Importance Of Water Resources in Human Life – 6 Major Points

Importance of water resources: – LIFE  needs some liquid to run the system of body parts. The man and the environment are equally depended upon each other, both are surviving with the help of each other. A person has many sources but not the unlimited sources to adopt it.

Moreover, the environment and other living beings are also surviving with the help of water and they don’t adjust their feeling and maintain their body temperature as well as body growth.

Person of the world has started their campaign to save the water with the slogan and announcement of ‘’save water save earth’’. This is the fact that the earth third fourth of part is covered by the water but also there rises a crisis of water and dies many people due to the scarcity of water. Water has taken place almost full part of the body and life, which directly modify the body and body figure.

The body and parts of the body can only take growth if there is a proper supply of water with purity and if there become scarce of water may make you the victims of any disease. Similarly, the environment excluding the human beings are also the dependent factors which cannot grow without the presence or touch of water.

They have to prepare their food with help of sunlight and water. We can mainly see in our home and garden the plant dies if the plant is unreach of sunlight and the water is not supplied in timely proportion.

So the water plays the comfortable and settlement role for the growth of creatures, survives of living beings and colorings of the diagram. Let’s discuss more of the importance of water by following:

Importance of water resources

  1. Afforestation:

This is the most acting works and compulsory too for the existence of the earth. As there come different programs by the government to plant the tree for the providence of getting pure oxygen. It is one of the living roles which everybody has to take part in this social and socialistic work.


People contribution in any social works are remaining for the long even after passing.  To plant the tree is planting the oxygen cylinder and expanding the age of the people long. The plant is the unlimited sources of oxygen which we take for survive.

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So the afforestation the tree also needs water for plantation and growth. The growth of the tree can be only possible if there is a timely supply of water and different needed sources.

Man is only the helping factors to accelerate the character for some period of time not for the long period. But it happens conventionally man is the only mobilized and sensitive creatures which help other creatures to live or not. To plant tree needs water is also the importance of water.

save environment nature globe world earth

Save Environment

In conclusion, we can say that the water is the emergency elements to give them life or not to the plants or to the people both of them.  The better supply of water in the plant gets better growth and gives also better fruits and not supplement of water gives you the spoilt fruits or also one mistake that id no supplement of water will water on your very hard work of afforestation.

  1. Construction:

Every creature seeks their house for shelter and good life, that makes them work hard. It’s also the similar story of human beings who devoted their lives to collect and earn the money for the construction of building or home. Man is born to earn the money and collect the property by which they can live the happy life with the comfortable placement. The people need the roof on the above head to make safe of the body from the rain continuing outside.

However, a person is always trying to achieve better and better ground to saw his game to the world and crowd. So they earn and make the home or building which seeks the great portion of water to prepared or construct. It is also of different types which determines the need for a quantity of water in the ration to construct the home.

The main target of the people is to construct the home of pillar and bricks permanently that requires a huge amount of water for construction but for the construction of village home that is of sand and other elements need less in comparison to brick made a home for construction.

The house will not be solid and cemented in absence of water and it can’t be completed too. So the better formation and better construction with the motive of longtime manufacture, there is a need of high amount of water which also signifies the importance of water.   In context to animals, they also construct and made the home but mostly they live in auto made a den or in the dense, also need water to survive anyway.

  1. Party and program:

The daily spending of life also sometimes demands new with the colorful wave and rapture to capture the colorful image. The picture and movies of life should include every taste which makes the life super hit and remindable. There come many celebration occasion and many festival time to time, demands and pull you to enjoy and celebrate with unlimited energy and cry along with the crowd too.

So make the party and different functional also needs water to make and converts the whiteness into colorful adding different symmetrical version and installing different musical software.

The party and programs have many functions and have to also maintain and make readiness of all the corners and features ready for the motion of the program to increase the taste and flavor of the function. To make the party completion with peaceful and joyful, there is most need of water to make the start and end. Water distribution makes the people control their meaningless emotion to come out.


The cool mind makes the environment cool too and for the cool environment, there is a need of cool water.  Related to the party, there is most need of water for making and celebrating the party with unlimited courage. Party has many auspicious specifications which can’t be controlled by any one intervention.

