How to Go Nepal From USA – Things to Know Before Going Nepal

How to get to Nepal from the USA

Nepalese are more passionate about to see the design and the pictures of the America because the America have made their identity unique and the attraction. The America have many special features which allow the ring bell for once even to keep the feet in America land.


The flying dream in the desire can’t be fulfilled by the drawing in the whitepaper. And also there lives much Nepalese which are growing and shaping their future and some are seeking their future in America.

But the reasons comes whiles the wish to visit homeland, have disconnected from the long. The memory and the reminiscence sometimes visit the places without permission where we grew up and played, educated.

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The motherland is the land, connected to our not only heart but directly to the soul because our identification is added to it.

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The Nepalese are Nepalese only proved by our motherland, that keeps our personality and identity outstanding. The following are the major some process which will provide you help to get rid out of the boundary of the America.

Passport clearance:

for traveling and going out of the America your passport must meet the requirement for approvement. The passport is the main document which is your citizenship which differentiates you are the legal person or illegal. If you aren’t able to match the requirement then you can be fall in the pit of the problem.

The dream of looking the motherland can be the dream designed in the mind. There are much Nepalese who may are illegally living in America due to their personal problem which is not connected to this matter.

Visa approval:

If you get the visa from the Nepalese embassy which is located in the America then you can clearly without any objection come here. The main error occurs in taking the visa from the Nepal embassy due to many sudden and technological problems.  If the visa you got from the Nepali embassy then you have run for a second procedure.

Ticket booking:

It is the last and important factors which you have to do for your willing project. The person in America even got bored after long time living. The culture and the living standard is totally different which affects the Nepalese to survive more and can’t adjust for a long time.



The travel depends upon your choice how to enjoy and spend the time that you have. A person or the Nepalese actually spend and are mature in nature. But thinking profit for short time might make you fall for a long time.

So always think before doing the work. The right selection gets the right fruits. If you are flying in the good plane then you will surely get the destiny.  The motherland is always waiting for their lovable children who is helpful and patriotic in nature.

Nepal is the country of heaven where the God only takes birth and the land is divine which wash all the sin of feet keepers.

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The America is also known as the next world or the dream country of the world as it is designed and decorated in their own unique form. The America is the most targeted places and destination to visit by the people.

The person of the world has their one dream fixed in their mind that the America is wonderful and it’s different from the world. And it is also true as we see and listen about the America. There is more than fifty percent of the people which are living there from the outside of the country.

The name of the America is popular and has become popular due to their differential power, technology leader and the leader of the world. The America is the leader of the world and leads the world due to its power.

The country has sufficient and infinite power to press any country. But the America is also in the trap of international law. The country expands and pays 22 % of the budget in UNO which is the greatest contribution among all. The America have the good relationship with Nepal and so the many people of Nepal have visited and spent their life there.

They may be the students who have gone there for studying and might be the workers who spend their life there for works. And if we count all them then the number might go more than thousand and lakhs.

The motherland is the greatest land wherever the person earns and learns but never they forget the motherland because it’s the place who have made them the known and given the name to recognized in the world.

So there are much Nepalese who wants to visit and return their homeland after a long gap of time. So they may face many difficulties while returning from the USA to Nepal. We have brought some tips and ideas which will make your plan and wish some relief and easy to return:

how to go Nepal from the USA? things to know before going Nepal

1. Confirmation of passport date:

if you are living in the other country then it might become the major issued if you caught in some illegal activities. The time period of the passport is limited and is given with the deadline. So never get forget to check your passport date.

If you lose your passport, the major properly you loss. I think you don’t be the children in my guess because the mostly youth or the adult’s aged person visit America for studying or for working.

Nepalese passport is made for ten years and the time of the passport will end after ten years. If you don’t renew the passport in time then you have to make the new passport which will incur your expenses cost.

But if you are in the USA and your passport is time off then you can also make or add the time in the passport by visiting the Nepal embassy located in America. The Nepal embassy will add the time in your passport which becomes the legal and if your passport is right then it’s alright.

2. Taking the visa:

It’s the rule of Nepal and almost of all country to take the first visa for entry the country with a legal document. If you caught with illegal document then you will throw in the cage or in the prison. And the visa is provided by the Nepalese embassy locate in the America.

If you received a visa from the Nepalese embassy then you legally get the permission to traveled to Nepal. Nepalese embassy is there established where the Nepalese officers live for providing the services to Nepali citizens and also pick out the painful citizen which are lost and trapped in the problems.

If you get the permission with the stamps of visa from the Nepal embassy then you can really get permission to forward the next step. There are also the many brokers who are visiting and providing the duplicate visa in low charge.

So never get rust and adhesive in their sweet and attracting words, if you attach with them and their services you may become mirthless and pocketless. The person gets betrayment in the search of cheap product. The government has kept their office in the America.

So take your visa yourself by going in the embassy where you also get a chance to know and learn something about the Nepalese embassy relationship with America.

3. Booking flights:

This also the major actions which are done after receiving the visa from the Nepalese embassy. It depends upon your wish to choose the plane and the flights or the seat in the plane.

The person of Nepal mostly flies in the business class due to less cost but also there exist many people who like and is passionate to travel in economic class. The high-class people flies mostly in an economic class whereas the medium and low-class people mostly travel in the business class. So the traveling to Nepal is on your hand how to make your journey in the air.

But mostly the people who live and are adjusted in the America are called a rich people in the Nepalese society. Nepal airlines do not take the flight to America. There are many other flights which will carry you and make your journey fun and rich full with serving the different services of sweet and sour taste.

You can directly book tickets from your home through net too or if you feel difficulty then you can also take the help of cyber and some mutual friends.

4. Home after landing in the land of Nepal:

The successful journey will reach you and land you in the Tribhuvan International Airport. If you also want to make the sweet and memorable journey from here then you can call up of your relation to waiting in the waiting area of the airport.

The motherland is always waiting for their lenders, similarly, the mother is also always waiting for their children. The Nepal is also the greatest country in the field of tourism and the culture.

These are the process and the steps should be followed to get the visa, tickets and the flights which unload you in the motherland Nepal.

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