How To Write An Essay In 5 Simple Steps? The Best Guide For Begginers

We can admit that written assignments are sometimes exhausting, and from time to time, students need proficient help from writing assistants.

How to write an essay

However today there are many writing services on the web and it is hard to choose a reliable one to buy an essay – EssayShark is a good example of the trustworthy services with flexible and affordable prices, world-known payment systems, and proficient authors.

But if you are willing to create a perfect essay without assistance, these five steps will help you out:

How To Write An Essay In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1. Prepare everything you need for sufficient work

Good preparation will save you plenty of time. That is why your initial step in creating an essay must provide an effective basis for your writing. In the preparation stage, it is essential to read the instructions properly.

Make sure you understand the essay’s topic. If needed, create a thesis statement. Think over the facts and arguments to explain and support your opinion.

It is vital to define the type of essay. These are the common essay types: argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays. An argumentative essay proves the author’s statements on a particular topic.

An expository essay shows analytics and statistics on the sources related to an essay’s topic. A narrative essay tells the author’s experience as a story, and a descriptive essay is a kind of narrative essay that relates mostly to persons, places, or things.


There are other types, such as an admission essay. It is sometimes written together or instead of a personal statement when applying to a particular college or university.

In this stage, it is also vital to pay attention to relevant sources and check them properly. Make a list of all the sources you might use: books, web portals, magazines, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, your conspectus from lectures, drafts, etc. If you need to collect more data, take time to gather them.

Step 2. Make sure your outline is detailed

Take proper care of your essay outline. A good plan will save you plenty of time. An essay is an assignment with a simple structure and consists of three main parts: an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The outline’s aim is to add each section with small drafts and subsections. Mainly the subsections will be included in the main body. Make sure your logical path flows correctly.

Step 3. Write the main body first

This step can be surprising, but it is effective. Forget about the framing and concentrate on the essay’s main thesis. The body of the essay must argue, explain, or describe the topic of your paper’s main thesis.

The central ideas related to the thesis statement will determine the number of paragraphs in the main body. Start each of the paragraphs with a sentence briefly stating the idea. Afterward, you need evidence and supporting thoughts on the idea. Then elaborate on each point in subsections.

Step 4. Create an introduction and a conclusion

Once the main body is ready, it is time to frame it with two vital essay sections: an introduction and a conclusion.

Typically, an introduction states the main thesis and briefly explains the supporting points on the thesis statement. That is why if you write an introduction after the main body, there are more chances you will not have to change or rewrite it.

When it comes to a conclusion, it has to underline everything you stated in your essay and not include any new data. In other words, you have to be laconic when concluding your essay.

Step 5. Proofread two times

Why is it vital to double-check your writing? Because it is easy to miss some essential misspellings or mistakes, especially when you’re in a hurry. To proofread effectively, you can use the help of editing assistants.

There are many editing services online offering professional help. And if you are willing to save money, then apply to unpaid versions of grammar checking tools online such as Grammarly, Hemmingway, and other resources.

If you have a roommate or a friend to help you out with your essay writing, you can ask them to proofread it for you. A fresh look at your writing will be very helpful.

To wrap up, writing an essay is obviously not a piece of cake, and many students consider it a burden. By applying these five vital steps, you will have an opportunity to complete your written assignments easier.

So, how to write an essay? – The purpose of an essay is to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise, or opinion in a certain area by presenting data and reasoning so that you can gain points or award points based on your results. Most students work to prepare their essays as best they can before submitting them to their instructors. Some students also take extra time to make sure that their essay answers every question that the essay prompt has.

The first step in essay preparation is the introduction. This is where most students begin to worry about their essay and fail to begin their argument properly. The most important step in essay composition is to fully understand the essay question before writing an essay or study paper.

An essay may be elegantly articulated and perfectly argued, but will still have a bad grade if it does not adequately answer the prompt. Break down the prompt into two parts: the thesis statement and the discussion or conclusion.

The thesis statement is usually the most exciting part of any essay. It is the main reason why you are writing the essay. The thesis statement is what provides the facts and evidence that you will use in support of your argument in your essay.

It would help if you started your essay with a summary of your main claim, then explain how your facts support your claim and finally explain how your conclusion is based on those facts.


The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. This is where you inform your readers of your topic and its main points. It should also contain a teaser regarding your main idea and concept, and a quote that makes an interesting connection between your idea and the rest of the essay. The introduction is critical, so make sure that you spend plenty of time developing it.

The closing paragraph is where your readers will get a feel for your style of writing. For most writers, the closing paragraph of their essay is where they summarize what they’ve learned throughout the entire essay.

A narrative essay is a good example of a narrative essay, as its last paragraph is devoted to a single quote from the writer that sums up the essay’s entire meaning.

Finally, the definition essay topics are where you define each of the major ideas in your essay. A definition essay is very similar to an argument essay, except that it uses the definition of the word or phrase that it is using as a basis for forming its opinion or belief.

The definition essay will utilize all of the facts that you have collected throughout your research to conclude the subject. Again, spend a lot of time developing your definition essay topic.

The best results come to those who take the time to carefully explain their definition, rather than those who merely copy an existing definition from another source.

Essay Writting

Essay writing is very different from other forms of writing. Essays are required to do with understanding, perspective, arguments and supporting facts. If you want to write the best essay possible, then you need to know what it really takes to write an essay.

Essay writing is a form of communication, and there are many different techniques that one can use to communicate their thoughts and ideas in the most effective way. A good essay has a good structure, and once you know what to look for in an essay, it will all come together.

Definition: A definition essay is a type of argumentative essay where the writer defines a concept, a word, phrase, or a set of words. The definition is an artistic rhetorical technique that employs various persuasive methods to influence the reader to take a particular side in a debate, discussion, or even a common opinion.

Basically, the definition essay attempts to convince the reader that a point is true or valid depending on their individual interpretation of the concept or word. Basically, the definition essay is about argument and persuasion. There are many definitions online, but by providing your own definition essay will make it unique.

Structure of Essay: A good essay topic will consist of a thesis statement and support with examples of previous works that support the thesis statement. The thesis statement will state what the essay topic is all about. The title will then describe the topic.

Following the title, there should be an introduction to the topic that provides an overview. And finally, there should be a conclusion that gives a detailed analysis of the topic and conclusion.

Citations Needed: In all types of essays, citations are a big necessity. All essays should require proper citing of sources. By proper citing, this means that the source is reliable and valid. Even if you use Internet sources in your essay examples, still you must cite the main article and not just a blog post, review, or personal opinion.

The structure of essays should include all of these three components. If an essay contains only one component or more than two components, then that essay may not meet the requirements outlined above.

The structure should be such that the purpose of the essay is achieved. In other words, the purpose of the essay is to persuade the reader that a certain topic is true or valid based on the research and evidence provided.

The structure will help the writer as they create their argumentative essay. An example of an essay concerning the Internet would be “The Benefits of the Internet”. These are commonly used by college students who are required to write an essay concerning a given topic.

A good tip is to start writing the essay with your thesis statement and then continue to develop the essay with the arguments of the essay. The structure will enable the student to write a persuasive essay that is what is needed to get into the college level.

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