Major Importance of Marketing to Consumer, Nation and Society

Major Importance of Marketing to Consumer, Nation, and Society

Here we have enlisted Major Importance of Marketing to Consumer, Nation, and Society. As we have already discussed the top 5 importance of marketing in the manufacturing or business firm. Now we are concentrating our mind on the importance of marketing to Consumer, Nation, and Society.

significance of Marketing to consumers

A consumer is an individual person who buys the products or any kinds of services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. A consumer is someone who makes the buying decision whether or not to buy an item at the store. The consumer is someone who can be influenced by marketing and advertisements.

Marketing is the process of communicating the value an of a product or service to consumers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. Marketing is the link between a society’s material requirements and its economic patterns of response.

Major 14 Significance of Marketing to Consumer

1. Provides information:

Marketing provides information about the product and services to the ultimate consumers. It is the primary objective of marketing. It helps to increase in the knowledge of product or services relating to their benefits and using techniques of them. Marketing provides information about how to get the product. Getting information by the marketing about the product, customers take advantage of them.

2. Provides satisfaction:

It provides satisfaction to the consumers by supplying information and goods and services according to their demand and taste. Thus, marketing helps to improve the quality of life for consumers. After getting detail information by the marketing about the product, consumers can take advantage of them in terms of satisfaction. Consumers feel satisfaction when they are full of information about any product.

3. New Product:

Marketing also provides about the knowledge of the new product and their benefits to the consumers. So they can take the benefits of those products using them.


4. Selection facility:

in today’s competitive business age, various producers produce different types of products of different varieties, designs, colors, and sizes. So marketing provides the selection facility to the consumer out of those products according to their price and quality.

5. The rise in the living standard:

Marketing helps to provide the right product to the consumer at right time by means of advertising publicity and sales promotion. So it helps to rise in the standard of living of customers.

6. Information about the new product:

Each and every day new products are launched and introduced. It is not possible for us to memorize and remember each of them their functions their price. Marketing here plus the vital role. There is various form.of marketing nowadays. Digital marketing is playing the major role. There are marketing in the media’s like TV and newspaper.

Thus any form of marketing provides the detailed information about the new relevant products including their price their functions the accessories they come with the guarantee that is being provided all. So we can filtrate the information and choose among the thousands of products.

7. Information about the existing products:

Marketing not only provide the information about the newly launched product, they also provide the information about the existing products. The things that we haven’t known about these products. In short, marketing is providing us the new information about the old products. We came to know what we were using and for what they should be used.

Their other advantages. For example, through the digital marketing, I came to know recently that Colgate toothpaste can be used for the removal of any kind of scars on the face. Similarly, banana peels which we used to throw can be used to shine our shoes. This is what the importance of marketing. The things we have been throwing away are more useful than the products we pay for the same usage.

8. Receiving the knowledge in the comfort of our own home:

Different forms of marketing like digital, media, door to door selling, are providing us the consumers to receive the knowledge just by sitting luxuriously at the comfort of our own home. We don’t have to travel and don’t he hard work to know about them. Marketing is doing the job for us. What more can anybody ask for?

9. Employment:

The field of marketing is also creating and providing thousands of jobs to the unemployed. The door to door salesman is the example. The salesman doesn’t need much education and experience. The only they should have is the method to sell more and more. For which there are given the commission in each sale, remuneration, fuel expense.

Similarly, the individual with higher qualification also can work in the field of marketing as the marketing head and managers. The computer personnel also are required and have been engaged in graphic marketing and digital marketing. So the marketing is generating much-needed employment for the youths.

10. Information about the grand offers and discount:

Many of us middle-class consumers wait for Dashain and Tihar or new year and Christmas to buy new products we need. Why? Because the company offers lots of discount and prizes at the time of festival celebration. The products which we couldn’t buy the other working days can be bought during the festival season. How we come to know about the big discount offers. The answer is simple through marketing. That’s why marketing is very important to us.

11. Competition and a healthy rivalry between the manufacturer:

The vast amount of marketing in an attractive way using the celebrities that we are a fan of are some of the specialized ways of marketing. The same product but of different brand and company are available in the market. We the consumers are also attracted towards the products which we see our favorite celebrity is using on the TV.

Or the product which is cheaper but qualitative. All these tricks of marketing are pushing the companies to produce high-quality products with less retail value. And to produce more and more high number of products which is helping to generate more jobs for the workers.

12. Consumers advantage:

As the companies fight with each other in producing more qualitative products and selling them at low price. So that they can increase the number of the customers, the most advantage anyone is getting are the consumers. We are benefitting. So thanks to the marketing.

13. Generating the numerous options:

The marketing has not only been revolving but it also is revolving the method of shopping for we the consumers. Now a day’s lots of options for shopping have been created. The online shopping is helping the consumer to shop for the necessary products at the ease of their homes. The payment options are also numerous, there’s cash on delivery, debit and credit cards, PayPal and many more. The time consuming and mind-eating bargaining can now be completely avoided. Similarly, the websites for the online shopping advertises the products new and old both.

14. Self-employment:

The youngsters who were once looking for the job are the ones who are creating these online shopping websites. There not only online shopping but the online booking of the tickets be it movie or bus or plane ticket. There is the online order of food and groceries. All these new creative technologies are the creation of the mind of new emerging talents. And the creator is the marketing.


