Best 10 Photos of Dashain Goat : Dashain 2076

Best 10 Photos of Dashain Goat: Dashain 2076

Best 10 Photos of Dashain Goat: Dashain 2076. Here is some information about a goat with Best 10 Photos of Goat for Dashain 2076. These Dashain goat photos are collected from various sources of the web portal. Thanks for image providers.

There are more 100 festivals celebrated in Nepal. Dashain is one of the topmost major festivals in Nepal. Dashain is the topmost popular festival in Nepal. Dashain festival is the longest festival in Nepal. At the national festival of Nepal. Celebrating by Hindus and Buddhist, it is celebrated during long 15 days.  Dashain festival is celebrating for honoring Hindu Goddess Durga. Dashain festival is celebrating for respecting elders people. Dashain festival is celebrating for uniting relation in family members.

A Kid is draging a Goat - Dashain goat Nepal
A Kid is dragging a Goat During Dashain festival

Dashain goat is goat which is killed for meat in Dashain festival. These goats are called Dashain goat. Nepali kills Dashain goat in Maha Ashtami and Maha Nawami, 8th day and 9th day of Dashain respectively.

Nepali people are playing with the Dashain Ping with full of fun during Dashain festival. Children’s use to fly the Dashain kites in the sky.

Shopping of Goat in the Dashain Festival of Nepal

There are various cities and places for dashain goat shopping in the country. There are some fixed markets designed only for shopping Dashain goat in the country. There are some places for Dashain goat shopping in the Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal as well.

Goat Pricing in Dashain Festival of Nepal

The price of Dashain goat is higher than an ordinary day. Dashain goat pricing is higher than any other day of the year. Non-vegetarian family buys a single goat for themselves during Dashain festival. Yes, People should buy at the high prices of Dashain goat. The meat of goat during the Dashain festival is in the scars.

Dashain Festival 2016 Dates / Dashain Festival 2076 Dates

If you want to know about Dashain festival 2016 dates or Dashain festival 2076 dates. Dashain festival 2019 dates is 29 Sep. Dashain festival 2076 dates is the 29 Sep 2019.

Best 10 Photos of Dashain Goat: Dashain 2073

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