14 Indian Actress of TV Serial Who Smoke in Their Real Life – You Won’t Believe

Top 14 Indian Actress of TV Serial Who Smoke in Their Real Life – You Won’t Believe

Indian TV Serial Actresses: This is a world of name and fame. So people always try to become famous successful and ahead of other. So in the race of being successful and famous people do whatever they can to it. May due to this the person who is in this field is into drugs alcohol and cigarette. It may be due to work stress or maybe the broken family status or also may be the broken relationship.here are the top 10 Indian tv serial actress who smokes in their real life.

Smoking is injurious to health

The heart master healing center encouraging not smoking as smoking is one reason for coronary illness out of other numerous causes. Doctor’s facilities are telling that on the off chance that anyone is coming to at 60th birthday celebration; he should experience heart check-up. Around 80 percent of lung disease cases are a result of smoking. It is general information. Cigarette makes aggravation lungs and furthermore causes overproduction of bodily fluid in lungs. This causes hack issue in smoker’s lungs. The profundity of expansiveness diminishes. This leads to different issues in the body. Along these lines, I prescribe not devastating your wellbeing by smoking. Be someone who is addicted to God talented eatables not be a junkie of artificial damaging toxins.

It is a substantiates reality to consider that smoking has an adverse effect on our wellbeing. Considering this, there are a few examiners who hold an assessment that the smoking ought to be prohibited totally. While others consider that smoking ought not to be band totally. This exposition will attest the two sides of the disputes previously finding a sensible conclusion.

There is a figure where contention support of prohibiting the utilization of smoking could be bolstered. As a matter of first importance, medical problems could be a noteworthy factor. It is, for the most part, observed that smoking may contrast a few dangerous illnesses. For instance lung tumors, mouth disease and so forth. The reality could be exhibited by late led overview in Australia has discovered that 85% of smokers were contracted issues of lung tumors. There are a few gatherings who are in support of not restricting smoking totally, despite sees talked about above with respect to disallowing smoke totally. Unwinding could be a significant explanation for the adversary’s perspective. It might be characterized with respect to individuals who smoke, it is the most ideal route for them to get unwind for their pressure. As per the current measurement on the planet has discovered over 60% of them who smoked to alleviate their family stretch.

The smoking has such a significant number of negative impacts that there is no twofold it is a revile for the human development. It not just damages the individual who smokes; rather it makes significant issues the detached smokers. The wellbeing risks of smoking are boundless and in this manner, each exertion ought to be taken from a person to very it promptly and the specialist ought to force confinements of creating, offering and obtaining of cigarettes.

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Smokings is real wellbeing hazard, yet at the same time, individuals give distinctive explanations behind smoking the vast majority of these legitimizations are not extremely sensible. Smoking is, for the most part, begins at youthful age since adolescents feel that in the event that they begin smoking they will be considered as develop, obviously they are incorrect and causing genuine wellbeing hazard for themselves. Smoking by numerous is an approach to unwind, yet it accompanies more noteworthy wellbeing hazard for harming the mind. Smoking is unfortunate propensity along these lines it ought to be stopped by individuals, the smoker doesn’t hazard their lives, however, lives of other which breath in the smoke (Greaves, 2002).

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Even though, some of the celebrities use to smoke. Here is the name list of some Indian actress of TV serial who smokes in their real life.

14 Indian Actress of TV Serial Who Smoke in Their Real Life – You Won’t Believe

1. Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna was the one who born in a Gujarati family on December 21, 1984. She completed her studies in Sydenham College, Mumbai and dependable sought to get into the acting industry. She gave her tryouts for the role of Indu for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi… Furthermore, from that time onward she is getting a charge out of achievement in her profession. She influenced her Bollywood to make a big appearance with Dosti: Friends Forever which featured popular actors, Bobby Deol and Akshay Kumar.

Karishma Tanna

Karishma has done numerous ads and commercials for famous brands such as Nirma, Lifebuoy, Stayfree, and others. She has acted as the lead character in the serial named, Kahin To Milenge. At the point, she additionally showed up on another day by day cleanser Koi Dil Mein Hain. She took an interest in arrange based drama TV arrangement Comedy Circus season 1. She has additionally acted in SAB TV’s Baal Veer, also played the part of Rani Pari. Karishma appeared on a celebrity reality TV show called Bigg Boss 8. And she became the first runner-up in the show.

Karishma Tanna is an Indian tv actress who was famous for the serial like Kyun ki saas bi Kabhi bauh the ek yoddha etc. she also took part in reality shows like Bigg Boss season 8(2014) and jhalak dikhla ja. She was in a relationship with open Patel and were dating each other since big boss split up in 2016. According to the one of her co-worker this Bollywood, tv actress has the habit of smoking and always carry a packet of cigarette in her bag. Karishma Tanna enjoying seasha during her vacation.


2.Tanisha Mukherjee

She is a Bengali who born from the actress Tanuja and her dad was Shomu Mukherjee. She has filled in as VJ on channel V before turning into the actress in film industry. Aside from the Hindi films, she has worked in the Telugu and Tamil movies as well. She has additionally tied down for the show BPL Oye. Her first Hindi film was Shsssss. Tanisha Mukherjee got the distinction from her motion picture Neal and Nikki that released in the year 2006. Her co-star was Uday Chopra and the motion picture was Yash Chopra standard. Before getting to be an on-screen acting artist, she was VJ for direct V in the year 1995.

She likewise turned out to be a piece of Sarkar that had Amitabh Bachchan. She had additionally done a Tamil motion picture Unnale. She additionally got assigned for Vijay grants for this motion picture. She’s done some different films like Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao, Tango Charlie and so on.

