How to Say ‘Happy Dashain’ & ‘Happy Vijaya Dashami’ in 88 Different Language

Find here in this post how to say happy Dashain and Vijaya Dashami in different 88 different languages. This is the translation of the word “Happy Dashain” and “happy Vijaya Dashami to over 88 other languages. We hope you will be satisfied.

How to Say ‘Happy Dashain’ & ‘Happy Vijaya Dashami’ in 88 Different Language

Saying Happy Dashain and Happy Vijaya Dashami in European Languages

How to Say 'Happy Dashain' & 'Happy Vijaya Dashami' in Different Language
Saying Happy Dashain and Vijaya Dashami
S.N.LanguageWays to say Happy DashainWays to say Happy Vijaya Dashami
1AlbanianHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
2BasqueZoriontsu DashainZoriontsu Vijaya Dashami
3Belarusianшчаслівым DashainШчаслівы дзясятая перамога
4BosnianHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
5BulgarianЧестит ДивалиЧестит десета победа
6CatalanFeliç DashainFeliç Vijaya Dashami
7CroatianSretan DashainSretan Vijaya Dashami
8Czechšťastný Dashainšťastný Vijaya Dashami
9Danishglad Dashainglad Vijaya Dashami
10Dutchgelukkige Dashaingelukkige Vijaya Dashami
11EstonianHead DashaintHead Vijaya Dashamit
12FinnishHyvää DashainHyvää Vijaya Dashami
13FrenchJoyeux DashainJoyeux Vijaya Dashami
14GalicianDashain felizVijaya Dashami feliz
15GermanGlückliches DashainGlückliches Vijaya Dashami
16GreekΕυτυχισμένο DashainΕυτυχισμένο Vijaya Dashami

Saying Happy Dashain and Vijaya Dashami in different language

17HungarianBoldog DashainBoldog Vijaya Dashami
18IcelandicHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
19IrishDashain ShonaVijaya Dashami Shona
20ItalianFelice “DashainFelice “Vijaya Dashami
21Latvianlaimīgs Dashainlaimīgs Vijaya Dashami
22Lithuanianlaimingas SofaLaimingas dešimtoji pergalė
23Macedonianсреќен ДашаинСреќен десеттата победа
24MalteseHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
25Norwegianhappy Dashainhappy Vijaya Dashami
26PolishUdanego DashainUdanego Vijaya Dashami
27PortugueseFeliz DashainFeliz Vijaya Dashami
28RomanianDashain fericitVijaya Dashami fericit
29Russianсчастливым Dashainсчастливым Vijaya Dashami
30Serbianсрећан ДасхаинСрећна десета победа
31SlovakŠťastné DashainŠťastné Vijaya Dashami
32Slovenianvesel Dashainvesel Vijaya Dashami
33SpanishDashain felizVijaya Dashami feliz
34Swedishlyckliga Dashainlyckliga Vijaya Dashami
35Ukrainianщасливим Dashainщасливим Vijaya Dashami
36WelshDashain hapusVijaya Dashami hapus


37Yiddishצופרידן דאַשאַיןמזל צענט נצחון

Saying Happy Dashain and Vijaya Dashami in Asian Languages

S.N.LanguageWays to say Happy DashainWays to say Happy Vijaya Dashami
38ArmenianHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
39AzerbaijaniHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
40Bengaliসুখী দাশাইনশুভ দশম জয়
41Chinese Simplified快乐德赛节快乐第十胜利
42Chinese Traditional快樂德賽節快樂第十勝利
43GeorgianHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
44Gujaratiહેપી dashainહેપી Vijaya Dashami
45Hindiशुभ दशईंशुभ विजय दशमी
46HmongZoo siab DashainZoo siab Vijaya Dashami
48Kannadaಸಂತೋಷ dashainಸಂತೋಷ Vijaya Dashami
49Kazakhбақытты Dashainбақытты Vijaya Dashami
50Khmerសប្បាយរីករាយ Dashainសប្បាយរីករាយ Vijaya Dashami
51Korean행복 dashain행복 Vijaya Dashami
52LaoHappy DashainHappy Vijaya Dashami
53Malayalamസന്തുഷ്ട dashainസന്തുഷ്ട Vijaya Dashami
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