List of 10 Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism

get information about incarnation of lord Vishnu. We have posted here list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu, one of the equals of the Hindu Triad is best known as the god of preservation. His origin goes way back to the Vedic period. He is identified with Narayana, the Lord of waters, the first Supreme Being, the original source of life. get ideas and information about incarnation of lord Vishnu in Hinduism .

Vishnudharma purana (old Hindu Text) depicts Vishnu as the great upholder of Dharma and Preserver. As a matter of fact his main duty is to protect the world and always keep it in order. Geeta is so right when it says:

“Whenever Lord Vishnu sees that Dharma is de­clining, the innocent and unable souls are suffering he appears with all the mights and means needed to do the needful.”

This is what the incarnation theory of Vishnu is all about. Here is a brief introduction of Vishnu’s ten different incarnations.

  1. Matsya – the fish

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Matsya Avtar is the first avtar of lord Vishnu. Vishnu as the fish-incarnate saved manu – symbolic of the first founder of human civilization from the most terrifying flood said to have been caused by Hayagriva, the most cold blooded sea monster who was dwelling deep down the ocean with innumerable fierce marine animals of various shape and size.

  1. Kachhaya or Kurma—the turtle

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Matsya Avtar is the second avtar of lord Vishnu. When Vishnu as the great guardian of the universe saw that the mother earth was very badly weighed down with the sins of devil beings or Danavas and sunken deep down the vast sea – he soon assumed the form of a giant tortoise, dived deep into the sea and quickly raised the earth on his back to everybody’s great relief.

List of 10 Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  1. Varaha—the boar

list of 10 Iincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Varaha Avtar is the third Iincarnation of lord Vishnu. Vishnu as the boar-incarnate did almost the same job as he did in his previous tortoise form. This time a demon named Hiranyakashapu purposely drowned the earth into the sea. No sooner Vishnu heard about this than he rushed to rescue her (the earth). In order to accomplish this task he took the form of an enourmous boar, plunged into the water and immediately killed the demon. Then to the relief of all those watching he came above the surface of water by raising the mother earth on his strong tusk.

  1. Narasinha : the half human and half lion

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Narasinha Avtar is the fourth incarnation of lord Vishnu. Vishnu in this avatara (incarnation) killed the demon Hiranyakashyapu, by tearing open his stomach for his most unpardonable attempt he made on the life of his own innocent son Prahlada, the most sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu.

  1. Vaman: dwarf Brahman

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Vaman Avtar is the fifth incarnation of lord Vishnu. Vishnu in this avatara measured the entire universe by his three steps and reclaimed the earth from the demon King Mahabali. When Vishnu heard that Bali was giv­ing away many valuable things to Brahmans by dis­guising himself in a dwarf Brahman form he walked out and approached Bali and asked him if he could give him a piece of land that his three steps could measure. No sooner Bali okayed his request than the dwarf suddenly rose into the sky and started moving his step. The first step he moved covered the entire earth; the second step he moved covered the whole sky and the third step he moved covered the entire underworld from where Bali orginally came. This is the adventurous act he per­formed as the dwarf incarnate.

  1. Parashurama: the heroic Brahmin with militant personality

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parshrama Avtar is the sixth incarnation of lord Vishnu. He, in arts, is usually shown with the axe in his right hand and bow in his lefts. Vishnu, with this incarnation is believed to have annihilated all the Kshatriyas (war­rior class) in the battle 22 times successively in total. However, very few in Nepal seem to worship this form of Vishnu.

  1. Rama: the highly perfected man-god

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ram Avtar is the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu.  Rama is best known as the ideal king who had always ruled the people through people. Vishnu as Rama—in­carnate, the youthful prince of Auodhya killed the demon king Rawana who kidnapped Sita, the most faithful wife of Rama.

  1. Krishna : the all blue

list of 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna Avtar is the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu. Krishna is one of the most widely worshipped incarna­tions of Vishnu. The life history of Krishna is full of many fascinating stories. Krishna even when he was a small boy killed the ogress Putna when she tried to murder Krishna by breastfeeding him with the poi­soned milk. Likewise he subdued the most fatal cobra king Kaliya and so on and so forth. Krishna symbolises many beautiful human values and visions all rolled into one. So he is god in man and an unparalled leader, most readily available to one and all whenever he is wanted.

  1. Buddha : the supreme teacher

The ninth incarnation of Vishnu came into being some five hundred and thirty five years before Christ. This supreme teacher of tremendous spiritual vision signifi­cantly enough symbolises the most distinctive light of divine knowledge and peace for all on the earth. So he is always regarded as the great knowledge-incarnate born to guide the misguided souls to the right direction. Lumbini—where Buddha was born—is in Nepal. This holy place of pilgrimage to the Nepalese reflects many great teachings of Buddha. Lumbini in fact has always inspired people to love one another and live in peace.

Buddha has always put his trust in mankind and acted accordingly: Divinity for him always begins with humanity. So humanity is what he has always empha­sized in his teachings. He is said to have taught that the world has no creator. Hence no so-called supreme gods such as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva either. They are all man-made, not the eternal beings. For Buddha there is no greater deity than the duty to perform for the sake of humanity.

Practically speaking Buddha is none other than the personification of compassion and non-violence. These are two main virtues on which the central theme of his teachings are based. As a great master of yoga—peace through meditation and mutual understanding is and has always been his chief concern. So even to this day he is rightly regarded as the apostle of peace and a compa­sionate divine soul always ready to help the helpless and do good for all.

10. Kalki

Kalki is the last incarnation of Vishnu. He has not come yet but as many believe he is already on the way. However, he is believed to appear only at the close of Kaliyuga—the present age. No sooner he will have his foot set on the earth than the entire social and spiritual life of mankind will have hopelessly degenerated to their lowest point. Power-mad sovereigns will be bound to set the tone for their final decline. However they will be so mean-minded and materialistic that they won’t spare any effort to take the maximum benefit from their power and position. They will kill their subjects and many in the neighbourhood will follow the same. Re­spect for the seniors and love for the destitute will be a thing too difficult to find. Faith and feelings will not count. Truth and beauty will remain most neglected. Blind imitation and lousy fashions will take over the fine cultural taste. Pedantry will push the ideal learning away. Brahmans will have nothing very spiritual to pride but their sacred thread (sign of their superiority). The average life-span of man will be only 20 to 23 years. Even the sophisticated people will revert to an animal existence, wearing nothing but the bark of trees and living in most cases on raw foods as some primitive people in many parts of the world do to this day.

At this utmost point of human degradation Vishnu in Kalki incarnation will appear. Seated on the back of a very spirited white horse and a long blazing sword drawn in his hand he will move fast through the entire world until he will destroy the Kaliyuga and all those too demonic to save.