How to Draw Nepal Flag Step by Step Video Tutorial


How to Draw Nepal Flag: – Nepal is the country of pride and honor for many years and till now people feel proud to be a son and a daughter of Nepal.

There are various things that represent Nepal as a brave and most unique country in the world and our national flag is also one of them.


About Nepal National Flag

Nepali flag is one of the most extraordinary flag with cool looks than any other country. When we look at it, it has two overlapping triangular shapes with blue color all over on its border.

It contains a white half-moon on its upper triangle and bright white color with twelve pointed suns on its lower triangle. Nepal’s national flag is in crimson color which is also the national color of Nepal and blue color on its borderline.


There is the reason with each and every symbol of our flag and it also symbolizes our brave history. First of all, it is the one flag in the world which has triangular shape otherwise every flag has quadrilateral shape in the world.


Those two triangles are known as pennants and they represent the Himalayas lies inside the country. Nepal is also called country of Himalayas and world highest pick Mt Everest also lies in Nepal.

All those colors symbolize the national flower, harmony, bravery, and peaceful land in the world. Those blue line on its border shows the blue clear and peaceful sky of the earth whereas red color shows the brave Gorkhali who fought for our land and never surrender to anyone.


how to draw Nepal's national flag
How to Draw Nepal Flag

Gorkhali are brave solder who fought to save Nepal from other colony and never let anyone to take our motherland. The flag also represents the sun and crescent moon or half-moon which shows the moon as calmness and purity of our deep spirit of every Nepali people and sun shows their resolve of our national people.

They also symbolize the cold place of Himalaya to hot place of the Tarai region and even having totally different cultures and geography, we have togetherness and harmony.


They all represent the longevity of our nation in unity of people and every Nepali are forever love peace and togetherness.

Our current flag was prepared and design in 1962 A.D. and it is the remake of our original flag which is actually makes in 19th century. Well, talking about the originality of Nepal flag than at that time moon and sun has face.


But after the new design arrive than everyone wants to give it a modern look so that it keep up with present time as well. our Nepali flag also have numerous nickname like Chandra ra Surya, Triangle flag etc and people love to say whatever they like with due respect.

Flag is the national pride of any nation and it has been used in many sector and occasion specially when there is national ceremony. When there is no democracy and Nepal is known as kingdom of Nepal than the ratio of outline of flag or the large and small triangle shows the position of king and constitution.

There are many reasons that why Nepal only has triangular face flag in the world and it is related to my historical land and culture. Nepal is multi cultural and multi language where we can find many more kind of people of different race and caste live peacefully.

Whenever, pritivi Narayan saha united the nation than it is alone Hindu kingdom. And even before he united it, all those small parts are also a Hindu kingdom so; we all know that all the flag are in triangular shape in Hindu culture.

So, whenever he united all the part and make a whole country than the flag also come from adding of two different triangular shapes. The originality of flag idea was taken from Hindu culture and we as a Nepali all respect our flag with open heart.

Nepal is always become an independent country because of the brave citizen who live inside the country and also due to strong nature of geographical area. We have much more different kind of unique things in our country and also have many rare birds and species.

From Mt Everest to Gautama Buddha are the real pearl of our country which attract people of different country to visit Nepal.


So, flag of Nepal is design in such a way that it cover up all the precious and amazing things exist in Nepal. it shows the highest pick to spirituality of a land and the unity inside the people heart as well.     

the moon on the upper body and sun on the lower body of our flag also give message to the world that our country Nepal will exist in this world till the sun and moon  exist in universe and throw their light on everyone dark way.

Some of the story are still exist which say that the moon on upper triangle shows the royal ancestry of our country Nepal and the down one sun show the Rana dynasty of Nepal.

Flag of Nepal also based on the geometrical shape and constitutional law teach us how to draw the flag of Nepal in systematic way. Nepal flag is also considered as the most difficult flag of the world because there is no other flag which need that much accuracy and time to draw.

Flag of Nepal is the combination of harmony, peace of people, unity, love and devotion for a country, bravery and other many more feelings. It is not just a cloth with some drawing but the feeling of people and symbol of great united Nepal.

flag of any country glorify its victory from past to till now because even we can see that whenever anyone win any games from their country side than we carry our flag.

We show flag as our national identity on any crowd and even audience support player on the ground by showing their country flag and make them motivated. We must feel proud from our depth of the heart when we are carrying our national flag in our hand.   

Now let’s come to point on How to Draw Nepal Flag?

How to Draw Nepal Flag Step by Step Video Tutorial Method

Get here a video post about how to draw Nepal flag. This is one of the best mathematical video tutorial guides for those people who don’t know to draw Nepal.

As we all know the national flag of Nepal is unique. We also know that Nepal flag is not rectangular. We are also familiar that Nepal’s national flag is triangular.

Let’s have mathematically drawn ideas about the national flag of Nepal. This video about How to draw Nepal flag is embedded from youtube.