How to Transfer Money From Nepal to India

3. Sanima bank:

It is also the authorized banking institution of Nepal operates their financial activities in an effective manner and re-drive the institutional as well as a functional character in full rhythm track in hundred percent accuracy and reliability. As it also announces the services of money transfer to any of the country. India our neighborhood, so it’s our family and brotherhood feeling and relationship that have also efforted us in many emotional and sensitive assault unconditionally. This bank operates their services related to other Making transaction and also very best in remittance from any country receipts and sent.

Sanima bank
Sanima bank

As it holds the authorization of Nepalese government bank, carry no any suspense of money loss and money divert. It is also one the well established and settled bank of Nepal operating and providing their services from more than seventy branches entire the country. As people are in confusion and in a puzzle to know the right destiny to treat and beat their confusion with the reliable services or institution. It is also the great institution who keeps the high capacity of solving the issues how to transfer money from Nepal to India.

4. Prabhu money transfer:

This is also the especially operating institution for the transaction of transferring the money conducted and managed by the reputational bank of Prabhu bank limited. It is one of the reputed and having their specific if identity in the market of Nepalese banking. This bank creates the new facilities and launches the new services in discount and many other to make the customer always connected. As it also holds the authorization by the NRB, explains the clarity about the transfer of money from its network.

prabhu money transfer nepal
Prabhu money transfer Nepal

Prabhu money transfer have also their own reputation in the market because it has made many customers satisfied with their services of transferring the money. many people visit in its roof to relief their tiredness of searching the right places to sent the money to India. But many fraud and cheater are also operating these types of services far from the eyes of administration and legal activities. It’s the risk if you send money or transfer your money from the unauthorized institution. Prabhu money transfer is well settled and well reliable bank as well money transfer operating their pure services from every part of the country without any barriers and any fraudulent.

So, it also keeps the capability of giving the solution of how to transfer money from Nepal to India to the respective person.

5. Himal remit:

It carries the specific authorization of transferring the money to legal hand through its network. It has the own identity in Nepalese banking and it is one of the best iconic and reputed banking organization that is Himalaya bank limited that conducts the services of transferring the money to any other country through its unstoppable n track of network.

Himal remit
Himal remit

It is operated by the Himalaya bank limited and it has their own installation of programs which serves the customer as their own. The customer is also very satisfied with its services because it clearly makes the customer understand and sends the money to India very carefully without the perception of loss and fault. The customer is very much connected and has forgotten the ancient system of sending money from the hand to anyone who is going to that place where they want to send their money. with the launch of services of transfer of money to Himal remit, it has made the customer tension free and fully independent can sent their money anytime without any suspense and fear. So, it also has the ability to beat the problems of how to transfer money from Nepal to India.

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How to Transfer Money From Nepal to India

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  1. SBI bank in Nepal does not allow transferring money to India from Nepal even if you have an account with them in Nepal if the reason is for commercial / business purpose. This I know for sure. Also, neither Nepal investment bank nor Sanima bank allow. I have been there.

  2. It’s very terrible and worst experience to sand money to India or other countries from Nepal. Nepal’s any bank does not give the such services even IME and western union but we can sand money from any country to Nepal wow!

    1. Sanish Jee, plz go to next page for the rest of ideas. There are 2 pages in this post. You’ve visited only one page.

  3. Is it possible for me, a Nepali Citizen, with no ties to India, to transfer around 3K INR through the institutions that you mentioned above? It is strictly for personal purpose. And, btw, what are the requirements?

  4. How much maximum money earned from Salary to be transferred from Nepal to India in a month. What is the maximum TT charges for one transfer. How many transfer I can make in a month.

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