How to Make Rakhi at Home? – 14 Wonderful Rakhi Making Ideas Ever You Have Seen

How to Make Rakhi at Home – Ideas on Step by Step Method for 14 Rakhi Design

How to Make Rakhi at Home? :- Rakhi is the religious and social festival which celebrates the pure and strong bond between brother and sister. Rakhi is celebrated in different parts of Nepal and India with more enthusiasm and religious belief. It is the festival when the culture of replacing of Janai among Brahmin community occurs. It mainly falls in the month of Shrawan. Shrawan month is considered as the month of greenery. As, in this month green dresses, green bangles are worn by women. It is a festival which brings happiness and joy everywhere.

In Rakhi, sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of brother wishing his long and happy life and in return, brother gives gift to sister. In this year, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is coming near. Sisters shop rakhi from the market and tie it on the wrist of a brother. Some buy an expensive one and some buy cheaper but whatever be its price, it doesn’t matter. It is the symbol of love and affection. In this Raksha Bandhan, you can make beautiful Rakhi and tie on the wrist of your brother. Rakhi is the sacred thread that binds the beautiful relationship of brother and sister.  If you don’t have any idea about how to make rakhi at home by own.

How to Make Rakhi at Home? – 14 Wonderful Rakhi Making Ideas Ever You Have Seen

Then, don’t worry, We are here to give ideas that how to make rakhi at home;

1.God Rakhi – How to Make God Rakhi at Home?

If your brother has immense belief in God and if he is a devotee of God then, in this Raksha Bandhan, you can make a rakhi decorated with a good picture.

Materials required;

  • Colored thread
  • Golden beads
  • Buttons of small size
  • Picture of god or goddess in small size

Method; Along with a small button, tie about 5 golden beads through a colored thread. Along with the length of the thread, repeat the same process. Glue pictures of picture of the god or you can use any religious symbol like swastika symbol. The auspicious Rakhi is ready. So in this way you can make rakhi at home.

2. Zari Rakhi – How to Make Zari Rakhi at Home?

It looks beautiful and attractive as it is decorated by Zari.

Zari Rakhi
Zari Rakhi

Materials required;

  • Red or any bright color silk threads
  • Scissors
  • Beads, Zari
  • Toothbrush with hard bristles
  • Needle and cotton thread


  • If you want colorful rakhi then take a bunch of multicolored silk threads of about 20-30 cm inches.
  • Tie a tight knot on the one-fourth part of silk thread with a cotton thread.
  • The one-fourth part should be made into rakhi and another three-fourth part must be made as a string to tie around the wrist.
  • The head of thread of one-fourth part should be cut down with scissors if it remains as a loop.
  • Using a toothbrush, threads should be rubbed in order to make it soft and fluffy.
  • The longer part of the thread should be dividing into 2 parts and should be potted in desired way.
  • Again, brush the end tie off knot which makes string. The upper should be decorated with beads, zari, and sitaras. Stick them with glue.
  • If you want it more attractive then, you can use zaris and Sitara in strings.

So in this way you can make rakhi at home.

3. Beads Rakhi – How to Make Beads Rakhi at Home?

This Rakhi is eye catching decorated with beads.

Beads Rakhi
Beads Rakhi

Materials required;

  • One sided cloth or velvet cloth
  • Plastic gems
  • Strip of ribbon
  • Gold beads
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissor


  • The cloth should be cut into the required size and required design can be drawn on the back of the cloth.
  • A large size plastic gem should be glued on the center of the piece. Remember, gems should be glued on cloth so fabric gum must be used.
  • Around the center of the stone, dots should be made using fabric glue.
  • A circle of white stone should be set in an area of glue and it is allowed to dry for few minutes.
  • After that, gold beads should be glued in the form of a circle.
  • The wings on either side should be also decorated using gold beads and small sized gems.
  • A string of golden thread should be glued on both sides of the Rakhi and it must be allowed to dry.
  • Finally, the strip of ribbon should be glued or stitched using needle and thread. As ribbon is used to tie a rakhi around the wrist so, you can choose the length accordingly.
  • The beautiful rakhi can be made ready by above ideas.

So in this way you can make rakhi at home.

4. Paper flower Rakhi – How to Make Paper Flower Rakhi at Home?

This Rakhi is easy to make. This rakhi can be tied to small brothers. So, you have a younger brother then, paper flower rakhi will be the good option.

Paper flower Rakhi
Paper flower Rakhi

Materials required;

  • Red, green and colored paper sheets
  • A small piece of foam
  • Scissors
  • Rubber and pencil
  • Ribbon
  • Perfume ( optional)


  • Draw the flowers of your choice on the red sheet of paper.
  • According to the outline of flower drawn on the paper, cut the sheet.
  • Take round shaped foam and glue the paper flower in the upper part of foam and at a lower part, glue the green piece of paper.
  • Pierce at the both ends of foam and put a strip of ribbon through it.
  • The ribbon should be of the length required.
  • If you want a decoration on ribbon then glue some Sitara in it or string of ribbon without any Sitara is also can be attractive.
  • The Rakhi is ready.

So in this way you can make rakhi at home.

5.Beaded Rakhi – How to Make Beaded Rakhi at Home?

It is also a rakhi appropriate for the brother of any age group.

Beaded Rakhi
Beaded Rakhi

Materials required;

  • Silver or gold threads ( 5or 6 in number)
  • Small beads (about 20 or 30)
  • An old locket (any color)



  • First, the threads should be knotted.
  • Beads should be inserted in threads and socket should be also located at the center of the beads.
  • The threads should be tied from both ends.
  • Beaded Rakhi is ready.

So in this way you can make rakhi at home.

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