How to Calculate Age specific Death Rate (ASDR) in Nepal: With Example


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People die of various reasons. Some people die because of disease and some people die because of accidents. The number of deaths is different as per various groups. Making 5/5 or 10/10 year’s age group can obtain the different death rates.

The death rate remains higher or lower on the basis of age. The death rate is higher at early age and old age. And it is lower at young and adult age. Similarly, the death rate differs according to sex, caste and occupation.

Therefore it is necessary to find out death rate of different age groups in order to understand the actual status of death. Age specific death rate helps to know the different levels of death rates in different age groups.

Age specific death rate is the total number of death of specific age group per 1000 mid-year population of that age group in a given year. In another sense, it refers to the total deaths of people of particular age in the total population of that age group. The calculation of age specific death rate is highly important for the government to take necessary steps in order to improve the health sector. It is calculated by dividing the total number of deaths specific age with midyear population of that particular age and multiplying by 1000.


The following formula is used to calculate ASDR.

ASDRa = Da/Pa * 1000



Da = total number of deaths of particular age ‘a’ in a place in a given year.

Pa = total mid-year population of that age in a place in the given year

a = age or age group

ASDR = age specific death rate


For example:

In Biratnagar of Nepal, 3600 children of 4-8 years of a group died in the year 2009. The total mid-year population of children of same age group was 50000. Find out age specific death rate.


The total deaths of 4-8 years children (D4-8) = 3600

The total population of children of the same age group (P4-8) = 50000

Age specific death rate (ASDR) = ?


ASDR = Da/Pa * 1000

=  3600/5000 * 1000

=  72 per thousand

Therefore, 72 children of age 4-8 years died per 1000 population of the same age group in Biratnagar of Nepal in the year 2009.



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