Can Indian Go, Visit and Travel to Nepal Without a Passport


Can Indian Go, Visit and Travel to Nepal Without a Passport?

Can Indian go to Nepal have the answer in yes replying, because there are open border services operated for twenty-four hours. There is no need for a passport and another document which is required for improvement. This is the governmental agreement between the Nepal and India. The government of India has made the services and given the benefit for the both country for movement of person or visitor. Mainly, the visitor from India is religious devotee who comes to Nepal for seeing the religious places and crafts outer too.

Secondly, the Indian come to spend their holiday after boring of life. The life needs some fun and some corn. The man is barking without getting the hope and environment of crunching the enjoying in the open atmosphere. Everybody wants to take the photos of beach to teach their friends and eternity for making the gradual screening. The literacy of India is very high so it’s the benefit and affordable for all Indian to make their long or short trip to Nepal.

Can Indian Go, Visit and Travel to Nepal Without a Passport
From India to Nepal

The language also supports them and make no any problem.the conductive and inductive atmosphere w ill large their wildness in the mid of beautiful dance and drama.  Person who did not know about Nepalese taste will surely regret and if they want to taste it then they have to once make the plane trip to Nepal by managing all their daily works that make them busy and disturbance mostly, person get d disturbed by their home and relatives problem  diminish the emotion and eager of the tourist. They become the ice cream melted by lying the sunlight in the sunny day. If they become the man of actuality and wants to run not creep, have to make their plan and strategy earlier prepared and managed in systematic titles. There are many diagrams that should get color after making the visit to Nepal.

Many Indian who have the passion and want to see the Nepal with their own naked eyes have the verified and interesting chance to make the dance. It is the opportunity that is not achieved by another citizen of the country. Due to the joining and connection of border and friendship relationship with each other have made the track of coming and going cleared and non-blocked. Otherwise, there is not permission of any people to come to Nepal without the passport.

Passport holder is more respected and legalized to make the journey and tour in Nepal fearlessly. The checking and making the journey disturbance some make want to play with fire. And sometimes get burn with that played fire. It’s very bad that the goodness is not achieved by the bad doer. The criminal mentality ca hamper the environment and make the environment rudder and opened. The environment of India has made and erected the tallest fenced walls that have blocked the attacker and criminal that want to enter in India.the entire nation has the responsible being their nationality.


Because their nationality makes them their colorful and provides the man and person of expectation.  India is not the small country but also there are many people who want to make the visit to Nepal.  Many unknown and uneducated person asked the elders can Indian go to Nepal without the passport.   However, that make understood them now because the open border has no any intervention for traveling to Nepal. Nepal is also n one for the recognized and apex country making the self-position and respect and diagram in the mind of the world. The Triangular flag and many mountains have glorified the nation and nationality by the prestigious post.

The country has adopted the high class respect and achievement provided by the tourist after the visiting to Nepal. Nepal is not the country having the crime, it’s peaceful because the message of peace had spread from the Nepalese crux. Nepal is the hub which makes the broadcasting to the world with the actuality and to reality description of the subject for its expansion and recognition.


Places to visit see Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra temple in Saptari, Nepal
In Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra temple in Saptari, Nepal

Indian have many confusion and many questions even now related to passport and citizenship. They may ask about the citizenship too which is necessary or not which is compulsory or not.  Can Indian go to Nepal without the passport is now practical proven as the many people travel to Nepal every day? The large crowd in Pashupatinath focus the tourism of India.

There is large contribution of increasing the foreign currency of Nepal in the sector of the tourism sector.  The person mostly used to discuss the Indian can go to Nepal without a passport with themselves but they don’t get the right description of the asked question and canceled their plans/. But now, due to available for media and newspaper, and many other aspects and tools, it has made the person works and problem division and easiness to bear and prepare it.

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Can Indian Go, Visit and Travel to Nepal Without a Passport?


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