Major 5 Importance of Marketing to the Society:

1. Means of employment:

Marketing is essential for providing increasing employment opportunities. It offers employment and income through continuous production. It offers employment to the large portion of the total production.
2. Increase in the standard of living:

Marketing has been given the responsibility and task of creating, raising and maintaining the living standard of the society. It emphasized to open customer oriental business.


3. Cheap goods:

Marketing activities help to provide cheap goods and services to the society because it maintains effective channels of distribution.

4. Creation utilities:

Marketing creates time, place and possession utilities. Transport crates place utility, storage crates time utility, promotional activities create information utility etc.

5. Satisfaction:

Marketing provides satisfaction to the society by supplying relevant information, goods, and services to the people of society according to their demand and taste.

Major Importance of Marketing to the nation:

Marketing is the advertisement of the products. It is the giving of the knowledge and information about the products to the consumers. The knowledge and information, however, have to be the accurate one. With the help of marketing, we the customers decide which to buy and which not to buy.

In short, marketing provides the recognition of the well-deserved products. Marketing is not only important to us the consumers but also to the nation any nation. Marketing has brought the revolution in the buying and selling the business. The same revolution is required for any nation to establish it’s identity and recognition.

Marketing is also required to uplift the economic status of the nation. The major importance of marketing to the nation are as follows:

1. Political peace:

Marketing provides the opportunity for employment and it helps increase the standard of living. Through marketing activities, people can easily get goods and services according to their demand. Hence it creates political peace in a country.

2. Economic development:

Marketing can bring about rapid development in under-developed or developing countries because it can initiate integration of agriculture and industry.

3. Economic Uplift:

Each and every nation has it’s own qualities and products. Like our, Nepal is famous for the tea in Ilam, pashmina, ginger and many more products. If all these products can be exported to other nations worldwide imagine economic Uplift Nepal could have. But for other nations to know that Nepal is rich in these unique and natural products marketing has to be done in aa adequate ways and in modern ways.

4. Employment:

The nation which has every youth employed that nation can never be backward. Nepal was struggling to provide the employment to its youths. But since the marketing has evolved the employment problem has found it’s solution. Most of the commoners and youths in Nepal are not that much educated because of the geographic difficulties of the country. Every field demands the qualified citizens for the job. But marketing is the only one which despite lower education is providing the chance f the employment to the people.

The door to door salesman has to be little educated. The only requirement is the ability to present the products in such a way that the customers become attracted to buy the product. The salesman is even given the commission for every sale they make. Even high degree holders are getting employment in the field of marketing as the manager and designer. The computer personnel and technician are also getting the job in the field of marketing. Thus generating the chance of employment the youths are residing in their own nation. It also is generating g the opportunity of self-employment.

5. Recognition:

The variations of marketing like digital marketing, media and communication are all providing Nepal to introduce itself to the world. For example, my own experience has shown that most of the foreign people don’t know where Nepal is or there is any country called Nepal. Many of the Buddhists in the foreign don’t know that Nepal is the country where Gautam Buddha was born. They think India is the nation where he was born. Why? Because India is marketing all over the world as the nation of Gautam Buddha.

Nepal is not taking enough steps in the field of marketing otherwise the situation of collecting signatures so as to prove that Nepal is the country of Gautam Buddha would not have arisen. Similarly, China is now portraying itself as the nation of Mount Everest. Nepal should also get the assistance marketing so as to advertise itself for those which are ours.

6. Tourism:

Nepal’s economic status is mainly supported by remittance, agriculture, and tourism. On each tourism day giving the big attractive speech of improving the tourism is not enough. Each tourist should know that there is one beautiful country named Nepal exists which is rich in culture and tradition and natural beauty. It’s sad to say that 2072 earthquake has done the marketing of Nepal which the government should have done long ago.

Because of the earthquake Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo wore Jersey in their football match to dedicate the prayers to Nepal. It has identified Nepal as the independent national not part of any other nations. Prince Harry visited Nepal because of the earthquake. David Beckham came to Nepal because he was the goodwill ambassador of the UN. If enough marketing of Nepal through all the resources of marketing would have done these big celebrities would have visited just to travel.not to offer their sympathy.

7. Development:

Marketing can play the vital role in the development of the nation if given the right opportunity. As said earlier marketing is providing the employment, the recognition to the nation, the economic growth all which are Necessity in the level if any nation.

8. Modernisation:

The world is developing and changing so fast that Nepal has to keep up with the pace else it will far fall behind. Marketing is helping by introducing the modern techniques and technologies to Nepal. Like in other nations we the consumers are now indulging in more and more online shopping, online booking. We even pay the electricity bills by remaining in the ease of the comfort of our home. These are the gifts of marketing.

These are some of the importance and advantage of marketing. But it doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t have its disadvantages. If not used correctly and rightly marketing can contribute to the number of frauds which we the consumer have to face. Like inline fraud, online stealing of the personal data, online theft of the bank balance etc and etc.

Similarly, the rivalry it is creating between the companies may not be Healthy and may take the evil form. Even if the nation is not marketed properly in front of the world. The image it can create may be hazardous for the nation. Thus to occupy the huge space of the international market, Nepal should do some serious marketing. But the good marketing. Like appointing the known celebrities as the representative of the certain regions like Rajesh Hamal or days hang Rai whose celebrated status is increasing day by day.

Various ways of good marketing have to adopt at the right time in the right way. Marketing is not bad in itself if used properly and accurately.

Major Importance of Marketing to Consumer, Nation, and Society

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