How to Upload Photos into Facebook from My Phone by Email Address?


How to upload mobile photos onto Facebook from smart phone by email address? Do you know about how to mobile’s photos into your Facebook from your smart phone? The answer depends on your mobile phone. What type of mobile phone is yours? It  may be smart phone, android phone, iPhone, iPad, or blackberry etc.

No doubt, Facebook provides its’ users to be stay in connected with their friends and share ideas and photos through the Facebook interface.

If you want to share mobile phone’s pictures from your mobile phone’s gallery and don’t have computer access, you can upload your pictures to Facebook directly from your mobile phone if it has the access and capability to go online.

how to download facebook application for iphone from computerThere are three alternatives to upload mobile phone’s photos into Facebook. The first alternative method is uploading individual photos by uploading directly through Facebook application for mobile phone by clicking the Photo button in the menu across the top of your timeline, News Feed, friend’s timeline or any groups you’re in. The second alternative method is uploading by Facebook MMS. Another third alternative method is the uploading your mobile phone’ photos onto Facebook by attaching the photos in an email and sending them to your unique post by email address.

So, here in this article, I am telling you how to upload your mobile phone’s photos onto your Facebook by Facebook Email.

Ok, let’s concentrate on the second alternative method uploading the photo into facebook by Facebook Email.

So, if you have Smartphone or android phone, then follow these steps:



Step 1: Get internet connection:

The first you should do is to check your internet connection whether internet connectivity is out of connection or not. Get internet connection.

Step 2: Open your mobile internet browser

After internet connection is activated, open your mobile internet browser from your mobile phone’s menu.

Step 3: Go to Login to Facebook:

Visit Facebook Mobile by going to “” Go to login to Facebook.

Step 4: Go to Facebook account:

When the result, Facebook login page will be displayed on your screen, go to Facebook account which is shown on the top at the right side of the page. Sign in using your usual user name and password.

Go to and note a special “upload” email address that has been assigned to you by Facebook. Any photo or video clip that is sent to this email address will instantly get posted to your Facebook page.

On the account setting, follow the link “Upload from Mobile.” Each Facebook account has a designated email address that photos can be sent to for upload.

These uploaded photos will get saved in the “Mobile Uploads” photo album of your Facebook account. These photos can be visible to all your Facebook friends.

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