There is organizing of different peaceful programs where there is kept water for maintaining the peace and silences that uplifts the available people thinking and acting sensitively.   So for the organization of party and programs also there occupies most role by the water which highlights their importance.

  1. Environmental cycle:

The god has made everything in the actual portion for the existence and survive. The world and earth is the great space for the existence of the creatures. There live uncountable birds animals and many other living beings insects so on.

Person of today have a great responsibility to save the creatures or let them die. The question can be asked with everyone for the right answer publication as it is the great marks.

The creatures of today are going to decline day by day due to the absence and scarcity of water in their daily life.  To make the body moveable and active, water is the primary element that should be gone in. but it is not being possible and also not seen possible due to the busy world.

Although, there are many national, international, awareness and educated people are spreading this message to people to people. But it is seen that that, the voice and message is only taken place in mind, not in the behaviors. A person is mostly busy in gaining their own goodwill and wealth or any income source.

The man has no boundary which can stop to do the bad works and illegal activities. So the theme talks about the need and importance of water in the life of a human as well as in the life of creatures.  A person can even live but creatures feel great difficulty to survive.


So the both human and creatures are depend upon each other. The different compost is manufactured or prepared by the wastes of a human being which become the food of different creatures.

The different creatures are surviving by taking the wastes of a person like a pig and other animals, they all are depended upon the men and men are depended upon the water. The man, animals, insects, birds, etc are directly or indirectly connected to water for surviving.

Camel is only the animal who can live without water for many days and lizard is also the insects which live without water, but if you clarify this event too then there is indirectly connection of water with the lizard.

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So all the amphibians, reptiles other terrestrial animal are depended upon the water for the survive. A person is also dependable factors of water that is also the importance which is needful for surviving.

  1. The decoration of the home:

This is also the importance of water but it reflects the importance of outer fact and figures.  Home is the people representation icon which symbolizes the person personality and lifestyle along with attitude.

The rich person can’t live in a poor and sandy home whereas the poor people don’t live in a great apartment, there may be the affection of money or source of income. But you have to know one thing is to increase the person standard, the home modal and decoration is also the first part to improve and make shine.

The old wine in new bottle represents the new wine in new bottle, similarly, there should be the decoration of the home with a different color which needs water to the mixture and decorates. The decoration is only possible by the mixture of water and other needed substances. A person sees can imagine and evaluate by seeing the outer page describe the whole story of the books inside it.

So it’s also the necessary fact to make and design the diagram of the home with a beat mixture of water and other colors. To make the effect and animation in home decoration, there is a need for water in every steps and mixture for painting.

Home surface also requires some water for cleanliness. The home is only decorated after the cleaning with water, then after there is activated of another process that makes the design better and better.

The best and better formulae of designing the home with extraordinary images and enlightenment, there should be best activation of the artist which can make the color preparation by adding the actual proportion of water, that symbolizes the importance of water.

  1. Daily life necessities:

A person has to move on by contact with many corners and points which gives the benefit or not. The better lifestyles need a better supply of water. Water is surrounded all of our actions and activities. The people are touched with water almost in every action.

In our daily life, a person has to maintain their family as well as their own body structures fit able which increases their attraction and achievement. As our life makes us act as like the actor sometimes it makes you beggar while sometimes it makes you the owner. But you have to live your life as like the king wearing the invisible crown.

Life has many gaps which you have to fulfill with many pieces of the solution. The leakage of life may spoil you and make you as like the rotten apple that dominates your identity. Making the life movement in the law of polite and systematic policy, you have to adopt the use of water and know about the importance of water.

Water is like the clothes which are always with us and if it’s absence makes you fool and mad too. As we car connected to our daily life activities like cooking, bathing, toileting and many other needs water to fulfillment and held. The life of the person is like the water in the deeper pond where there is no one to bring you out from the water while you are sinking.

So it also rectifies the person attitude, mentality and behaviors related to the person and environment. Man can be categorized in different parts but there also occurs the needs of water. The personal life is surviving with the help of water. No water no life,  have made life affecting slogan for the moving forward to ensure the bright future by adapting the importance of water in life seriously.