How to Be Safe on Facebook: 15 Easy Tips and Techniques

How to Be Safe on Facebook: 15 Easy Tips and Techniques

Are you safe on Facebook? Here are 15 easy tips on how to be safe on Facebook. Keep safe your Facebook account. Know how to be safe on Facebook. Otherwise you will loose your privacy.

Reading this article, it is supposed that you spend a lot of your time on Facebook. You may have doubt that you are safe Facebook user or not. And it is your core interest on ‘how to be safe Facebook user’. So, here are some critical ways and tips to follow some rules to be safe on Facebook or other social network website from the threats. Do you know 1 on 10 cyber attacks originate from/on the Facebook. It often comes from the FAKE friends. It becomes very necessary and important for everybody to learn how to be safe user on Facebook. So Play Facebook Safely. Stay safe on Facebook.

15 easy ways and tips for safe on facebook

Are you safe on Facebook? Are you a safe user of Facebook? It depends on you whether you are safe on Facebook or not. It depends on how you present yourself on Facebook. People think about who are seeing your status, comments, photos, and doing activities. How you represent in the social media network, tells you, your thought, behaviour and privacy too. After all, privacy is really most important thing for everybody.

15 Easy Tips and Techniques to be Safe on Facebook

1. Learn Privacy Setting:

This first and major tips on How to Be Safe on Facebook. First I want to say to you is just learning privacy setting on Facebook. Everything you want to know like how to be safe on Facebook is given there.

2. Be careful about what you post:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? Second tips. Anything you are going to post on the Facebook, think carefully whether it is good to post or not in the eye of your privacy. It is not hard to get caught up you.

3. Be careful about what you comments:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? third tips. Don’t comment anything about anybody that really hurt him/her. Think before you comment. It only takes a second or two. Ask yourself that you really want to say it.


4. Don’t copy any material:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? fourth tips. Don’t post any material related to copyright. The material may be your comment, status, a note, page, photo, music and video.

5. Don’t make a fake Facebook Id:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? Fifth tips. Don’t violate the term and condition of Facebook Terms about your name, age, mobile number, photo and identification. Don’t lie to Facebook about yourself. Don’t make a fake Facebook account. So, don’t go against the Facebook Terms.

6. Unfriend or Block hurtful message sender:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? Sixth tips. Disconnect the relationship with the person who hurts you. When you receive the any hurtful or abusive messages or posts on your profile page, disconnect him/her. Don’t make further relationship. It will be harmful to you.  There is more option you have. What will you do? It depends on you. You can ignore the message or ask him/her to stop sending such kind of message or post on your profile page. If he/she doesn’t stop the posting or sending such type of hurtful and abusive message then make him/her unfriend or block the person.


7. Report the abusive content to Facebook Help:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 7th tips. Report the abusive content if you get again and again on your Facebook profile from someone. The Facebook’s help center gives a facility to report such type of abusive content on your page, group, events and fake user. It is secret.

8. Don’t share your Password:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 8th tips. Don’t tell and share your password with anybody, even in your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family members.

9. Add only people you know:

 How to Be Safe on Facebook. 9th tips. Many people that you don’t know may want to be your friend. So think about it carefully. Should you accept their request? No. Don’t allow him/her to be your friend. Unless, you are completely sure about him/her, don’t add him/her as a friend. It may be harmful to you. He/she may have ability, capacity, or access to your profile updates and posts. So, think whether you know or not, before confirming the friend requests who you know. Accept friend requests from people you know. Facebook might indicate they are a ‘friend of a friend’.  Before clicking Accept Friend Request, research about him/her and make a judgment.  Don’t accept the friend request from people you don’t know.

10. Be authentic:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 10th tips. Don’t pretend what you are not. Be authentic. Behave what you are in real.

11. Update your Privacy Setting:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 11th tips. It’s very important things you should do. It’s worth reading privacy updates and terms and conditions. Don’t forget to update your privacy setting time to time according to your needs and requirements. If you want to hide your photos, status, sharing things from others who he/she is not your friend, or you want to show with only your friends, then you can use this service, facilities given by Facebook. Unless your privacy settings on Facebook are not on high, it can be viewed by anyone.

12. Use only Strong Password:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 12th tips. Don’t use weak or medium password. It’s not good for privacy. Have always a strong password to protect your Facebook account against hackers more effectively. And strong password may be with the numbers, letters and symbols.

13. Don’t forget to log out of Facebook :

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 13th tips. Most of the Facebook users forget to log out their account after playing the Facebook. It often happens. It is not hard to follow the rule that will keep you safe Facebook user. Be careful about privacy. You can make a setting that automatically log out your Facebook user. So, increase your privacy with safe profile.

14. Beware of clicking on suspect adverts:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 14th tips. When you are playing Facebook, there are many legitimate firms that advertise on Facebook. It may be there for stealing your privacy setting.  Some kind of advertisement may steal your your credit card details too from the clicking such type of adverts. Criminal wants to have click on that adverts showing your Facebook profile page.

15.  Be ready for Facebook’s new Graph Search:

How to Be Safe on Facebook? 15 tips. last but not least tips. Graph Search is a new feature of Facebook that allows Facebook users to search for Facebook users by their interests, location, profession, career, school, colleges, born place, live place, workplace etc. To be safe user on Facebook, be ready to for Facebook’s new Graph Search.

 Best of Luck!

How to Be Safe on Facebook: 15 Easy Tips and Techniques