mother daughter

Mother and Daughter in cultural dress

7. Nepal has many extra services which is making the country famous. The traditional fact and figures, celebrations of the festival, dress culture etc determine the price of Nepal which is priceless. The Nepal government is investing the huge amount in the field of tourism, and technology development.

8. Making the Nepal will make the Nepalese also large. The development starts in slow ratio process in fast speed. Something is going in the Nepal. Due to the change of government in Nepal, the plan and policy go also change.

development of nepal

for the development of nepal

9. The next government will implement another policy. So it’s also the major problems of Nepal and the least investment of foreign company.

10. There is very few company established in Nepal because they don’t want invest due to the change of government having not the fixed rule and regulation for a long time.

100 Important Information About Nepal

11. The present situation of the country is not good due to non-implementations of the constitution.