How to Download Facebook App for the iPhone from Computer

How to download the Facebook app for the iPhone from computer. You should just follow some step to download ‘Facebook for iPhone’ application from the computer.

Facebook is an extremely largest social networking service found at As of February 2013 it had over 1.15 billion monthly active users. According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular social network in the world. Everyone can access Facebook easily vio his/her iPhone using the app ‘Facebook for iPhone.

how to download facebook application for iphone from computerHow to download the “Facebook for iPhone” app from computer

Step 1: Open up the iTunes program

If you want to download the ‘Facebook for iPhone’ application from the computer, open up the iTunes program. You can download ‘Facebook for iPhone’ application from here easily.

Step 2:  Go to the iTunes Store from the menu.

After crossing the step 1, you should go to second step and that is go to the iTunes store from the menu which is shown on the left side. Click the “App Store” icon on the home screen of your iPhone. Remember it, you will need an Internet connection for download.

Step 3: Type ‘Facebook’ into the given search box at the top of the page on the right side

Did you go to the iTunes store? If yes, then you will see a search box at the top of the page on the right side. On that given search box at the top right of the page, please type ‘Facebook’ and click enter to search.

Step 4: Click on the Facebook application

When you click on the search button on step 3, you will immediately get the results on your screen. At the top of the page you will see the Facebook application with Facebook icon at the first result. The application ‘Facebook for iPhone’ appears on the first.Please click on this application to download the ‘Facebook for iPhone’ application on your iPhone. To download this Facebook application you need not to pay. It is totally free app.Just click on the button ‘free app’ which is shown underneath Facebook icon.


Step 6: Sign in you iTunes account:

After clicking on the button free app under the Facebook icon, you will asked for itunes account. Just sign in your iTunes account to download ‘Facebook for iPhone’ application. Remember it, to download any apps to your iPhone, An Apple ID is required. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can make an Apple ID too. You should follow the onscreen instructions to acquire Apple ID. Ok, It is not big sized application. It will take your long time to download. It could take a few minutes. Don’t worry. Be patient.


Step 6: Transfer the app to your iPhone

In the 6th step, you should transfer the app to your iPhone. just plug it in to the computer and wait for sometime until the iTunes recognizes it under the ‘Devices’ Menu.

Step 7: Click on it and then go the ‘apps’ tab at the top of the new page.

At the 7th step, you have to click on it. After that go the ‘apps’ tab which is shown at the top of the new page.

Step 8: check ‘Sync Apps”

Check ‘sync apps’ and make sure the Facebook app has been checked or not.

Step 9: click the ‘sync’ box at the bottom right of the page:

 At last, click the ‘sync’ box which is shown at the bottom of the page. It should save your changes and upload the application to your iPhone. Once it is complete, you can be access to your Facebook. After the installation is complete, Facebook icon will have seen on your main iPhone screen.

There is another way to to download Facebook app for iPhone from the the iPhone itself. To learn how to download Facebook application for iPhone from the iPhone itself, click this article how to download Facebook application for iPhone from the iPhone itself. You will be taken to that article itself.

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