How Holi Festival is Celebrated in Nepal – Must Know 33 Things

17. Just a color, No water

If you don’t like throwing over water in Holi then, you can simply play with colors. In fact, Holi is the festival of colors rather than water. Just imagine if one person spends 10 liters of water in Holi then, how much the whole country will use the water?

Since, the water is very shortage in Kathmandu, Nepal, it is quite better to properly utilize the water. Instead, you can celebrate simply by putting tikas on the forehead. Just change the tradition of throwing away water and balloons to each other and make this holi just colorful.

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18. Music and Funs

holi dance with crowd
holi dance

Holi has been the best festival in Nepal to enjoy music and have fun. There are so many holi songs and music. Just gather with your friends, play songs and have fun. You can sing the holi songs and make your body shake with the beat of the music. In some community, neighbors gather and they just celebrate by dancing and singing. So, if you want to make this holy with beatable music, here you can go.

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19. Visiting friend and family

One of the best ways to celebrate Holi is to visit the friends and family and celebrate with them. Since everybody is being busy with their works and business, they don’t have enough time to enjoy with their friends.

So, this Holi can be the best way to gather, reunion and enjoy with the friends and make the moments count. Especially after the program of color is finished, you can visit the friends and family in the evening and exchange love, memories and happiness with them. It actually helps to strengthen the relationship.


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How Holi Festival is Celebrated in Nepal – Must Know 33 Things

20. Eating delicious foods

A great way to celebrate holi is to take delicious foods with families and friends. Basically, on holi, people mix bhang with the milk and drink them as like Shivaratri since it is the symbol of spring and saying goodbye to winter.

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21. Participating in Programs

Nowadays, here in Nepal, there are different cultural and concert programs organized in the Kathmandu valley and other parts of Nepal. So, if you want to celebrate your holi in a big mass with celebrities then, you can join such programs.

There are many such programs arranged by different organization. Go there, enjoy the holi and have fun with big stars. It might be the perfect place and chance to get a photo shoot with your celebrity icon and make one of the best holi of your life.

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22. Just by lighting the Holika Bonfire

As I have mentioned already in my previous article that Holi is celebrated as the joy and victory of good over evil. Since Holika was burnt in fire and the festival was named after her, you can celebrate this holi just by lighting the Holika bonfire and remembering the Lord Vishnu.

Just collect some woods and make the statute of Holika for her remembrance. After that put the statue of Holika on the fire and burn it. It is the symbol of victory over the devil King Hiranyakashipi by Lord Vishnu. This method of celebration is especially famous in the northern parts of India.

For more information about the historical myths, visit my previous article about why to celebrate Holi.

On the eve of Holi, called Chhoti or Small Holi individuals assemble at the vital intersection and light immense blazes, the service is called Holika Dahan.

This convention is additionally followed in Gujarat and Orissa. To render gratefulness to Agni, divine force of Fire, gram and stalks from the reap are likewise offered to Agni with all lowliness. Fiery debris left from this campfire is additionally viewed as sacrosanct and individuals apply it on their brows. Individuals trust that the fiery remains to shield them from insidious powers.

23. Play of Colors

Incredible energy can be found in individuals on the following day when it is really the ideal opportunity for the play of hues. Shops and workplaces stay shut for the day and individuals get all an opportunity to get insane and whacky. Brilliant shades of gulal and abeer fill the air and individuals alternate in pouring shading water over each other.

Youngsters take extraordinary thoroughly enjoy showering hues on each other with their pichkaris and tossing water inflatables and passersby. Ladies and senior resident shape bunches called tolis and move in provinces – applying hues and trading welcome. Tunes move on the beat of dholak and delectable Holi rarities are alternate features of the day.

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