The Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Death With Mysterious Story


The Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Death: – Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case is getting more complicated. His body was found hanging on his own floor two weeks ago. Many have stopped believing the “fact” that Sushant committed suicide due to depression.

According to the Indian media, he had been taking depression medication for a year on the advice of a psychiatrist. However, they have not been able to provide concrete evidence to corroborate this claim.

The Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Death With Mysterious Story

There have been reports in some media that the police did not find the doctor’s prescription while searching Sushant’s apartment. No suicide note was found with Sushant.

The incident took place on June 14. At 10 o’clock in the morning, Sushant had a phone conversation with his sister. At 10:30 he left his room and drank cold juice.

Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Death
Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajput

At the time, there were four people in his apartment, including two cooks, a housekeeper, and a friend. After Sushant didn’t come out for a long time, there was a knock on the door around 12:30. No movement was heard. Then the mechanic was called to make the duplicate a reality.

The door opened after Mistry made it happen. Inside, Sushant was hanging on a fan. Trapped in his own sheet, everyone tore him down. Only then did the police receive the news. He was rushed to a hospital. However, there was no life left in his body when he was rushed to the hospital.

The police immediately called him suicide. The post mortem report also claims that Sushant committed suicide. However, his family and close acquaintances did not believe him.


They demand the CBI investigate the incident and reveal the facts. Mumbai police are currently investigating. Contradictory reports are coming in the Indian media in this case. The interpretation of the mainstream media and small media (including YouTube channels) is very different.

The mainstream media has simplified the incident by saying that Sushant committed suicide due to depression. However, small media have considered the incident suspicious.

Some have even claimed that there were murders. The general opinion of Indians on social networks is that this is not a normal suicide.

The last time Sushant was plagued by two things, the first race, and the second love. He couldn’t reach the heights he was thinking about, but he was being tricked into love.

Watch here one of the most popular YouTube video dedicated to Sushant Singh Rajput unnatural death.

Fighting on television, Sushant entered the big screen in 2013. Sushant was considered a long racehorse due to his good looks and good acting. From the first movie ‘Kai Po Che’, Sushant managed to get a lot of praise. The film was also a box office success. In general, he is not a failure.

His followers were very good. However, Sushant’s career chart did not increase. He was a victim of nepotism in Bollywood. Despite being talented and hardworking, nepotism was holding him back.


After the first film became a success, many production companies showed interest in Sushant. Among them, Yash raj Films signed him for three films. Sushant signed an agreement not to work on other projects until those films are finished. This deal became a bottleneck for him.

Mahesh has been close to Riya, a 40-year-old girl, for three years. Two years ago, Riya posted intimate photos with Mahesh on her Instagram account. In the headline, she wrote: “Mi Viejo” (my old man).

These photos and captions were very popular on social media. Mahesh Bhatt then explained that Riya was like her daughter. Although the images clearly show that there is an illegitimate relationship between them. These are the images that have now gone viral.

Rhea deleted these photos from her account. Riya also had a parallel romance with Mahesh. Sushant knew his relationship with Mahesh and could not leave him. Sushant and Riya have been living together for three months. Riya lived in Sushant’s apartment in Bandra.

Sushant not only gave Riya her heart and soul but also allowed her to rule over material possessions. Sushant had opened three companies in different areas, two of which had Riya as director.

Although Riya did not invest a single rupee in any of the companies. She also gave Riya’s brother important responsibilities to the company. Sushant’s family was dissatisfied with him.

A few days before Sushant committed suicide, Riya had left Sushant’s home in Bandra. She also removed all images with Sushant from social media. It was Mahesh Bhatt who pressed her to separate from Sushant. However, Sushant was unable to get Riya out of his head.

According to police investigations, Sushant made the last call to Riya before committing suicide. However, Riya did not receive the call. Police said Riya had planned to go to her home the same day but had not come. Sushant was taken to the hospital after being found hanged.

After Riya received the news, he ran to the hospital. There Sushant’s relatives attacked him. Riya had been warned not to go to Sushant’s funeral. So, Rhea did not attend the funeral. During the investigation of the incident, the police received an 11-hour statement from Riya.

On the other hand, a case against Riya was presented in court in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. A case filed by a Sushant fan accused him of inciting suicide. From the outside, Bollywood is brilliant without Indian movies.

But the inner story is different. Even without the second-biggest movie in the world, Bollywood is in the hands of some large families. In addition to these families, struggling artists are treated as a second class.


You have to face many obstacles. Sushant’s suicide has exposed this dark side of Bollywood. There has been a lot of debate about family cannabis in Bollywood. Star kids (sons of famous actors) don’t have to fight to establish themselves in the movie.

Before making his film debut, the media made him a star. Even if the film constantly fails, their discussion does not diminish.

Those who come from small towns that have nothing to do with the star family can’t even audition for the film easily. Even after receiving the film, the media does not give them space.

You have to prove yourself in every movie. When a film fails, the question of career arises. The question posed by Indians on social media about Sushant’s suicide was irrelevant. Instead, they tried to fix some of the problems.

These media continue to hide the matter between Mahesh Bhatt and Riya Chakraborty under the rug. Even Bollywood celebrities have not insisted on an effective investigation into her suicide.

Instead, they seem ready to speak of Sushant as mentally ill. The incident is likely to be repressed, as happened seven years ago when Jian Khan committed suicide.

Therefore, it cannot be said that other artists will not follow Sushant’s path tomorrow.

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