How to Say I Love You in Nepali Language with Example

How to Say I Love You in Nepali Language with Example

So the last post, we saw how to say happy father’s day in Nepali language. Today we’re going to learn how to say ‘I love you’ in Nepali. Now you will be perfect to impress your partner by saying I love you in Nepali language.

Do you have a problem to say I love you in the Nepali language? You don’t know how to say I love you in Nepali bhasa. We are the best solution to your problem. Please don’t feel temper. We have been here with the all your solution to say I love you in Nepali bhasa.

This page is about how to say I love you in Nepali. We have posted I love you in Nepali text sentences, feelings, messages, and SMS, wishes in both English and Nepali language with English and Nepali script or font. Besides that, you can get here, how to pronounce that sentences and words. We have given her real sounds as well.

Why too late? let’s say I love you in Nepali to your brother, sister, father, mother, grand ma, grand ma, friend, sister in law, brother in law, father in law, mother in law, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband, wife and etc. You can use these I love you sentences in Nepali in online media, facebook, phone call, SMS, etc.

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 So are you ready to learn? Here goes…

How do we say I love you in Nepali?

Love does not have them any language, as well it does not speak anything but makes people follow its own path. But it is necessary to express the love to achieve the mutual caring and exchange of the love, and it only needs the few words and courage that depend on their personality. Loving someone is good feeling inside us, as well love makes the peace and cooperation in the world. The love between the members of the family, friends, as well between couple makes us feel how much we are special in this world.


Some love like between member of the family as well between friends do not need to be expressed but it signifies through our caring behaviors and cooperation, but sure if there comes the matter of the love between two lovebirds, it really need to be expressed and each should make other to feel how much they care about each other in the words too. And usually, every lovebird feel their love is unique then of others. They expect each other to make feel more special than anyone. As well when there comes the matter to express the words of love for the very first time, then that moment would take the best memory for the near future.

So, we should not take the chance to make it rather special and memorable. Today we here are oriented on the different ways to express our love in Nepali words. Some may be weak in English or want to be unique than other ways to express their love then you should better try proposing in the Nepali language. After reading this article we will know some of the best and memorable way to say I love you in Nepali.

  • If the girl/ boy you love is straightforward, and don’t have deep knowledge in indirectly defined words to reach out any point then it is better to go through the straightway as she or he is. Without any bent words, it is better to express him that you love him or her. Just you have to call her name in the very caring way and say “Ma timilai maan parauchu, timi sanga ma bihe garna chahanchu (in Nepali – म तिमिलाइ मन पराउछु, तिमि सङ म बिहे गर्न चाहन्छु.) (Pronunciation of Nepali sentence – Ma timilā’i mana parā’uchu, timi saṅa ma bihē garna cāhanchu”. Making confusing for what you want to express then it could make him/ her impressions bad of yours, and it’s better not to try in another random way to express you love him or her. You can say this by holding some flowers or red roses, and you should talk making contact with his /her eyes then it could work better.


  • If the girl/ boy you love is smart, then for sure they prefer you to express in the smartest way as they are. You can better prefer to make his puzzle for what you actually want to say and for sure if they love you back, then he would reach through the puzzle. It would make your good impression of him/ her of yours. There can be multiple ways to express in the smartest way. You just have to say how you feel with him or her and how much you feel good and happy in his /her company. Some verses trying this is like,” Malai timi sanga bitayeka paal haru nikai yaadgaar lagchhan, timi sanga huda ma nikai khusi hunchhu. Timi sanga vetesi chhutiyera jana maan lagdaina, tei vayera timilai sadhaiko Lagi mero banauna chahanxu. (In Nepali font – मलाइ तिमि सङ बिताएका पलहरु निकै यादगार लाग्छन्, तिमि सङ हुदा म निकै खुसि हुन्छु। तिमि सङ भेटेसि छुटिएर जान मन लाग्दैन, त्यै भयेर तिमिलाइ सधैको लागि मेरो बनाउन चाहन्छु।) (Pronunciation and sounds for that Nepalese sentence – Malā’i timi saṅa bitā’ēkā palaharu nikai yādagāra lāgchan, timi saṅa hudā ma nikai khusi hunchu. Timi saṅa bhēṭēsi chuṭi’ēra jāna mana lāgdaina, tyai bhayēra timilā’i sadhaikō lāgi mērō banā’una cāhanchu.)” You have to tell him/her this by looking at his/her eyes with your magic smile. For sure if he/she loves you back, whether they will smile welcoming your propose then you should not miss the time by saying “ ma timilai Maya garchhu, ( his/ her name) ani timi sanga Milera ma Sano pariwar banauna chahanxu” and be ready for his/ her happiness in their face and happy future ahead.


  • If the girl/ boy you love like to play with words or have interest in literature, then you should try once to express your love on the poetic way or in a keen deep word group. It does not really means that you also should have the knowledge of Nepali literature to express in this way, just you have to act like natural and say how much you feel the caring and love with him/her with some repeating rhyming words.


