8 Ideas for Boyfriend on How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy


8 Ideas for Boyfriend on How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Ideas on how to make your girlfriend happy: – This is for the boys who have a lot of problems when it comes to their girlfriends. It sounds really funny because sometimes you don’t even know why is she even anger or what is that one thing that might have pissed her up. Upon asking, you might not get any response and that’s universal. Trust me! She will not a response to you until and unless you figure out it yourself.

This might lead you to understand her even more or make you really frustrated and quit the relation. But you should not and of course, you would not even if you feel like because you love her. I am not a guru here but I do have few points or remedies that you can look up to when your girlfriend is angry and you need to solve the problems as soon as possible. It can be also beneficial if you are looking for how to make your girlfriend happy. When your girlfriend is happy, the relation becomes much easier and simpler. You do not have to think much deeply or have an argument.  So without further ado, let’s get started:

8 Ideas on How to Make Your Girlfriend Incredibly Happy

  1. Listen to her

She won’t tell you her problems instantly and she might even let you figure it out by yourself, but she will always give you a hint. She would taunt you, comment on you and bring out the memory that you might have completely forgotten. So you better open up the ears and hear what you might have done or where you might have gone wrong. But yes, there are few people that will let you know why she was angry or she is frustrated with what had happened. She will tell you details and you have to note them down so that you would not repeat this again and again. So for me, the number one remedy has to be listening to her very carefully.

listening boyfriend girlfriend each other
listening boyfriend girlfriend each other
  1. Buy her gifts:

This comes when you know where exactly you have gone wrong and you also know what would cheer her up. Girls get angry for different reasons and situations and it is your job to solve it and move ahead in your relation. Buy her favorite gifts and tell her how much you mean to her.  You do not need an occasion to buy her gifts. You can simply buy her one when you are thinking about her or when she needs to be pampered. Pay attention to what she speaks because she would tell you about her favorite stuff or colors or the things she really needs. And yes, when you are low on your budget and you have no money to her expensive or the desired gifts don’t worry. You can always make her DIY stuff such as cards or scrapbooks. This will make the moment more special and loving.

gift to girlfriend by boyfriend picture

  1. Make an effort:

The effort is that one key that you should do to keep her happy and anger less. Girls do have expectations for you because she wants you to be a loving man who would obviously love and appreciate her. When you show effort, let that be either remembering small things, birthdates or the color she loves or the chocolate she likes or the food she hates, she would be more connected to you and make you her only importance. These kinds of efforts will also reduce the argument you have and increase the love you lacked. You can also gel up with her friends and make plans to surprise her. Gelling up with her friends make your life a lot easier or simpler to resolve the problems.

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  1. Share interest:

When you and your girlfriend have a lot more things in common, it will reduce the frustration and anger in your relation automatically. If she showed you some hobby or passion that you might have ignored and did not even notice, boost her confidence and let her know that she is doing a good job. Tell her that you appreciate what she has been doing so that you will increase her self-confidence. You don’t have to compulsorily take part in what she has been doing but providing her positive feedback would do a great job. Having respect for each other’s passion and interest is the glue for the best relation. So start showing interest in her passion and hobbies.


camping boyfriend girlfriend
camping with lover
  1. Help her:

Girls do a lot in a relation. She becomes your friend, your guidance, your soul mate. She is the one who actually makes you a better person and it is your duty to help her when she needs you. She might be working, or having a problem with her studies and all she needs is you to console her. And if you are living with your girlfriend, it is quite important to make sure that you are also doing the household works to keep her free from getting angry and obviously making her happy. You can help her in doing the laundry or at least put the dirty clothes in a basket. You can also help her in cooking and cut the vegetables. These things will lessen the burden of your partner and will let her concentrate on her work rather than the housework.

cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend
cooking special food together boyfriend girlfriend
  1. Plan a trip:

Travelling is always the fun way to loosen up the stress and anger and bring out the best in you. There are few girls who do not like to take a break from her work and won’t even think about getting a break from the daily hassle. If you have a girlfriend of such kind, here is a great deal for you. Plan a trip outside or inside the country but make sure that you make it worth it. Planning a trip does not only involve booking a hotel and sleeping in it the whole day. You should go out and explore the place. Go shopping or go food haunting, you should loosen up the stress that’s bringing a lot of problems and mentally pressuring you. You can get a lot of offer to go abroad such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and many more places in a low price. You can also visit Nagarkot, Pokhara, Bandipur which are the great place to go if you do not want to go out of the country. There are so many places to explore and loosen up the mental trauma. You can certainly get benefits from the trip. You will be able to think properly and have great memories.

Girlfriend boyfriend in Kathmandu Nepal
in Kathmandu Nepal
  1. Quality times:

Just because you bought her expensive gifts and took her to the movies does not mean you are spending a quality time with her. Quality times means that you two get to bond with each other and talk about the weeks that has caused tensions or happiness. Talk with each other so that you will know that your partner is having a problem in certain things or how she has changed her favorite color from blue to pink or talk about how his football club is not playing well and so on. You need to take time out from your work and give time to build up the relation. Spending quality times will let you learn about your partners, the change that they are facing or what so ever. You need to take notes about the things you talk because they are the genuine reasons that they are giving. Don’t go out on a movie or parks, rather sit at your house’s terrace and talk while you sip the coffee you have made for the two of you.

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image
boyfriend and girlfriend
  1. Show commitment:

Since you’re reading this article on how to make your girlfriend happier without making her angry or pissing her off, so it’s clear that you value and appreciate her and the relationship you have together as a couple.Let us assume that she feels the same and maybe she really does, the ultimate way to make her smile might be to rise up your level of commitment. Depending on how long you’ve been together, and how you have managed to bounce back every time you got into a serious argument, this could take many forms. You can either show your commitment by meeting her parents or telling her your feeling. Planning a trip or buying her the ring. There could be many more forms of it but the results are same and that is making her believe that you are by her side always and never leaving her alone.

So here are the 8 facts that can make your girlfriend happy without making her angry or pissing her off. Do comment and give us feedbacks. Like our FaceBook page and give us the love and appreciation.


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