How to Earn Money From Youtube in Nepal from Home: Learn 5 Steps

Learn here on this post about how to earn money online youtube by uploading videos, how to make money on youtube from views and how many views on youtube till you get paid. You should learn the creative ways to make money from youtube. There are some step by step methods to upload the videos for youtube. Know here how to make money from, the second largest search engine, and first video storing site in the universe. So, friends, you must learn the some creative ways to money from youtube in English, Nepali, Hindi or whatever language you want. After monetizing the channel you will know how many views on youtube are got paid, youtube money per view, which videos are earning more.

After experiencing some time on YouTube you will know the most Creative Ways To Make Money On YouTube. You May be the star of YouTube.

How to Earn Money From Youtube in Nepal from Home: Learn Step by Step

What is Internet and it’s uses?

Internet has changed the traditional communication and information system. Internet has been use for sending emails, reading of news, watching videos etc. Internet is also used for voice chatting and video chatting. Live broadcasting of videos, television etc can be done by using internet in the computer.

Internet is used for sending and receiving the email. Sending and receiving of email has substituted postal sending of letter. It takes short time to send and receive email. Email Id should be created at first to use the email service. Internet is required to visit worldwide web. Worldwide Web is also known as website. Different information can be obtained from the website. Business companies use internet to promote their business and to sell their products. Advertisement of different agencies can be seen on the websites. Technology of doing business with the use of internet is called as e-business.

Internet is also used in making internet phone call. Internet phone call is cheap in comparison to regular voice call. Internet is also used for video chatting using different websites like Skype. Internet is also useful in social networking. Social networks like face book, twitter, Linkeclln etc can also be used with the help of internet. With the use of internet search engines like Google and Bing, much useful information can be searched in websites. Different educational materials can also be obtained using internet. Different educational book can be obtained by using internet. These books from internet are called as E-book.

What is YouTube is the first largest video search engine on this earth and second largest search engine on the universe. Google is the first largest search engine. More than 1 billion unique and recurring users are visiting and watching videos in this BIG site every each month.

How to Earn Money From Youtube in Nepal from Home

Advertisement has been the number 1 place for entertainment, glamour, education, creativity, latency and much more. And is another best place for earning money from home wherever you are living. It is one of the best and amazing places to make money online.

To earn money from youtube in Nepal or another country from home, the first things to do is to create your own channel.

Then the second step is to create good video contents and upload them to Youtube. If you have YouTube Adsense account then monetize your videos and start making money. If you have the creativity and you know how to use your creativity, youtube is a right place for you.

Don’t worry about your experience what you got in the past life, the experience  will grow up with you by time to time. Believe me, guys, start making videos from now!!! Don’t keep for tomorrow. Because tomorrow never comes.

Youtube’s payment methods.

There are several confusing things about that Youtube, that are most thinkable.

Get your channel ready to earn:

  1. Step 1: Enable your YouTube channel for monetization. (See here : How to enable your channel for monetization).
  2. Step 2: Connect your channel to an AdSense account to earn money from home and get paid for your monetized videos. (SEE here : Methods to Connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense account for your monetized videos)
  3. Step 3: Take a minute to get to know the kinds of videos you can monetize and the different ad formats. (See here : What kinds of videos you can monetize.)
  4. Step 4: Select “monetize with ads” for your channel videos and choose which ad formats and videos you want from Creator Studio app and in video manager. (See here : type of ad formats for your monetized videos)
  5. Step 5: Keep making great videos that your community loves to watch!

Note: Monetization is only available in certain countries, and copyright or community guidelines violations can affect your eligibility to earn money.


Writer: Jitendra Sahayogee

How To Get Approved Youtube Adsense In Nepal

Youtube is the one of the top video streaming site in the world developed by Google. Youtube covers all the video categories from Movies, Music, Tutorials, Online Games to Song cover, dance cover, travel fun and so on. Not only that, many Youtubers are listed in the list of Celebrity because of Youtube. In short we can call them Youtube celebrity. In Nepal, Youtube is only the source for video uploading. It is popular in Nepal because it is free to use, easy to understand and you can also earn some money from your youtube videos.

Here we are talking about Youtube adsense. With the help of youtube adsense you can monetize your uploaded youtube videos. By doing that you will earn handsome money from your uploaded videos.

What videos are eligible for youtube monetization?

To be honest not all the uploaded youtube videos are eligible for youtube monetization. Youtube is very strict in its copy righted policies. To earn money from youtube, you have to make your own video. Uploading other video is strictly probhited in Youtube. You can make tutorial video, travel video, own short movie and so on. But never ever try to import others video and audio in your newly made video and also in your Youtube channel.

How much you can earn from Youtube Adsense?

I have seen many Youtubers earning more than $100 a day. You can also earn money like that if you have high youtube channel subscribers, quality traffic and high video view. Tier 1 traffic i.e traffic from Usa, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom can generate more revenue than the traffic of Asian countries.

Nepal lies in Asia so the revenue will be low in comparison to English speaking countries. I had already told you. You can earn more if you manage to get more video views and channel subscribers.

So, adsense works on CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM(i.e cost for every thousand impression). After monetization, ads will be appear in your youtube video. Whenever people click or view that ads, you will generate revenue in your adsense account. I had heard that the CPM.rates in Nepal is like $1 and CPC is $0.15. So if your video gets 100k views and 100 clicks then you will earn $100 + $15 = $115 from your single youtube video.

Note : Not all the video views will be counted as Ads view or Impression.

How to withdraw money from youtube adsense?

Adsense works on net 30 basis. So you will be paid at the end of every month. You can withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account, via cheque or from Western Union. The payment threshold of adsense is $100 i.e you can receive your earnings only if you generate more than $100 in your adsense account.

Things to do before applying youtube adsense

To get approved youtube adsense account you must have well managed youtube channel. You must have required information like :-

  • Profile Photo
  • Header photo
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Atleast one unique video
  • Few channel subscribers
  • Website url ( If you have )

How to apply for youtube adsense account?


Now we are in the last step of this tutorial. Youtube monetization is currently unavailable for Nepal. So before applying, you have to change your youtube channel country to India (worked for me).

After that open the link then enable monetization.

In the same page you will see How will i get paid. Click on it

In the next page you have associate your youtube channel with the adsense account.

Follow the step. You will be redirect to the adsense page. Sign in with your same Google id. Fill out the adsense form correctly. After all done you will be again redirect to the same youtube page.

Thats the steps to do while apply for adsense account. You will receive an email if your adsense account got fully approved. If you have any problem regarding to this tutorial then you can simply comment below.


Writer: Sachin Gurung

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