For eg, “ (calling his/her name), timilai aaja man ko kura vannu chha,
Kina ki timile mero bhawana bujhxau vanne, sadhai mero mannu chha
Tara ma chai garib chhu sabda haru ko, tei pani malai timrai tarika le vannu chha
Thah xa (calling his/her name)Timi sangai basera malai Aakash ko taara gannu xa
Teti belamai bachha jhai banera timro bachpan ko kahani ma ramnu chha,
Timro ejajat yedi xa vane timro aauda dinnma timro jibansathi bannu chha
Chhaina vane pani kehi chhaina, malai ta timi sadhai khusi hunxau vanne sunnu xa.
Chhoto sabda ma vannu parda timilai dherai maya garxu ma, yo kura man dekhi timilai vannu xa.

In Nepali Devanagari font

(calling his/her name), तिमिलाइ आज मन को कुरा भन्नु छ,
किनकि तिमिले मेरो भावना बुझ्छौ भन्ने, सधै मेरो मान्नु छ
तर म चै गरिब छु सब्दहरु को, त्यै पनि मलाइ तिम्रै तरिका ले भन्नु छ
थाह् छ (calling his/her name) तिमि सङै बसेर मलाइ आकाश को तारा गन्नु छ
तेति बेलामै बच्चा झै बनेर तिम्रो बचपन को कहानि मा रम्नु छ,
तिम्रो इज्जत यदि छ भने तिम्रो आउदा दिन मा तिम्रो जिबनसाथि बन्नु छ
छैन भने पनि केहि  छैन, मलाइ त तिमि सधै खुसि हुन्छौ भन्ने सुन्नु क्स।
छोटो सब्द मा भन्नु पर्द तिमिलाइ धेरै माया गर्छु म, यो कुरा मन देखि तिमिलाइ भन्नु छ।

Sounds or Pronunciation of these love lines

(Calling his/her name), timilā’i āja mana kō kurā bhannu cha,
kinaki timilē mērō bhāvanā bujhchau bhannē, sadhai mērō mānnu cha
tara ma cai gariba chu sabdaharu kō, tyai pani malā’i timrai tarikā lē bhannu cha
thāh cha (calling his/her name) timi saṅai basēra malā’i ākāśa kō tārā gannu cha
tēti bēlāmai baccā jhai banēra timrō bacapana kō kahāni mā ramnu cha,
timrō ijjata yadi cha bhanē timrō ā’udā dina mā timrō jibanasāthi bannu cha
chaina bhanē pani kēhi  chaina, malā’i ta timi sadhai khusi hunchau bhannē sunnu ksa.
Chōṭō sabda mā bhannu parda timilā’i dhērai māyā garchu ma, yō kurā mana dēkhi timilā’i bhannu cha.

Some may feel dramatic with this way, but if she/he really loves literature, then trying about this ways make him/her feel about how much you really care about his/her interest, so you should better try this way, to express more love and caring words.


Similarly, its good to express your love belonging on his/her interest because it makes them feel how you care about their interest. it’s sure that proposing someone in Nepali, feels like different because trend of English has over tooked our communication language, but trying on proposing Nepali language does really makes you unique and saying “ ma timilai maan parauchu” really have more feeling then saying in English, so you should not get the chance to express your love in Nepali language. It’s the unique language with the long history and our past generation had used this for expressing their feeling with their loved ones in their young age, and sure they do have the best couple feeling and life goals. Love is the feeling in fact.

How do we Say I Love You in the Nepali Language with Example

म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु for those who are same age friends and circles

  • ma timilai maya garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma timilai prem garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma timilai Pyar garchhu (it is said both by male and female)

म तपाईलाई माया गर्छु. for those who are elder than you

  • ma tapailai Maya garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma tapailai prem garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma tapailai pyar garchhu (it is said both by male and female)

म तँलाई माया गर्छु . for those who are younger than you

  • ma tanlai Maya garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma tanlai prem garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma tanlai Pyar garchhu (it is said both by male and female)

म हजुरलाई माया गर्छु for those whom are most respected by you.

  • ma hajurlai Maya garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma hajurlai prem garchhu. (it is said both by male and female)
  • ma hajurlai Pyar garchhu (it is said both by male and female)

Notice that it changes depending on whether you are respecting or not. It doesn’t change depending on whether you are male or female.

How to say I love you Nepali language
How to say I love you Nepali language

Let’s have a closer look at the words and sentence. The word for love in Nepali, we’ll have three words we’re using, are प्यार Pyaar. माया Maya, प्रेमprem, this प्यार pyaarमाया Maya, प्रेमprem, are the nouns, the name of the emotion. But we want to use these प्यार Pyaar. माया Maya, प्रेमprem as a verb, so we add गर्नु garnu to the end, meaning ‘to do’. So we have the verb प्यार गर्नु Pyaar garnu. माया गर्नु maya garnu, प्रेमगर्नु prem garnu – to love, whose ‘root’, as we learned is; प्यार / माया / प्रेमगर्pyaar / Maya / prem gar..

The word for you in Nepali, we’ll have four words we’re using, are तिमी timi, तपाई tapai.. तँलाई tan हजुर hajurare the nouns, the name of the emotion. But while using ‘to you’ in Nepali language, we should use लाई lai.

We also have the word तिमीलाई timilai. तिमीलाई timilai. translates as; to you, it’s a ‘different form’ of the word तिमी timiThe grammar rules of तिमीलाई timilai. aren’t really relevant here, we’ll see it in detail later. The word तिमीलाई used for a general person or similarly aged person or younger than you.

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