How Many Days Until Ram Navami 2021? Ram Nawami Countdown 2078 BS


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How Many Days Until Ram Navami 2021? Ram Nawami Countdown 2078 BS

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Ram Navami 2021 date is one the Wednesday, 21 April 2021. It is Baisakh 8, 2078 Vikram Samvat.

Rama Navami is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates on the occasion of birthday of the Hindu God and Lord Rama. As explained in the scriptures of Hinduism as significant from the Indian subcontinent, once the power of wicked lies on the fact, dishonesty on honesty, despair on society as well as the ancestral culture started to glow, Shri Ram was born to ruin them.

This Ramnavami isn’t simply the celebration of the life of Shri Ram but also a reminder of a kid, where a individual, with regard to his responsibilities to his dad, mother, genius, spouse, little brother, along with the responsibilities of society and family with due diligence, dwelt lifestyle.

Since the incarnation of Vishnu, it’s an important festival of Hinduism. Ramnavmi is held publicly in several areas of Nepal.

This festival marks not just the worshipping of Lord Rama but also of goddess Durga because this festival comes in the middle of Navratri. This festival is considered at the memorial remembrance of Shri Ram, who had been born in Ayodhya.

Ram Navami Countdown How many days until Ram Navami
Jay Shree Rama

Hindu worshipers worship at Ram temple by stirring early in the afternoon. Notably, the Ram temple situated in Battisputali Kathmandu is packed with the thousands of devotees coming from Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Particular fair is organised from the Ram Janaki temple located in Janakpur Nepal where tens of thousands of devotees from India and Nepal arrive at worship Lord Ram and Sita. It is a convention for the worshippers to bath in the sacred pond of Gangasagar first and worships at the temple of Lord Ram.



Lord Rama is regarded as the incarnation of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took individual incarnation in the shape of Shriram in Tretayug to ruin the atrocities in the world.

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Lord Rama is called as’Maryada Purushottam’ since, regardless of getting a lot of insecurities in his life, he introduced the very best example of a restricted life. He didn’t leave his perfect in the contrary states and lived the large principled life.

So he’s been given the location of their very best man. There’s a phrase specifically”Raghukul Reet Sada chali ayee, pran Jaye level Bachan Na Jaye”. Meaning, Lord Rama inspire of hardships hadn’t given up the guarantee he had contributed to his father and invested the entire life for two years in the woods with Mata Sita and brother Laxman.

On this day particularly observe the festivities of Lord Rama and observe the festival of the arrival by coordinating a variety of kinds of worship. An expansive fair is organised in Janakpur in Ramnavmi, where besides devotees, the saints and ascetics also arrive and observe Ram Navami.

On Ramnavmi day, fasting and other spiritual rituals are coordinated in Hindu households. His birthday is coordinated in the time of the arrival of Ram Ji plus he’s welcomed with joy. Most homes, especially decorated and refined, and Kalash is put up to worship Lord Ram.

On being asked for a blessing from Ram Ji’s father Maharaja Dasharath by queen Kaikai, Shriram abandoned the palace and thankfully accepted 14 decades of exile and defeated Lanka by murdering arrogant Ravana and many others throughout exile.

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While departing Ayodhya, together with Shri Ram, Mata Janaki and Brother Lakshman also embraced him. That is why they’re also worshipped together with Lord Ram through this day.


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