How to Apply for Working Visa in USA From Nepal


How to apply for working visa in the USA from Nepal


America is rich in all aspects which are needed for shaping and decorating the lifestyles. A person is always trying for their best future as it’s also nature. The man ultimate goals are to make their life as standards he or she can. The people and the world are running down the path of collecting the golden coins which are useless. The person’s stomach needs the rice and the bread net the golden coins. People are always thirsty of the wealth. Their almirah of wealth is never fulfilled. Moreover, they even engaged in doing illegal activities. The bad results occur only with the bad works. The bad works charged compensation that you have to pay yourself.

So fulfilling the demand and the diamond of desire, Nepalese are always looking for the indication or the vacancy which may provide hem the future with a golden career. A man should think that the person has rich from the heart not to wealth. The person does not get any benefit and extra advantage for the collection of the wealth as it goes slowly to other’s hand as the circulation flows. But also for good life and the good smile, Nepalese are trying to waste out their skills in the America land, that might have majors reason hidden behind. The proper opportunity and the proper wages with respect have infected all the skilled and unskilled manpower here due to political instability. Following are some helpful steps that might give you the green signal and makes your right management platform to run your dream motors.

1. Consultancy:

It is the major step that you can catch up for right entry. There are many consultancies operating their legal services in effective ways. If you are desirable to go for working in America then you will better get the information in consultancy because they are touched with this types of process. A person has lots of dreams to make it proved but the person does not move the right step to grasping it. And they think that the dream can’t be achieved. Consultancy is providing these types of services as they are connected with the American and Nepalese too. They charge some capital investment and takes your document to apply for a visa.


Use you sense properly, don’t be too quick to believe any consultancy which gives you greatness to make you fly and give you work in the America. There are also many illegal and unregistered consultancy operating these types of services. The news also makes awareness on this subject, there are many youths and the person who are cheated and looted by the consultancy showing the colorful dreams. Nextly, you have been very conscious about all the subject where you are going and in which places the consultancy is sending you. These are the major question not forget to ask to clarify all the statements. If you feel something wrong or you suspect that something is going wrong with me then fastly you can register your case in the police station without fear even after the threat.


Mainly the American consultancy is specially organized and established for providing the legal and safety service for the people. There are many educational consultancies which are engaged in sending the student to their chosen destination for the higher education.


2. Manpower or overseas:

There also exist some American consultancy which brings the different demand from an American company and sends according to required manpower. Much overseas in the Kathmandu are announcing the manpower for meeting the requirement. These may raise the eager in the people who wants to go and use their skill in the America. America is not only the country of decoration but also the proper wage giving the country. If they demand the vacancy and manpower the also you can join it and give an interview if the selection is based on. Person thinks the and searches the way to once enter the America to build up their career for almighty.

The overseas also do the illegal activities related to sending the America because the person is very hurried in nature while listening to the offer to go America. They don’t want to listen to the process and the step either it is right or wrong. This types of problem are common in Nepal. There are many victims who have faced this case and looted lakhs by the overseas. The policies also not take the fast steps to return and punish the criminals. Overseas have the direct connection or may have an indirect connection with the company which is operated in the America. If the company needs the manpower from Nepal. Then they have to provide the vacancy through the overseas and overseas supply the required manpower for the betterment of the company. There also announced the fake vacancy to collect the money from the will candidates.

3. Contact and responsibility:

If your any relation., or friend is staying from a long time in America then you can easily get the visa for working in America. But there also occurs the rule, your supporter has to take full responsibility for your actions and behavior. If they do so then you can get the green indication. There are many Nepalese living in America, many have even taken the green card and many are living, if they take your responsibility and accountability then your possibility will increase. Nepalese are treated as the good citizen of America as they are pure hearted and honest natured man not connected to the criminal activities.

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If your relatives are living or any true friends are living, you can forward your process to get the entry permission of America. America is rich in every sectors and source. One best advice from my side are that this will be the best and trusted not becoming the bad debt work done with the recognized person applying for the working visa to you through them. Because in above process, there show the high chances of loot and confusion. But it will be better if you are experienced and educated have better knowledge about all the information, transformation, and the process.


Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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  1. Completely false information

    First of all consultancies are not authorized to process work visa to any foreign countries.
    Regarding manpower agencies, can you give one name who have or claims to work for USA??

  2. sir , my name is ashish limbu 34 years old i was working at adnoc in uae , but now i am in nepal i want to know that can i apply for work permit in usa, and the other thing is that my niece is in america she is married and already got green card there so is there any option for me to get work permit for usa

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