Sel Roti – How to Make Nepalese Traditional Recipe Sel Roti

Find here best tips for making Sel Roti or celroti. We have posted here the cooking tips of Nepali traditional recipe ‘Sel Roti’. If or course helps you to cook Sel Roti. सेल रोटि  पकाउने तरिका. How to cook Sel Roti?

How to Make Nepalese Traditional Recipe Sel Roti

About Sel Roti: A Nepali Traditional and Cultural Recipe

Sell roti is also termed as Cell Roti, Sel Roti, Cel Roti, Selroti or Celroti and सेल रोटि  in the Nepali language. Sel roti is one of the most famous Nepalese snacks among Nepali in all over the Nepal. Sel roti is also used sometimes as food on several occasions. But it is especially a Nepalese traditional snack. Most of the Nepalese person like this recipe to eat at any time of the day or night. It is easy to have a snack.

When the word Sel roti is pronounced, Nepalese got water in their mouth. Let’s learn here to cook such a great and tasty Nepalese recipe, Sel Roti. This cooking method may help you to cook and make the Selroti.

We all Nepalis know that Celroti is made of Rice flour, water, sugar, oil, and ghee. It is one of the tastiest Nepali recipes. Sel Roti is generally served or eaten as confectionery bread. Sel Roti is generally eaten with tea and/or other hot beverages. Sel Roti recipe can be a good recipe for Dashain recipes or Tihar recipes.

Sel Roti - Nepali recipe Dish showing in Plate
Sel Roti – Nepali recipe

Cel Roti is widely used in the Nepalese festival. This tasty snack is mostly used in the Tihar festival of Nepal. Tihar festival means Deepawali or Diwali. This recipe is essential in Tihar festival. It is said that Bhai tika, the last of Tihar festival is not complete without Selroti. Sel roti is served to brother by the sisters in this festival. This oily recipe is also used more in wedding parties, anniversary and other traditional and cultural events.

Importance of Sel-roti in Tihar and on other Occasions

Sel roti is a sort of bread that is set up amid the Tihar Celebration. It is a broiled sweet dish that should be an uncommon dish that is conventional. It has been made in the majority of our homes amid Tihar or some other celebrations. Sel Roti has been made amid times immemorial and no Tihar is finished without this bread in Nepali houses.

Sel roti is a delicacy – made basically for the immense Nepali festival of the Dashain and Tihar celebrations. It is one of a kind to Nepal and has turned into a famous image of Nepali culture and merriment, and is made and served all through the nation amid the celebrations of Dasain, Tihar, and Teej and within the midst of wedding ceremony parties, bratabandha and one of a kind capabilities, however, can in like way accept plain yogurt, scorched veggies, and Nepali radish or cucumber pickles. Sel roti is additionally a conventional sustenance in Nepali and India. It is a basic sustenance in most Nepalese social and conventional events.

Sel-Roti is scrumptious independent from anyone else, however, can moreover be given plain yogurt, seared vegetables, and Nepali radish or cucumber pickles. Sel-roti tastes best when it is new; it turns out to be to some degree chewy and extreme the following day, despite the fact that regardless it tastes great along these lines. It is non-perishable bread and can be kept at room temperature for over seven days.

Way of preparing sell-roti

To set up this yummy dish, above all else, blend the two flours with some water to make a batter. Legitimately work it and keep on adding a little water to make a fluid mixture, which is a tad bit sticky for giving your sel roti that crisp and gritty smell, crush together cardamom and clove add this to the batter. Additionally, add sugar and warming powder to the hitter to make it sweet.Manipulate the mixture altogether to blend in every one of the flavors, sugar and preparing powder. Leave the mixture at room temperature for just about 3 hours. Presently, warm the vegetable oil in a skillet and put one little round pot at the base to give a round shape. Grasp a modest bunch of the batter in your grasp and tenderly pour it into the container to make a round shape. Making sel- roti is not a straightforward endeavor, it requires quite a while of preparing as well.

Ingredient for making Cell Roti

  1. Mixture rice: 200. gm
  2. Sugar: 2 tbsp
  3. Soda (baking powder): 1 pinch
  4. Cashew nuts, coconut chopped: 1 tbsp
  5. Water or milk: as required to
  6. Oil: fry

Method of Cooking or How to make Cell Roti

  1. Prepare a mixture of rice, sugar, baking powder, cashew nuts, coconut in water or milk.
  2. Heat necessary amount of oil in a cauldron.
  3. Make the mixture into small balls and fry them in the heated oil.
  4. Serve the dish after it becomes brown.


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