19 Ways to Impress a Nepalese Girl – Advice for Boys to Make Her Fall in Love


The life is no more without the girlfriend. Life is the path of ups and down, so we need someone who shows the ways by taking the hands. The present youth are very much attached to the girl. The present life is the life and time of spending life with entertainment. But also some of the person or the guys are the success to impress the girls because of they’re some unnatural habits or may be the style and smile. The minor words and thing become great in the love. So it had told that everything is fair in the love and war. The great saying denotes us that we have to behave with complication in the battlefield of love and war.

Now in the street and the college students are experienced to impress the girls. The history and the great Philosopher have told that’’ LOVE IS LIKE THE SEA WHERE THE SMALL PERSON OR THE THINGS LOST AND FORGET THEIR IDENTITY TOO’’.  So to make the decision you have to make the plan and the strategy. Keep in the mind that the present girls are mostly impressed and attached with a handsome and rich face. The spending of life should be the full of happy and blessings.

The present girls have lost the sense and forgotten their identity. That’s why the events of rape are increasing day by day due to the publication of white body and beauty. The wish of youngsters goes the out boundary. To break this event the girls should have to live like the pure girl not the showy. Good dressings do not increase the fame. It’s little bit the good but not almost the depending upon the dress.

The girls are the doll and the beauty of nature which shows the attraction and refresh the moment. If the person wants to impress the girls then they have to be first careful from the dressings. As the first look is the impressing look, so maintain your personality before going anywhere and anyplace. The lifestyle also makes the great intensity for impressing the people mostly the girls.

If you want to impress the Nepalese girls you have to be first the pure hearted and true loving guys. Because the Nepalese girls are very honest in nature for the good boyfriend and true lover and also the bad nature for the hurting guys and lover. If you want to make relations with Nepalese girls then no need to be showings in nature. Be pure and true lover.

I think it’s a great deal to make relations with someone. The impact and features are shown earlier. The love is the game of win and lose. It’s only the game of winning. The sun, the moon, and the truth can’t be hidden even they want to hide it. The lifestyle shows the person capacity and thoughts and the behavior show the person personality.

19 Ways to Impress a Nepalese Girl – Advice for Boys to Make Her Fall in Love

Let’s talk about the things and funda to impress the Nepalese  girls:

1. You must be pure heart to impress a girl.

it’s also one of the extra factor but not the important factor which will help you to impress girls. As we see in the context that the girls could attract with the rich guy but only for some period but not for a long time. Because I think the rich guy are like the animals and mosquito who wants to suck the blood at night most. The bundle of money has made him the great but not with their own efforts and labors.

It is wrong belief that to impress the girls you must be rich. Love does not teachers  and demands the person capacity. As we see in the movies or in our society that the rich girls marriage with poor boys and rich boys marriage with poor girls. It’s Totally wrong belief as only dumb girls look for rich idiots to pay their bills. To make relation with the Nepalese girls you must have to be the pure heart. Nowadays fake lover is visiting in every streets and ward. So only pure hearted guys are loved by the girls and the girls impressed soon too.

pure heart shape in a hand

pure heart shape in a hand

2. You must have the good looks

it’s also the perfect things which are not the most important but the advantage factor. The tree of Chandan IS LOVED AND LIKE EVERYONE BUT NOT THE TREE OF CACTUS IS LIKE AND LOVE BY EVERYONE. It’s the great fact that if your looks are smart and intelligent then you nod even need to impress the girls. Girls will be attracted to you. Then you can apply your idea to trap them. But remember the girls love only the intelligent and smart heart not the face. The face is only like the cover of the book.

If the story inside it is non-boring and bad then the paper can be torn and burn. Again a serious misconception which every average looking dark Nepalese male has in his mind. “Being Smart” has altogether a different definition here. The black face is also the combination of good hearts and presence of intelligence. If you prove this statement in your life and behavior then you can also impress the girls. Girls only look the activities, not the face. If you are intelligent then there is not any description of the face. The one story of U.K. has gone viral everywhere that the G.B. SHAW gets the proposal from the U.K. beautiful princess. G.B. SHAW was very black in looks. This story reveals the matter of good looking and bad looking. The person only can be identified with their works, not by their name.