Tanisha mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee the Bollywood tv actress was born on 3rd March 1978. She is the younger sister of famous Bollywood actress Kajol Mukherjee and sister in law of Ajay Devgan. She started her career in Bollywood by participating, in reality, show Bigg boss 7 and stood up as the first runner-up on it. She also took part in several other shows. As the actress is half Bengali and half Marathi, she also played Tamil and Telugu. This actress who was the contestant of Bigg boss was in news due to her smoking habit. Tanisha has been stress out a lot as a result of which she was caught smoking in the house of bigg boss and seen with a packet of cigarette on her hand. She was not being successful in her career as a result of which she started smoking. Due to frustration and disappointment, she got into the habit of smoking.

3. Kamya Punjabi

Kamya Punjabi is the Indian tv actress who was born on 13 August 1979 in Mumbai, India. Punjabi has acted negative parts in the tv serials such as Reth, Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Amber Dhara and Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann. For these roles and parts, she has won honor for Best Actor in a Negative Role. Aside from the dim parts, she has likewise played positive characters in Piya Ka Ghar as Simran, Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak and Kyun Hota Hai Pyaar. She adores to parade nose studs and has an interest in nose rings and has an accumulation of more than 500 of them.

Aside from the dim parts, she has likewise played positive characters in Piya Ka Ghar as Simran, Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak and Kyun Hota Hai Pyaar.  She has done acting on a few minor parts in the movies like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and some more. She is featured in a music video “Mehndi” and was likewise a piece of “Kala Shah Kala” music video by Anamika.

Kamya Panjabi

Kamya Punjabi is a model who has played a side role in many Bollywood movies. But she becomes successful on the small screen. She has picked up acknowledgment in the Hindi movies and serials, as well as in Telugu motion pictures. She has done lots of serial and reality shows on the small screen. She has also done stand up comedy shows and a famous reality shows big boss. As Punjab was married and had a daughter, but their marriage life couldn’t run smoothly so filed up for divorce and the split up soon.  Kamya Punjabi is a successful tv actress who plays the role of the negative character or a vamp. The successful actress started her modeling career 21 years ago. Due to broken relationship and divorce, she started smoking. As for the source, she smokes on the regular basis and asks for the cigarette while she was in the house of bigg boss.

 4. Kishwar Merchant

Kishwar Merchant is found in maker Rashmi Sharma’s doctor’s facility dramatization Savitri Devi College Aur Hospital. It follows the voyage of a young medicinal understudy Saachi Mishra (Swardha Thigale) who means to satisfy her mom Jaya’s (real name, Shilpa Shirodkar) dream and vision of turning into a specialist/doctor. Kishwer assumes the part of Neeta Malhotra in the series. Her performing capacities alongside her dominion work in several TV serials have made her to a great degree famous in the very business.

She is not only an extraordinary individual but rather, what’s more, a phenomenal entertainer. She’s additionally done some different serials like Miley Jab Hum Tum, Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat Detective Karan, Rihaee, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Kayamat, Babul Ki Duwayen Leti Jaa, Kishwar Merchant charmed the group for the first run through together with the character of a medico in the most loved Sony show ‘Dhadkan’. Kishwar showed up in a Hindi play ‘Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar’.


Kishwar Merchant

Kishwer Merchant made her acting debut with a small role. Her outstanding part was in Zee TV’s popular series called as Hip Hip Hurray in the year 1998. Kishwer has also worked in few other Indian tv serials. The name of the tv serials that she has a role in is Miley Jab Hum Tum, Detective Karan, Rihaee, Kasautii Zindagi Kay, Kayamat, Babul Ki Duwayein Leti Jaa, Kya Haadsa Kya Haqueeqat. She has also appeared as a Serial Actress in a Hindi play named ‘Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar’ by Paritosh Painter. Kishwar merchant was born in Mumbai and was raised there. She started her Bollywood career in 1997 with the tv show shakti man. Since then she has done lots of drama reality shows and serials like hip hip hurray mile jab hum tum, Ek Hasina Thi etc. in 2010 she started dating co-actor Suyyash Rai. both the couple entered in the reality show Bigg Boss 9 (2015). The actress also takes smoking as fun and continue smoking to date.

5. Shweta Basu Prasad

Shweta Basu Prasad part as Khadija in the movie known as Iqbal was widely respected and gotten her few honors along with the Best Supporting Actress Award at the fifth Karachi International Film Festival. Shweta is as of now found in the authentic TV serial ‘Chandra Nandini’. Shweta Basu Prasad was influenced by her introduction to TV to indicate Kutumb. She considered Commerce in R. N. Podar High School in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. Basu in her surname is taken from her mom’s birth name and Prasad is taken from her dad name. Be that as it may, her screen name is Shweta Basu. Shweta Basu influenced her Telugu to make a big appearance in the film Kotha Bangaru Lokam, and that was a business achievement. Later we have seen her in Kasko, Kalavar King, Priyudu and Nuvvekaddunte Nenakkadunta.  Shweta Basu was captured in 2014 amid a Hyderabad police strike.

Shweta Basu Prasad

As the smoking is taken as a fun and a part of luxurious lifestyle most o the celebrities start smoking as their habit. There is another tv actress who enjoys smoking. Shweta Basu Prasad is an actress who was born on January 11, 1991, in Jamshedpur, Bihar.

The actress started her career as a child actress in the Bollywood industry and becomes very successful in her career. Shweta has also won the award for the acting as a child actress in the movies which she has done since 2002. Since then the actress became very successful in her career. The actress also takes smoking as a fun and is caught many times smoking in different places.

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