How to use Facebook from Any Mobile Phone without Downloading Facebook App


How to use Facebook from Any Mobile Phone without Downloading Facebook Application? Do you use Facebook from your any phone without downloading Facebook application? If yes, then, keep it on. If no, then, I am telling how to use Facebook from your phone without downloading app. Now you can use Facebook from any phone without downloading an application ‘Facebook for any phone’. It is very easier way. No any hard work or struggle.

It is a feature that Facebook providing to its’ 1.15 billion active monthly users. It is a feature of Facebook mobile site. It is Yes, it is where you can use Facebook without downloading Facebook application for your phone. But remember friend, there must be internet connection on your phone. So if you are interested on using Facebook without download app, then it is good to go on Facebook mobile site i.e.

how to use facebook without downloading an appSo friend, Facebook mobile site ( is website for mobile users where one facebooker uses it on his/her mobile with internet access.

If you feel installed facebook app on your mobile is getting slow. Do you have any kind of problem about facebook? Do you want facebook better? Then, it is very clever idea to go It is a faster in facebook mobile site. If you are frustrated by the facebook app, the solution is to go to get rid of it.

Facebook users can be easily access to the facebook mobile site just like that of computer or laptop view.

You can use facebook mobile site when you are laptop is out of battery power. You can use facebook mobile site when the internet connection may get slow. Now anyone can pump into facebook mobile site with internet access.


There are more than 1.15 billion facebook monthly active users in the world. And there are more 80 countries where more than 200 mobile operator companies are providing mobile internet services. As a result, facebook users are using facebook with internet access with/without downloading facebook app on their mobile phone. Collaborating with mobile operators from around the world, facebook developed such new facebook mobile site (


How to use facebook from any phone without downloading facebook application

Step 1: Go to your mobile phone’s menu

If you have any kinds of mobile phone of any companies with web access, just go to your mobile phones’ menu. To go to the web browser, you should go on phone’s menu. On most of phones, there is the internet browser with icon on your phone’s menu.

It doesn’t matter your mobile is either android, iphone, ipad, blackberry, smart phone or tablet, you must have with web access and internet connection.

Step 2: Go to your web browser

To use facebook without downloading an app, you should go to your web browser. You can easily access the internet browser from your phone’s menu. It will be better to add Facebook to your phone’s bookmarks to save your time.

Step 3: Enter on the box at the top of device screen

When you click on the web browser on your mobile phone, you will reach onto web home page. Type on the top of your mobile screen and enter on it.

You are on the go now. Use facebook without downloading facebook application on your mobile phone. Keep staying connected with your friends wherever you are with anytime.

There is great alternative too. You can use facebook with downloading facebook app on your mobile phone. Moreover, using facebook with downloaded or installed facebook app is better than using facebook without downloading facebook app.

So If you want to know how to download facebook app for your mobile phone, then click here how to download facebook app for any mobile phone. You will be taken to there.

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