3.  You must be already a success story all over the place and everybody around you knows you.

They do not come with keeping history by born. The king’s son also weep at boring and the farmer’s son also weep at the time of boring. It’s the only the difference that one bores in the palace and another bore in the hot or in the house. The person goes up growing and makes the great work which gives him or her great name and fame. The great works make the man great and immortal. If the life of the king spends normally then they will lose their kingdom. So be alert with your works and passion for doing something in the world and making your name immortal.

There is very few man who lives the life of the king and deals like the god. If the person borns and dies nobody takes an interest but one great person dies then there will be the great matter of news and hurt for their beloved. The success story is made only by the successful works. Life gives you the path you have to self-talk. Somebody runs in this path and somebody flies in this path. The person does everything in the life without planning and goodly so they can’t achieve anything. The life is like the university where the good students keep studying and learning and bad students pass the time of the exam. This types of activities make the good students good and bad students bad.

To impress the girls there is no need to be already the successful story, you can achieve and make your live the book of success. If your images are good between the people then you can easily impress the Nepalese girls. The identification and the success story also contains the great mark for good result.

success story all over the place and everybody around you knows you

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4. You must be dressed like a prince all the time whenever you are with her.

If you are price really then there is no need to you be back to girls. But almost all the youth are not of the same class so they act themselves as the prince in front of the girls. The youth thinks that the girls are thinking about the film styles of a proposal. Almost in the present, there are very many girls who thought the match of the movies scenes. The white horse does not  call you to sit upon them and the black horses do not follow you. Your decision is your own what types of dress should be worn in the ceremony.

Strictly speaking, that the requirement of only fairly tale loving women who think their partner will come on a white horse to take them. A smart and mature women will understand your way of living and will not mind whatever you do. All she needs is the feeling that you consider her special and the most wanted thing in your life. If you love them like the god and the priceless things you have achieved then you will get the good girl. If your feeling goes attached with the thought of your beloved then the relationship also goes up and shine like the diamond. The light of diamond makes brightly all the nearer thing so as the good relations make the good formation and good production.

anoop nepali model picture smart

5.  All good looking girls are smart and stupid looking are dumb its Last but not the least.

Every glitter is not the diamond. This thing we all know that the all the white and beautiful girls are intelligent. And it will be your bad luck if you make the relations with the non-intelligent girl. The present girls are also very much clever in nature. They may keep you in the relationship with you for money if you are rich. The beautiful face does not determine the intelligence that the girl has. That are a real mistake many guys make and overlook many girls. Ever heard of “Beauty with Brains” If you have, then you must also know that it’s difficult of have that combination. It’s very few in available to get because the all beautiful girls are proud having the beautiful body and face.

The good relations will be only the last longing which will be only possible after the presence of trust. THE LOVE IS NOT  a game that you are kicked out after the loose of the games. You have to play for winning. If you get the girls that consist beauty with brain ten you are lucky. The girls can be also intelligent if she labors on the study. The beautiful face makes her proudful. The number one complaint I have heard and seen quite a bit off is arrogance. Most women are not intrigued with a know-it-all control freak. The way you would any other girl. Respect her boundaries. Be epic or entertaining — stand out from the crowd, market yourself. Show her what only you can give her. Be kind. Be confident. Being curious as to her view of the world without criticism is always greatly appreciated.

good looks of boy

6. Make her smile as much as u can:

THE LAUGHTER IS ALSO THE GREAT TABLETS WHICH CURES THE WOUNDS OF EVIDENCE THAT CANNOT BE CURED BY THE MEDICINE. IF you pass in making her smile as much as you can then the chance increases of attracting. The love also needs the laughter to make the strong bond. As the movies need the love scene same as the relation need sweet and true laughter. The laughing can make them sensational and make them think about you and your proposal. They can’t know if you present your sad face. so always try to make her laugh and keep her in smiley mode.

jiwan luitel nepali actor smile picture

7. Share everything, don’t hide anything:

If you hide the truth then you may fall in danger zone. It’s the great danger zone events the truth can be shared with her. The things and the events can only be kept secret if the matter is illegal. But in the relationship, you must have to share everything. If you kept something secret without sharing then the impression will be colorless. To make the great deal make her the best friend and share her everything. If you become the good friends then you also feel easy to walk the life path togetherly.

Share everything to your boyfriend girlfriend picture

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