How to Upload Photos into Facebook Timeline from My iPhone and iPad


How to upload photos into Facebook timeline from iPhone or iPad? It’s very simple to upload iPhone’s photos into Facebook timeline from your iPhone or iPad?

Facebook is always interested in its’ over 1.15 billion active monthly users keeping stay in contacts with their family and friends by sharing status, pictures, instant message and video through the Facebook interface.

If you are in out of computer access and want to upload photos from your iphone’s gallery to facebook timeline then what do you do? Don’t worry. It is not big terrible. You can upload your photo  to your Facebook timeline directly from iphone or iPad if it has the internet connection.

how to upload photos from my iphone into facebook timeline copySo, here in this article, I am telling you how to upload your iPhone or iPad’s photos into your Facebook timeline directly by tapping on the Photo button.

How to upload photos into facebook timeline from My iPhone and iPad

So, if you have iphone or iPad, photos in its gallery and internet connection in it, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the  Photo button

First step you should follow is, tap the  Photo button in the menu across the top of your timeline.


Step 2: Tap Choose From Library

Tap ‘Choose from library’ button to access your iPhone’s photos.


Step 3: Take a photo snap from iPhone or iPad

If you don’t like to upload a photo from your iPhone or iPad’ gallery and want to take a photo snap through your iPad or iPhone’s camera, then go ahead. Take a photo snap.

Step 3: Choose a photo from iPhone or iPad’s album

If you don’t like to take a photo snap from your iPhone or iPad’s camera and interested in to upload iPhone’s existing photo, then choose a photo from your iPhone or iPad’s gallery in the drop down menu at the top of your iPhone screen.

Step 4: Tap if you’d like to tag photo

if you’d like to tag that photo, tap it. If not, the ok. Just go next step.

Step 5: Tap the Use button

When you’re satisfied with a photo you wish to upload into your Facebook timeline, tap the Use button. There is also a Cancel button showing. If you don’t want  upload the selected photo, if you may change your decision to upload photo, if you mistake to select photo to upload then you can cancel to upload the selected photo by hitting the cancel button. If your decision is not to cancel to upload the selected photo from your iPhone or iPad, then tap the Use button.

Step 6: Type something in the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box on your screen

Now, Facebook provide you a caption for your photo. You can type something in the ‘What’s on your mind?’ screen at top of the page.

Now, you are on the go. You did what you want to do. Congratulation!

If you’d like to know how to upload photo from your iPhone into Facebook post, then click here ‘how to upload photo from my iPhone into Facebook post‘. It leads you to next page.

Enjoy reading.


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